Best Women's Suit Brands In India

Top 7 Best Women Suit Brands In India February 2024

India is the only place in the world where everyone celebrates by wearing a salwar suit or trying to keep the suit in their wardrobe for any kind of festive occasion. Nowadays behind the attire of draping into Saree people generally enjoy wearing designer women’s suits because of their convenience.

Whether it is any occasion or it’s a wedding office meeting or festival server suit has become one of the most convenient wear. In this article, we are going to talk more about the different types of brands and their different types of best ladies’ suits.

Top 7 Best Women Suit Brands In India February 2024

1. Biba – Best Ladies Suits

Best Ladies Suits

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Biba the brand itself is one of the most premium as well as the first choice when it comes to choosing suits or any kind of clothing for women. They are the biggest player in the market who pleases around different kinds of fashion statements that are ironically used in various movies or Cinemas. Even more than that Biba never fails in the pricing category because the whole brand works completely along with the customer’s pricing factor.


  • There is no doubt that they have the most trendy-looking collection starting from kurtas to server suits to Anarkali to different types of line suits that are much more fashionable.
  • Moreover, their suits are very easy to wear and breathable in any kind of weather condition.
  • Most importantly they are best suits for women also combined with churidars or perfect bottom wear that are available for any occasion or festive where purpose that gives the most contemporary and traditional look.
  • Easy discounts are available if you are going to buy this brand online and most importantly they provide all-season discounts that are easily affordable.

2. Libas – Ladies Suit Brands In India

salwar suits ladies

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Libas have been in this ethnic wear industry with their unique and constantly evolving in the designing patterns. Most importantly they use top-class fabrics which are delivered at a very low price to the customer. They never fail to deliver the top class fashionable stylish as well as the most trendy looking suit. As days pass they are becoming slowly one of the biggest brands that provide a good special collection for little kid’s suits also.


  • This brand always plays around with stitching materials and fabrics just to give it a traditional look and has become one of the most uncommon fabric-using brands with its unique style.
  • The unique fact of their suit brands is that they belong to every kind of category starting from their plus size to extra small size which is easily suitable to any woman so that they can style very elegantly.
  • You can easily find a different type of technique in their suit because they use very unique style of printing patterns and most importantly the fabrics are lightweight and give the proper shape to your body structure.

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3. Sangria – Ladies Branded Suits

Ladies Branded Suits

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The brand sangria started the journey as a boutique brand but slowly with their design patterns in ekat bhagalpuri, Chanderi Kota, kotki Gota Patti, they have captured the whole market. Bringing the fabrics of the exterior part of the country and most importantly the materials that are combined in their design give the very unique style. And it is very suitable for wearing any kind of weather condition whether it is extremely hot or extremely cold. You can easily find this brand anywhere online or any kind of Store.


  • The brand suit is available in different types of shapes and sizes but this brand makes suits that are completely unstitched so that anyone can fit into the size and make them look elegant.
  • Some of the fabrics that stay used are made of recycled materials like Vasco rayon which is an absolute comfort and is really important for dealing with high temperatures in the summer.
  • Starting from school-going students to college-going students and even older women can easily style themselves with this brand because of their embroidered and ready-to-wear pattern.

4. Rangriti – Salwar Suit Best Brand

Salwar Suit Best Brand

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This brand is one of the most unique whether it is on their collection or incorporation of modern attire into their suits. Rangriti brands have come into the fashion statement starting from their jackets to blouses and now they are playing most of the games in setting up best suits for women. Starting from making a different kinds of salwar kameez To different kinds of Salwar Kameez that come with collar types shirt forms. They easily incorporate their design with any kind of modern Trend and keep the customer’s reviews in mind.


  • The designers who make the particular designs generally play around with all types of formal and informal wear which is easily suitable for office as well as housewives.
  • The most uncommon factor of these designer brand is that they use very low budgeting cost suit material but delivers one of the finest designs that is to date not able to be replaced by any other brand.
  • Their salwar suit is basically made out of Eco-Friendly products that are sustainable and durable for a longer period of time so when you are investing in this brand you get yourself a proper design with durability.

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5. W brand – Women Suit Brands

Women Suit Brands

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W brand is one of the most premium renowned contemporary designing brands that always move around with Different styles in festival wear or any kind of fusion wear. They not only make designs that are suitable to Indian cultures but also mix with contemporary design making it a global style. These brands generally give out a heavy discount on online platforms so it is very affordable.


  • The pattern of the design in the material collection generally uses polyester or Vasco rayon which is considered as one of the most suitable materials yet the most comfortable one.
  • When it comes to understanding the features of this brand they make out an appearance that is suitable for any Indian woman of different colour shapes and so never discriminates or compromise with their design style.
  • Their fashion statements do not only round the working women but also focus on the dedicated homemakers those who are considered as one of the strongest backbone of the family.

6. Anouk – Best Brand For Salwar Suit

Best Brand For Salwar Suit

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Anouk Brand is considered one of the most elegant design brands that always moves around within the words of bold and beautiful. Starting from the different suits for any season like it’s a monsoon or summer or winter they have all-weather fashion. Most importantly the collection of the designs especially on Cotton materials and poly Silk materials is considered as one of the most premium products.


  • Whether it is an offline platform or is online platform this brand for the best designers for women’s suits never disappoints their customers in the pricing amount and hence it is very suitable for any of the middle-class families to afford.
  • If you are looking For a suit that perfectly looks just like a dress then you can just close your eyes and absolutely switch to this brand because they have various kinds of suit designs with thousands of material options.
  • Their styling ideas evolve around focusing on comfort yet making one of the most beautiful elegant looking evening design patterns.

7. Vishudh – Salwar Suit Brands In India

Salwar Suit Brands In India

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The Vishudh brand has just started its journey in this suit clothing industry and has gained a lot of popularity because of its unique style and design. They have various types of design material starting from cotton to Silk polyester that perfectly suits any weather condition. Their material selections are perfectly suitable for different price-related factors. Hence their minimum price starts with the free lower range of money which any of the people can easily get themselves for their wife.


  • If you are looking for daily wear but yet magical in designing contemporary suits then you can absolutely go for this brand not just because of the price variation but also about their style.
  • The surprising element is that the delivers the most expensive materials at a very lesser cost so that they become very affordable and are easily found in every woman’s closet.
  • Their designs not only tell so story of Heritage culture but also the stitch of their fabric represents the elegance of our versatile culture that we have generally forgotten nowadays.
  • Starting from Professional designing for office wear to festival looks they completely blend different types of cultures and classes into their own design.

Conclusion – Best Women’s Suit Brands!

With all of the guidelines of now you can select the perfect branded salwar suits that not only support your price money but also never compromise with their elegant design. The professionals or the designers who basically work for these brands a truly a real gem because they not only understand the weather conditions. But also styles with the design that is never compromisable with beauty and boldness.

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