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Top 8 Chemical Companies in India

list of chemical companies in India

India’s business environment is home to a strong collection of leading chemical firms, which stands at the center of innovation and chemistry. The list of chemical companies in India specifically features these innovative specialized game-changing solutions that drive many different industries. These chemical manufacturers extend the limits of what is possible and have a significant impact on the chemical industry landscape for the country because of their persistent dedication to quality, conservation, and innovative research.

List of Top 8 Chemical Companies in India

1. United Phosphorus Limited (UPL)

UPL | List of Top chemical companies in India

United Phosphorus Limited (UPL), was established in 1969 by the visionary businessman Mr. Rajnikant Shroff. It is a top Chemical Company in India. UPL has its headquarters located in Mumbai and has become one of the top chemical manufacturers. It is mainly famous for its agrochemicals, industrial chemicals, and chemical intermediates. The largest chemical company in India, UPL, significantly influenced the chemical sector in India through its contributions to the chemical field. The chemicals of UPL are sold in nearly 150 countries across the world. 

2. Aarti Industries Ltd.

Aarti | List of Top chemical companies in India

Among Indian chemical manufacturers, Mr. Chandrakant V. Gogri started Aarti Industries Ltd. in 1975. The company has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and has made an identity for itself in the chemical industry by emphasizing the manufacturing of a wide range of chemicals, including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, polymers, additives, surfactants, pigments, and dyes.  Aarti Industries Ltd. is a great example of excellence in manufacturing chemicals and has grown to be one of the top chemical industries in India. 

3. BASF India Ltd

List of Top chemical companies in India

The company BASF India Ltd., which was established in 1943, dominates the country’s chemical sector. It operates in a number of market industries, including Chemicals, Materials, Industrial Solutions, Surface Technologies, Nutrition and Care, and Agricultural Solutions, from its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It focuses on several different types of specialized chemicals.

The development of the nation’s chemical industry has been greatly helped by BASF India, an important manufacturer of chemicals used in agriculture, leather, Styropor, and tanning agents. The largest chemical manufacturer in the nation, BASF India, has a long history and a commitment to environmentally friendly procedures. Additionally, they collaborate and partner with more than 80 different countries worldwide. 

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4. GHCL – Certified Chemical Company in India

List of Top chemical companies in India

In 1983, Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Limited (GHCL). An essential part of Indian chemical companies was established. GHCL is a specialist in the chemical industry and a producer of excellent soda ash, inorganic chemicals, and home textiles. It was formed under the inspirational guidance of Mr. MP Taparia. With its headquarters in Gujarat, India, GHCL has built a solid name as a trusted producer of specialized chemicals. And a top producer of soda ash, making a major contribution to the expansion and innovation of the Indian chemical industry.

5. Atul Ltd. – Largest Chemical company in India

List of Top chemical companies in India

Atul Ltd. is a pillar in the Indian chemical industry and was established in 1947 by the idealist Kasturbhai Lalbhai. With its primary headquarters in Gujarat, this market leader specializes in a wide range of specialized chemicals. As it offers more than 900 products and 400+ formulations. Atul Ltd., a company well known for generating a wide variety of chemicals, is also important in the growth of tissue culture-raised date palms.

This chemicals company manufactures chemicals such as VAT dyes, crop care chemicals, Phosgene, Carbamite, 2,4-D Acid, and para Cresol. With a history spanning several decades, Atul Ltd. has made and is still making major contributions to India’s growing chemical industry.

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6. Pidilite Industries

List of Top chemical companies in India

Pidilite Industries, established in 1959 by Balvant Parekh, has become a pillar of the Indian chemical industry. With its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This top chemical manufacturer has perfected the skill of creating a broad range of specialized chemicals. Including those used in food and fabric care, sealants, textile resins, construction chemicals, and much more. A leader among Indian specialty chemical firms, Pidilite Industries is famous for its glue. Fevicol, which is a testament to its everlasting dedication to innovation and quality.

7. TATA Chemicals Ltd – Top Chemical Manufacturing Company

List of Top chemical companies in India

Under the inspiring leadership of J.R.D. Tata, TATA Chemicals Ltd., an icon among Indian chemical companies, started in 1939. The company, which has a headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, has established a prestigious name as a top chemical manufacturer and an innovator in the specialized chemical industry in India.

Fertilizers and inorganic chemicals like soda ash and sodium bicarbonate are just a few of the many chemicals that TATA Chemicals is skilled at producing. Beyond chemicals, the company’s broad range of products includes cement, glass, processed steel, detergents, salt licks for cattle, and more, demonstrating its dedication to innovation and its importance in India’s industrial sector.

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8. Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd.

List of Top chemical companies in India

Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd. has been an anchor since it was established in 1973 in India’s chemical industry. Its primary headquarters is in Vadodara, Gujarat. It has become an authority in the field of specialty chemicals. Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd. has established itself as one of the top chemical manufacturers, making an essential contribution to the development and innovation of the chemical industry in India.

Its diverse product portfolio includes phosphoric acid, potassium carbonate, chloromethanes, caustic soda, chlorine, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen peroxide, potassium hydroxide, sodium cyanide, and sodium ferrocyanide.


These leading chemical companies have established themselves as true artists in the vibrant field of the Indian chemical industry by fusing creativity. The above-mentioned Specialty chemical manufacturers among the top-ranked chemical industries in India, have not only expanded the field of chemistry but also greatly boosted the growth and standing of the country abroad. These businesses continue to reshape the chemical field with a dedication to excellence and a goal of a safer. A cleaner future, demonstrating that in India, the science of potential has no limits.

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