Top 12 Best Kurti Brands For Women in India 2024


Looking for Women Kurti Brands? As we know Woman loves to wear Kurtis. They are so comfortable and classy. These branded ladies’ Kurtis for women, designer Kurti tops, and many more Kurtis for women. Wearing a Kurti provides ethnic wear which can only be experienced by the ones who put them on. Kurtis can wear it along with jeans, pants, and palazzos.

Ethnic wear silk Kurtis are suitable for women of all age groups which makes ethnic wear cherish. Kurti tops come in various colors and styles to fit into the many types of occasions you watch out for. With great variety comes great freedom to choose from millions of varieties available in the market. It differs from brand to brand which shows the importance of choosing the best one which is personalized and fits all the needs. Cotton Kurtis is commonly used by Indian women due to the comfort it provides and the insulation it renders from the heat but cotton Kurtis cannot be considered as an ideal one since it may not be chosen from the ones who prefer woollen ones. So each type of it comes with a list of advantages and disadvantages from which the customers have to choose.

On all occasions from marriage to birthday parties to gatherings, these kurtis will be suitable for all kinds of events and experiences. Good-looking Kurti with jeans and you are sorted! What’s more, you can easily buy the best Kurti online and always be ready.

Kurtis being ethnic outfits will be chosen more by the women if they come under their zone of comfort. Kurtis doesn’t only provide a traditional look and confidence but they impart beauty and elegance in them. Some of the commonly presented Kurtis in women’s wardrobes in India are solid Kurtis, Anarkalis, A-line Kurtis, and whatnot. The availability of loads of Kurti brands in India makes room for making better choices. So here we provide a curated list of the top 12 Kurti brands in India that we think are worth trying. Let’s Shop from some of the best online sites for Kurtis.

Starting Price-List of Kurti Brands

Kurti Brands Starting Price
Fabindia Rs. 600
Aurelia Rs. 350
Global Desi Rs. 360
BIBA Rs. 399
Libas Rs. 499
Rangmanch Rs. 360
SOCH Rs. 450
Lakshita Rs. 350
Rangriti Rs. 360
GoSriKi Rs. 599

What is the Difference between Kurta and Kurti?

The difference between Kurta and Kurti is that a kurta usually long coming to the calf, whereas a kurti is usually short, which comes to the waist or is hip length.

Table Of Contents: Best Kurti Brands For Women

  1. Fabindia
  2. Aurelia
  3. Global Desi
  4. BIBA
  5. Libas
  6. Rangmanch
  7. SOCH
  9. Lakshita
  10. Rangriti
  12. GoSriKi

List of Top 12 Best Kurti Brands For Women

1. Fabindia – Top Kurti Brands


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Fabindia is one of the most popular and best-selling Kurti brands in India. It has its standards in the market. By providing quality products throughout the nation, there is a huge collection of Kurtis that are good enough to make any woman in India fall in love with traditional outfits that address the tradition in India. The Fabindia Kurti collection for years has received wonderful feedback and reviews from customers becoming a great way to look traditionally. Pricing starts from rupees 1600, it is one of the best brands Kurtis for any woman. So, check out the amazing cotton Kurtis for women from the best Kurti brands for women.

2. Aurelia – Women Kurti Brands

aurelia kurta brands


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Another popular women’s Kurti brand and best-selling Kurti brand in India is Aurelia. Their collection includes everything that satisfies the need to present a woman from casual wear and party wear to cotton Kurtis for women, embroidered once the patterns and designs they provide. The standout one that makes their collection highly preferred by women in India is simple palazzo pants, which will be more than enough along with this stylish kurti to provide a compact look for your outfit pricing starts from rupees 999. You can shop for beautiful designer Kurti tops for women, or also buy a gift card to show on your own.

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3. Global Desi

global desi kurta

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Availability of both modern and traditional wear which can give confidence to women and a good variety to choose from making Global Desi top the list. The patterns and hemlines are too good and classy. Global Desi being one of the best women’s Kurti brands provides gorgeous cotton Kurtis for women, designer Kurti tops, and is indeed one of the best kurti brands for women. Pricing starts at just rupees 679. If you are looking to buy a Global Desi branded Kurtis, check out the Global Desi Sale as Rakhi special offer and shop your hearts out.


biba kurta set


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The brand has consistently provided quirky collections, bright colors, and the best cotton Kurtis for women of amazing quality. If there is a party ahead of you and if you are planning for a good-looking kurta with quality and design, Biba should be your next visit. You will look gorgeous wearing one of these BIBA’s Kurtis. Looking to buy Kurtis online shopping Myntra, so be it. You can also shop from the Biba website. With pricing starting from rupees 899, you are sure to get the best designer Kurti tops and top Kurti brands for women. Thus, it is in the branded kurtis for women list.

5. Libas


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Embrace the feeling of ethnic and traditional Kurtis and enrich the beauty and elegance of women by spreading a traditional vibe around you. The Liba’s unique collection of branded kurtis for women includes Anarkali kurtas, cotton Kurtis for women, and many more, which can best suit your hectic routine of sending multiple occasions. Libas Kurti brand is often your favorite once you begin exploring it. Libas brand of Kurtis is extremely easily available on Amazon, Myntra, and others. They provide the best designer Kurtis and are indeed one of the best Kurti brands for women. Pricing starts from rupees 674.


6. Rangmanch


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Rang Manch, a brand of the plant alone, sells some beautiful and trending yet elegant ethnic wear, their primary selling unit being kurti have made their name on the market due to the variety, availability, and quality they provide. They are easily available for online shopping at Amazon, Myntra, etc. Pricing starts at just rupees 649. They provide the best Kurti tops, cotton Kurtis for women, and branded Kurtis and are some of the best online sites for Kurtis.

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soch kurti brands


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SOCH is one of the growing women’s Kurti brands and the best online site for Kurtis for women. They are best sellers in traditional ways, but along with them, they make room for modern and contemporary outfits too. Being affordable and user-friendly, SOCH Kurtis provides a sense of beauty that suits perfectly for all women out there. These amazing outfits deserve to be tried today. Pricing starts from rupees 598. Shop the best Kurti brands for women.



w for women kurti brands


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Are you thinking of purchasing an elegant Kurti with a decent design? W for Women is a great choice because it is one of the most popular Kurti brands for women. The perfect fit Kurtis is just appropriate for office-going women who would like to feel both desi and classy. Check out the W for Woman, whose collection includes a variety of Kurtis with the best-selling Kurtis being the cotton-long Kurtis Pakistani Kurti and Anarkali Kurtis with jacket upon it. Pricing starts from rupees 764. Undoubtedly, they provide the best designer Kurti tops and cotton Kurtis for women, and you will surely get the best Kurti online.

9. Lakshita

lakshita kurta set


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Have you heard of the printed collar kurta from Lakshita? If you haven’t heard, check out them in the vast collection of Lakshita Kurtis that provide a blend of traditional outfits along with a modern look. New arrivals are waiting for you. Checkout now. Long and short, printed and embroidered, straight and flared, they have the best kurti designer tops and cotton kurtis for women. Pricing starts from rupees 1400, making it one of the most popular women’s kurti brands in India. Therefore, it is in branded kurtis for women in India.

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10. Rangriti 

rangriti kurti


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The best Kurti online-selling brand, Rangriti, is not only affordable but also provides customers with a wide range of excellent designs to choose from the vibrant color combinations add to the traditional Vibe it spreads around making them a perfect choice. If you are looking for a reasonable kurti that isn’t cheap in provides quality fashion and style quotient Rangriti is the best choice. Pricing starts from rupees 499 for the ladies’ kurtis brand.


Top Brand Kurtis

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For the best kurta in India, one should look for Anni Designer. Best-branded kurtis online shopping has a wide range as well as fame for the ladies’ kurta brand name. Apart from Kurtis, it is also one of the best Indian suit brands with the latest model Kurtis.

12. GoSriKi – Best Quality Kurtis

gosriki kurta set

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It is the best suit brand in India which has a wide variety of pluses, sizes, and colors of your taste.  This Indian Kurtis online has a kurtis latest fashion and consists of kurtis for girls. Not only this, but for seasons they have different materials for summers they are fully ranged in the best cotton kurtis online with Indian kurti designs; girls’ kurtis; modeling kurtis and so much more.

Takeaways – Best Women’s Kurti Brands In India!

Shop the best Kurti online with these super-amazing Kurti brands for women. Grab the latest sale Kurtis sale online and get the best Kurti top, designer Kurti tops, and cotton Kurtis for women. The above list has some of the best online sites for Kurtis that have the top Kurti brands for women in India.

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