5 Proven Ways To Stay Focused At Work

7 Ways to Stay Productive & Focused at Work | Balanced Work Life

Going to complete the work and unexpectedly something comes up. You give it consideration for 5 minutes, 15 minutes even an hour in some cases. At the point when you get back at your work – BOOM – You have no clue about where you just let off, Next second you don’t get your mind and heart into it.  

Probably the biggest challenge faced by employees is to sort out some way to remain focused at work. There are various factors that add to the loss of focus at work such as annoying associates to name a few, time-squandering habits, interruption. These can really affect your overall efficiency and productivity.  

Additionally, we live in a world with full of distractions and constant notifications that vying for your attention. Learning to become master of your brain instead of its slave is no easy task. Here are some simple hacks through which you can quickly take charge of your mind.  

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1. Get in the Flow  

How to easily achieve flow in the workplace - AgileLeanLife

A few of us work best in little intervals of time while others do their best when they work in continuation. We all have different habits and ways of working. It is significant for us to understand how our body and brain attempt to keep on track at work. Try to get more excited about the task at hand and focus all your energy on working on this single thing

Moreover, you can set self-imposed deadlines. The sense of urgency will put your brain at work more efficiently.  

2. Organize your Workstation   

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Your workstation messed up or look like just got stuck by a storm?  Then that’s what you would feel the whole day-lost and diverted. You need an environment that supports organizing your thoughts and focus on a single task. For that start with cleaning your work area, eliminate the banners, get a little plant ( in the event that you feel like it might help)  

Keeping your working environment coordinated may take a brief period but it helps you to stay focused at work.  

3. Make an hourly Plan  

The Student Affairs Collective Not enough time for a strategic plan? Make a  Playbook. #SACareer - The Student Affairs Collective

Making an hourly plan is a great exercise that gives a structure to your workday and upgrades the cycle of prioritization. However, with an hourly arrangement you can realize what to do straight away, prioritize tasks and plan the ones for the morning which require higher energy levels, you will know what exactly needs to be done at the end of the day.  

There are numerous advantages to this kind of enhanced planning. Next time whenever you get distracted try to make an hourly plan that will let you know what to do next. 

4. Take Short Coffee Breaks  

This four-letter word is the Swedish key to happiness at work — Quartz

Taking short breaks is much better than feeling overwhelmed with multiple thoughts and ideas. Whenever you can’t focus on one task is better you take a break. However, sitting at your desk looking at your screen for long could lead to headaches, fatigue and lethargy. That’s the reason why it is important to take short breaks after every 60 minutes. 

Moreover, drinking coffee or another caffeinated beverage in short breaks may have a positive impact on your ability to focus.  

5. Quit Procrastinating  

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Procrastination is just like a credit card, it is a lot of fun but until you got a bill. Well we all procrastinate, right? Procrastination doesn’t have an endpoint. Let see in this way, you decided to do something the next day that was due for today. In the back of your mind, it is still bothering you and you can’t focus on the task at hand.  In this way, you will find it difficult to stay focused at work. 

The best way to stop procrastinating is to start getting yourself timeboxing tasks. 

Final Thoughts  

Whether you are dealing with lack of sleep, competing priorities, or maybe just a simple dose of “Mondays” not being able to focus can impact your productivity. That’s the reason why you need simple tips and tricks as mentioned above, to help you stay on track with your most important task every day. 

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