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Top 20 Trending Kurti Sleeves Designs For Women 2024

best kurti sleeves design

Let’s talk about a trendy yet comfortable apparel item, the most obvious one, Kurtis. Thoughtfully designed to provide breezy comfort and style, this versatile clothing piece never goes out of trend. From shopping to housewarming pooja to get together to workwear, or simply relaxing, this unique yet eventful attire is best accepted in its simple form.  However, like other clothing garments, kurtis have also evolved over the years. Due to this, wearers have many options to choose from, with Kurtis having different neck, length, collar, and Kurti sleeves designs.

Here we have discussed the latest kurti sleeves design that will help you look up-to-the-minute and fashionable, be it for parties or casual functions. Scroll down to read the information below!

Table of Contents: kurti sleeves Designs

  1. Umbrella Sleeves Design for Suit
  2. Full Sleeves Design
  3. Cape Sleeve Design
  4. ¾ Sleeves Design for Kurti
  5. Bell Kurta Sleeves Design
  6. Cold Shoulder Sleeve Design
  7. Bishop Sleeves Design for Kurti
  8. One-Shoulder Kurti Sleeves Design
  9. Slit Sleeve Design
  10. Balloon Sleeve Design for Suit
  11. Flap Sleeves Design
  12. Flutter Sleeves Design for Kurti
  13. Ruffled Suit Sleeves Design
  14. Frill Sleeves Design
  15. Bow-Tie Sleeves Design
  16. Puffed Sleeves Design Latest
  17. Gathered Sleeve Design
  18. Pleated Cuff Sleeve Design
  19. Rolled-Up Sleeve Design for Kurtis
  20. Cut-Out Sleeve Design

Latest Kurti Sleeves Designs you should try:

1. Umbrella Sleeves design for suit – Best kurti sleeves designs

Umbrella Sleeves design for suit | kurti sleeves design

Coming straight from the thought of Pakistani designers, umbrella sleeve designs for suits can provide a classy and supremely elegant look to any boring, ordinary Kurtis. Dress up an umbrella-sleeved kurta with cropped pants and stylish heels to get a royal look. Carry one of the most stylish slings with you to enhance the overall look and let people remember you after you walk down the aisle.

2. Full sleeves design 

Full sleeves design 

In comparison to half sleeves design for kurti, this design is very popular and trending these days. If you want to try this classy yet traditional design, then choose long kurtas or anarkalis, as these traditional garments suit this pattern. In full-sleeved design, wear Lucknowi thread work kurtas, georgette kurtis, or chikankari dresses to look super stylish and sophisticated. Be a game changer on any special occasion in extremely rich fabrics and decent colors!


3. Cape Sleeve design

Cape Sleeve design | kurti sleeves design

Considered the most fancy and modern sleeve design for suit, it uplifts your overall look. Be it grand occasions or causal parties, kurtis or dresses with cape sleeve designs help you stand out among the guests. The cape comes in a wide range of patterns within the sleeves design category, which allows you to choose as per your choice and helps you showcase different styles. They really provide a stunning look as a fashionista and grab people’s attention while walking.


4. ¾ sleeves design for Kurti 

¾ sleeves design for Kurti  | kurti sleeves design

Commonly referred to as three-quarters, this sleeveless design is sophisticated yet simple for kurtis and dresses. The 3 4 sleeve design for kurti looks great when worn with a shrug. Experiment with end slits and button embellishments and create a new third-fourth sleeve. Available in short and long lengths, you can dress up this design by adding more than one button or even a small button to provide great dimension to your kurta. Use tassels, ruffles, appliqués, and more for a festive occasion.


5. Bell kurta sleeves design 

Bell kurta sleeves design | sleeves design for suit

If you like different types of sleeve designs, then bell sleeves will surely fascinate you. This sleeve design has ruled the hearts of women since 2021. Simulating a bell shape as the end of the sleeves at the top or wrist, it is designed for a trendsetter in you. Choose the style that best suits your needs, whether it’s a single layer or multiple layers. From housewarming parties to pooja, bell kurti sleeves in the embellished fabric are going to give you an elegant look. Complete the overall look with a fancy clutch and metallic shiny heels; this will bring the whole look together.

6. Cold shoulder sleeve design 

Cold shoulder sleeve design | sleeves design for suit

Another sleeve design that has been famous for the last few years! The cold shoulder would be an excellent choice for those expecting a breezy, airy feel from kurtis. Truly suitable for the summer environment, cold shoulder sleeves continue to flatter the dress’s charm and make you look traditional yet adorable. Whether the cold shoulder cut is long or short, the design will definitely give a great look to your dress or kurta. While it has fallen down a bit in terms of popularity, some women still love to wear this design because of its aesthetics and stylish.


7. Bishop sleeves design for kurti 

Bishop sleeves design for kurti 

Are you looking for something that looks vintage and unique? Go for a bishop sleeve design kurta! Considered the most comfortable Western yet Indian formals, this design is a perfect blend of old-school aesthetics and modern patterns, making your dresses look attractive and graceful too. Bishop suit sleeves design, as the name implies, offers the dresses more of a formal to semi-formal look. Tip: Use denim pieces or embroidered clothes where you can use this design to make Kurtis.

8. One-shoulder kurti sleeves design 

One-shoulder kurti sleeves design  | sleeves design for suit

Coming to the sleeves design 2024, one shoulder is highly in demand; from weddings to casual functions, women love to wear dresses, tops, and even kurtas with one-shoulder patterns. It ensures that your appearance shines, especially with ethnic wear. Appropriately combined with a traditional touch of print and modern aesthetics, this design will fit beautifully on your curves and make you look gorgeous whenever you wear it.


9. Slit sleeve design 

Slit sleeve design  | sleeves design for suit

Slit sleeves for kurtis have become popular as it offers a contemporary and casual look at the same time. If you add details like buttoned slits, loose slits, or tied slits, you are able to experiment extensively and come up with something exciting. It is designed to add a new dimension to the Indian traditional game. To give an attractive touch to your look, choose the third fourth slit till the elbow and decorate the border with some threadwork. Enhance your kurtas in style with various slit sleeves designs.

10. Balloon sleeve design for the suit 

Balloon sleeve design for the suit | suit sleeves design

Do you want something that will provide a vintage as well as semi-formal touch to your kurta? Go for the balloon sleeves design, which is selling promptly due to its bossy and charming look. This kurti design is best for silk fabrics as they give an interesting, balloon effect on the wearer. 

11. Flap sleeves design 

Flap sleeves design for kurti

If you love showing off elegant style, this design is a perfect choice you can own. This kurti hand design goes well with patterned and solid-tune sleeves, thereby be sure to opt for a similar fabric. The flap pattern typically falls down at the end to impart an aesthetic appearance. 

12. Flutter sleeves design for kurti

Flutter sleeves design for kurti | suit sleeves design

Like a butterfly that goes down in a set of multiple layers, this sleeve design has evolved into a classy yet traditional fashion option. Whether your arm is sleek, broad, thick, or thin, flutter sleeves complement all. Best suited for traditional dresses and Kurtis, the design is the trendiest addition to the fastest-evolving ethnic fashion world. It’s good to create this design for a crepe or silk kurta as the fabrics are flexible enough to reveal the fluttering pattern. 

13. Ruffled suit sleeves design 

Ruffled suit sleeves design  | suit sleeves design

Another best vintage style sleeve designs for suit, ruffled sleeves is a true fancy design for kurta wearers. Ruffled patterns look attractive when combined with net or silk clothes as they show off full frills and give a textured look to traditional attire.

14. Frill sleeves design 

Frill sleeves design  | suit sleeves design

In olden times, it was customary to add frills to the sleeves of the kurta. And, after a long gap, this design is back in fashion. The frill sleeves design, with its little wavy look, has become a favorite choice for women who are looking for a mix of both traditional and modern patterns. Make sure you add frill sleeves above your elbows to give your kurti an attractive look, which will give you the best look from this pattern.

15. Bow-tie sleeves design

Bow-tie sleeves design | suit sleeves design

This is yet another latest sleeve design for kurti, as well as tops & ethnic wear. Bow-tie sleeves designs for cotton suits deliver a stylish yet elegant look. Whether you are looking for a casual wear kurti or office wear, this trendy sleeves design will be the best choice.

16. Puffed sleeves design latest 

Puffed sleeves design latest  | suit sleeves design

Do you think puffed sleeves evoke a sense of nostalgia because of their old-fashioned look? This design constantly wins hearts with its classy and elegant puffs, no matter what new trends are entering the market with time.

17. Gathered sleeve design

Gathered sleeve design | sleeves design for kurti

If you seek sleeve designs for cotton suits other than georgette, silk, or khaki fabric, here you go. Gathered sleeve design introduces an attractive yet unique look as opposed to other patterns. The design is appropriately collected upwards and uplifted with knots and buttons, delivering a captivating outlook to the kurta.

18. Pleated cuff sleeve design

Pleated cuff sleeve design | sleeves design for kurti

Pleats at the edge of tops and kurtis deliver a vintage appeal. Be it the neckline, sleeves, hem, or even the borders of the bottom of Indian attire, pleats are easy and stylish fashion accessories. Try this sleeve today and become a fashionista!

19. Rolled-up sleeve design for Kurtis

Rolled-up sleeve design for Kurtis

Yet another trendy sleeve design, the cuff-style rolled-up pattern is best suited for formal lovers. It adds an attractive touch to traditional wear with its stylish yet simple pattern. These designs are available in a variety of patterns as well, ranging from tied-style third-fourth cuffs to simple rolled-up cuffs.

20. Cut-out sleeve design 

Cut-out sleeve design | | sleeves design for kurti

Kurti sleeves designs like cut-out is the perfect style stamen that is available in different styles, from simple to patterned cuts. These patterns are mostly decorated with laces, buttons, tassels, pearl chains, pom-poms, etc.


Women who frequently wear kurtis may be fed up with the boring-sleeved designs available online! Therefore, check out our designs mentioned above. Our unique kurti sleeves design along with the attractive neck patterns you opt for will enhance your fashion statement brilliantly.

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