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Top Paper Companies in India

Top Paper Companies in India

Top paper companies in India serve as the backbone of this dynamic sector, guiding the story of India’s paper industry. These leading paper manufacturers and paper mills in India have redefined the standards for quality and innovation while also upholding a tradition of environmentally friendly practices. By doing so, they have made significant contributions to the worldwide landscape of sustainable paper production.

List of  Top 7 Paper Companies in India

1. ITC Paperboards and Specialty Paper Division ITC Paperboard | List of best Paper Mills in India

ITC Paperboards and Specialty Paper Division, which was started in the year 1979, has firmly established its position as one of the top paper mills in India. This branch of the ITC Limited company, which has its headquarters in Kolkata, India, has been at the center of the development of good paper products. It has established an example for paper producers and manufacturers in India with a dedication to quality and environmental responsibility. ITC Paperboards and Specialty Paper Division, which operates in several branches, is at the center of India’s paper manufacturing scene by consistently supplying top-notch materials to satisfy the demands of numerous industries.

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2. JK Paper Limited

JKPaper | List of best Paper Mills in India

One of the largest paper producers in India, JK Paper Limited, was started in 1962. The company, which has its headquarters in New Delhi, has created a number of branches and industrial facilities throughout the country. Through a dedication to quality and sustainability, it has greatly helped in the growth and development of the Indian paper industry. JK Paper Limited manufactures a wide range of papers and papers and paper products for a variety of markets. 

3. Tamilnadu Newsprint & Papers Ltd

Tamilnadu Newsprint & Papers | list of paper industry in India

In 1979, Tamilnadu Newsprint and Papers Ltd (TNPL), is one of the top paper mill in India paper producers The TNPL company, with its headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, is well known for manufacturing quality paper. TNPL was established with the goal of environmentally friendly and sustainable paper manufacturing, and it has since grown to include a number of branches, greatly enhancing the standing of Indian paper mills and producers. With a particular focus on producing A4 paper, TNPL is the best paper mill in the worldwide paper industry, setting high standards for quality and sustainability.

4. The Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Limited

Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Limited

In the Indian paper market, an important paper mill in India was established in 1964 Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Limited. This well-known paper manufacturer, with its headquarters in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, has made a major impact on India’s paper producer landscape. Dr. B.S. Prasad started the business, which has maintained a long tradition of excellence and sustainability. It continues to be a significant name among Indian paper mills, known for its dedication to innovation and environmental responsibility, with branches and operations spread throughout numerous locations.


5. Abhishek Industries Limited

Best paper manufacturer and Supplier in India

In 1987, Abhishek Industries Limited, a leading company in the Indian paper industry, was established. With its corporate headquarters in Punjab, India, it has made a name for itself as one of the top manufacturers and producers of paper in India. It also has a sizable branch network and a significant presence in the paper mill industry. Abhishek Industries Limited remains a leading paper manufacturer in the Indian paper industry with a dedication to excellence and sustainability, making a substantial contribution to its expansion and development.

6. West Coast Paper Mills Ltd (SKB)

List of Top paper companies in India

In 1955, West Coast Paper Mills Ltd (SKB), one of the top Indian paper mills, was established. This best paper producer, which has its headquarters in Kolkata, West Bengal, has an amazing presence through its strategically placed branches and facilities all across the country. The company has become a symbol of superior paper production due to the founders’ inspiring leadership, greatly enhancing India’s standing as one of the top paper manufacturers in the world.

7. Emami Paper Mills Limited

List of Top paper companies in India

In 1981, Emami Paper Mills Limited, a top paper mill in India was established. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of paper, it has set the standard for durability and sustainability for years. Its headquarters is in Kolkata, West Bengal. Emami Paper Mills Limited has been in the paper mill industry for more than 40 years and offers a wide selection of paper products. While the company has multiple locations in India, it continues to prioritize innovation and environmentally friendly methods, setting an example for other paper manufacturers.

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  1. In India, how many paper mills are there?

In India, there are around 800 to 900 paper mills.

  1. Which state is the largest producer of paper in India?

Maharashtra is the largest paper producer in India.

  1. What is the rank of India in the paper industry?

India stands 15th rank in the Paper industry. 

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