How To Remove Jio 1GB Data Limit Trick to Get Unlimited Internet

How To Remove & Bypass Jio 1GB Limit, Jio 1GB Trick : Reliance jio is just rocking in the market with new and new free offer for free data freak youth, first they came up with Jio Preview Offer which don’t have any requirements like 4GB or 1GB daily limit and later they announced welcome offer where they will give away unlimited calls and 4gb 4G internet per a day.

Now for the new year jio has launcher happy new year offer, so in this latest jio offer they have a limit on 4g internet capped at 1GB/day, which isn’t enough for heavy users and won’t be enough to browse on laptop. So here are the few tricks on how to remove & bypass jio 1gb limit trick solution.

What is Jio 1GB Limit :

In case if you are a new jio user let me warn you on one point, although jio claimed that they are giving unlimited internet but the daily 4G internet is reduced to jio 1gb limit. Which means you won’t get 4G speed after 1GB. Same problem with preview offer, all the remaining offers are completely free like unlimited voice calls and messages. Jio claims that more than 80% users are using less than 1GB data. So with this less cap, we can get the high-speed connection.

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How To Remove Jio 1GB Limit Per Day:

In case if you got the message like “Your plan is now moved to happy new year offer enjoy the free services till march 31st” This means you will only get 1GB 4G internet per a day. In case if you haven’t received any message then use the old version of myjio app and clear the data of every jio app. This will save you from jio happy new year offer.

Steps to remove Jio 1GB limit per day:

  • Visit APN Settings and set protocol as ipv4/ipv6
  • Open UC browser and download few items till the data reaches 90-100 MB
  • This will give you one warning and your internet speed will go down
  • Now just resume the downloads if it works keep on going
  • Change the protocol to ipv6, now turn on jio internet and just do browsing
  • Browse till 40-50 MB then restart the mobile
  • Repeat the same process to use 5-10 MB
  • Then again change the protocol to ipv4/ipv6

Reliance Jio 1GB Limit Solution:

The only available Jio 1GB Limit solution is the above bypass trick where you can convert Jio welcome offer to preview offer. As mentioned earlier jio 1gb limit solution might not work on every device so for this your device should hold the remaining conditions. Everything is under Jio so now they removed the unlimited internet with jio 1gb limit, in case if you didn’t got any warning message of jio then quickly get the preview offer. Well here are the requirements to follow jio 1gb limit solution

Required Device for Jio 1GB limit solution

  • Your device shouldn’t be stored with Jio data base
  • Which means you shouldn’t receive any jio 1gb limit warning message
  • Don’t follow jio 1gb limit solution when you are our of per day 1gb limit

Now jio is rapidly converting every welcome offer to preview offer so be quick to follow jio 1gb limit solution to remove the cap.

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Post Jio 1GB Limit speed cap:

Once you have used the 1gb from your jio sim then your speed will be reduced to 128 kbps. Which means the internet is unlimited but you can’t download or stream anything. So if you are a heavy user & want to use Jio in your desktop & laptop, we recommend you to try above method to avoid jio 1gb limit speed cap per a day.

How To Use Jio 1GB Limit Bypass Trick

So by using above trick means you are officially converting your welcome offer or new year offer to preview offer. Which means you can extend the welcome offer or preview offer to till March 31st. To follow the trick on how to remove Jio 1gb limit bypass you need to use old version of Myjio app, and never ever update the jio app again. Here are the steps

Steps to use Jio 1GB Limit Bypass Trick

  • First uninstall every jio related apps, install old MyJio app
  • Open old Myjio app list and install all 10 apps
  • After installing every app close your internet connection
  • Then open jio app list then open Myjio app
  • Just turn on your internet and click on Get Jio Sim

That’s it your preview offer will be activated and don’t ever update this myjio app again. Better you can uninstall MyJio app. You must use this old version of MyJio app and follow the above steps for successful remove jio 1gb limit bypass trick. This jio 1gb trick works on almost all devices, once you successfully completed above steps you will be moved to preview offer, where you can track your per day data and even real-time data.

Reliance Jio 1GB Limit Trick Not Working:

This will happen if your device isn’t satisfied the above requirements once you got the warning message from jio that’s the end. All you can do is extend the welcome offer deadline.

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