Top 10 Best Sportswear Brands in India 2024

Top Sportswear Brands

Relaxation is extremely vital when training or participating in any kind of sport. Improvements in technology have resulted in an increased desire for sports clothing. Manufacturers have recognized their customers’ wants and begun offering modern-day footwear, gear, and workout apparatus with fantastic builds, ease, and durability. Numerous prominent businesses in India have grown over the years, encouraging residents to live better lives. Below you will get top sportswear brands.

When the concern is about sportswear, we think of a few specific companies, such as Nike, Puma, and Adidas. Though these businesses’ products are outstanding in terms of durability and efficiency, other brands on the market provide satisfactory goods at a reasonable price. You may frequently pick between affordable sportswear brands in India and premium sports companies.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Nike
  2. Adidas
  3. Puma
  4. Reebok
  5. Amazon Brand
  6. HRX by Hrithik Roshan
  7. Lotto
  8. Van Heusen
  9. Under Armour
  10. Nivia

List of Top 10 Best Sportswear Brands in India

1.  Nike

Nike logo | sportswear brand

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It is an international apparel manufacturer. The US-based company is extremely famous among fitness fanatics and professionals. Nike offers excellent attire for men & women. It is also well-known for its footwear, apparel, and gear. The firm was started in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports before becoming Nike in 1971 following the Greek deity of triumph. It is among its highest influential companies in the sporting sector. Nike is one of the best sportswear brand.

2.  Adidas

Adidas Sportswear brands

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This is the second-most significant sportswear maker. The firm began by manufacturing shoes and eventually expanded into training gear and sportswear brand. The firm is favored for its distinctive materials, which let the pores of the skin circulate air freely as well as keep you comfortable. It is the continent’s leading sportswear manufacturer and the world’s second-largest sporting company. Adidas is the perfect for Sports brand.

3.  Puma

puma sportswear brand

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It is a German sporting brand that quickly established itself in the fitness clothing and sporting market. The gym wear style is offered for each gender. The company is well-known for endorsing major football, cricket, and other sports teams worldwide. Its online shop, as well as various other online shopping sites, sells sportswear. It is well-known for its outstanding items, which include athletic footwear, workout components, t-shirts, smartwatches, and additional apparel. Therefore Puma is the N.o 1 sports wear brand all over world.


4.  Reebok

Reebok | sportswear brand

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The company hit the industry as a sporting shoe manufacturer and has since competed strongly with leading sporting companies it has established its name and is well-known for producing excellent sporting goods and clothes for both men and women.

Reebok International Limited is a German sportswear and shoe partner. It makes and sells clothes and shoes, as well as fitness, running, and Sports gear. It was originally the official shoe and accessory manufacturer for CrossFit games. It is now the official partner of the Spartan Race.

5.  Amazon Brand

Amazon brand

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It has gained credibility in the past few years for offering superior products at affordable rates. The brand provides a varied selection of athletics, including shoes and clothes. Train and maintain your sense of style, comfort, and performance.

6.  HRX by Hrithik Roshan

HRX by Hrithik Roshan | sportswear brand

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It is a sporting company founded in India that produces a variety of goods including tracks, briefs, outerwear, footwear, and headwear. HRX is a renowned firm in India, fronted by Hrithik Roshan. Furthermore, Hrithik’s frequent workout sessions serve as motivation for shop projects. Aside from apparel, the additional goods provided include pedal bikes, exercise machines, devices, and vitamins and minerals.

7.  Lotto


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This company is an excellent option for other companies. It produces clothes and shoes for both men and women at prices that are approximately half that of competitors. It is unquestionably one of the most cheap sporting goods companies in India. Tennis, basketball, athletics, volleyball, and football are among the activities for which the company provides goods. Its apparel and footwear can be bought online at major fashion retailers and shopping websites.

8.  Van Heusen

Van Heusen

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Since creating its revolutionary trademarked soft-folding collar in 1919, the company has built an image for making attractive, superior clothes. It offers clothes, accessories, casual apparel, shoes, and women’s professional outfits. Furthermore, the company provides a diverse selection of sportswear for both men and women, allowing them to look fashionable while keeping in form.

9.  Under Armour

Under_Armour | sportswear brand

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Under Armour is a US-based company that designs and manufactures high-quality shoes, athletics, everyday clothes, and accessories. The company provides durable, premium athletic clothing at a reasonable cost. With its distinctive styles and low costs, the company possesses the ability to hold its own against the major manufacturers. Under Armour manufactures many styles of sportswear and workout wear, including footwear, floppies, clothing, tracking trousers, outerwear etc. It was founded in 1996, and the owners have never looked backward again. The brand is renowned in India for creating excellent sportswear and enjoys an extensive following.

10. Nivia

nivia-sports-logo | sportswear brand


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Nivia is a well-known privately owned firm and the largest sportswear manufacturer in India. Nihal Chand Kharbanda founded this Indian-based corporation. Under Nihal Chand’s direction, Nivia became the first Indian manufacturer to receive FIFA certification for rubber footballs. The organization is constantly pushing limits at all levels to develop breakthroughs and possibilities for the benefit of society.


Here are the top 10 most prominent sportswear companies in India. All of these sporting manufacturers are well-known around the world for their distinctive builds, high-quality athletic apparel, gear, and additional equipment. Enjoy the top 10 sportswear brands rundown. Until then, Cheers!

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