Awesome Tricks on How to Use Jio 4G Sim in any 4G Mobile

tricks to use jio sim in all mobile phone

tricks to use jio sim in all mobile phone

Reliance one of the India’s major market company has tried everything in their business then even entered in bollywood movies. But it’s never been that much famous in the recent years. But now they broke the internet with an awesome Free Reliance 4G Sim Card with unlimited internet for the first 3 months. The problem with this sim card is it only works on Reliance Mobile but now here we are giving you 4 possible solutions on trick to use Jio Sim in all mobiles. So with these Reliance Jio 4G sim card Trick you can use this sim in any of your 4G Mobiles. Including recently launched Redmi 3s & Redmi 3S Prime, Redmi Note 3 this trick will work on every mobile.

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Solution 1, How to Get Jio Sim working on Supported Devices:

You need to 1st check whether your device is supported or not from the Jio official website, if your device name is not there than just follow below listed method to unlock Jio sim in your mobile, and if your device is supported than you just need to follow below simple steps.

  1. Download MyJio app from playstore, click here for link
  2. Open MyJio app (you don’t have to download any other app)
  3. In next step it will ask you to fill the details & in next process you can see generate OTP
  4. Click on that & fill the required details and submit.
  5. That’s it, you will receive Barcode take the screenshot and visit Jio Store

Below are the tricks to Unlock Jio Sim in all non supported device:

  1. First of All download and install Xposed IMEI changer app.
  2. Next step is to change Your IMEI to 353005070562xxx. Replace the xxx with any number.
  3. Next step is to Download & Install Exposed MobileFaker App
  4. Now Open mobile faker app & select android version to “5.1.1” after that on the next section you can select “Samsung” & in the next section you have to select “Sm-a800i” or Select 4.4.2 and select S6.
  5. Download MyJio App From Here. and Don’t update the app AT ALL, If you update the app the trick won’t work.
  6. Open My Jio App , Open MyJio From Listed App List In MyJio App.
  7. After that You Will See A Prompt Above Login / Signup mentioning That “Get Jio Sim Offer”. Just Click On It.
  8. This Will Automatically Detect Your Location and Prompt You Whether is it Available in your location Or Not . In case If It Fail Detect You Location You Can Manually Enter.
  9. Now It Will Provide You T&C Of The Jio Offer , Just Check It as you always do & Click On “Agree And Get Jio Offer”
  10. Then It Will Provide A Offer Code and Bar Code , Save This As Screenshot , This is must To Get Jio Sim.
  11. Then It Will Show You the list of Documents Which Are necessary To Submit For Getting The Jio Sim.Just Keep This In Mind.
  12. After that It Will Show You Nearest Jio Offline Store Where You can show the Bar Code & Submit Your Identification Documents with photographs To Get Sim.
  13. Done You have got the Jio sim working now. Enjoy 🙂
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Solution 2, Trick To Use Jio Sim In All Mobiles:

The main problem in Jio sim is handset lock. Each and every handset of any mobile comes with unique IMEI number (Dial *#06#) and all you need to know LYF IMEI number to use Jio sim in all mobiles. Using this method will bar from using LYF mobile because IMEI number is unique & using it multiple times isn’t recommended at all.

  1. First of all, you need to ROOT your android mobile
  2. Then install XPOSED module
  3. Now find IMEI Changer in XPOSED module and activate it
  4. Replace your 4g mobile IMEI number with new LYF handset
  5. Now use Jio sim card and wait for network to go live.
  6. After that Manually create Jio settings for web browsing with APN: jionet, APN type: default,supl, Bearer: LTE, Authentication: No authentication is Required(None)
  7. You are ready to go.

Solution 3, Trick To Use Jio Sim In All Mobiles :

If You don’t own a rooted device or If above mentioned method failed to work then this is the perfect trick to use jio sim in all mobiles. All just need to copy the text of build.prop file in LYF mobile & then paste it into your current mobile’s build.prop file. But don’t modify the build.prop file modifying that file will cause system damage.

  1. Install ES File Explorer by visiting play store.
  2. Now Browse ‘/’ location > go to System folder & find build.prob file & copy the whole texts.
  3. After that use LYF build.prop texts in your 4g mobile

Solution 4, Trick To Use Jio Sim In All Mobiles :

Now the Jio commercial launch has been announced, so you can use this 4g sim in any mobile without any further issue, Or just use LYF mobile phone as Hotspot. You can also use Jio-Join app to make HD call from any 4g mobile using Jio sim. This is not a best trick but if you don’t want to take any risk you can use it as hotspot by connecting to your router.

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