Top 9 Journaling apps to use

Journaling Apps to use

What is a journal app?

Numerous journaling applications provide much more than just a space to record your thoughts and emotions. You can learn about particular therapeutic techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy or acceptance and commitment therapy while keeping track of your moods, routines, and activities with the help of several journal apps.

In a few minutes every day, journaling can increase your productivity and well-being. It’s easy to reduce stress, boost creativity, increase happiness, improve health, and improve work performance by simply writing down your ideas or keeping a journal of what happened during the day. The issue is that maintaining a journal is difficult. It requires a commitment to this new behavior and a readiness to be vulnerable when writing on a blank sheet. This may be determined and a daily writing schedule established with the aid of journaling apps.

What Characterizes a Strong app journal?

It can be challenging to identify the specific characteristics of an excellent app because there are so many journaling and self-care applications for mental health. This is especially valid if you’ve never kept a journal before or if your therapist has asked you to start one. Digital journaling becomes nearly obvious when you include reminders and the option to search through your past notes.

The top qualities to look for in a top app for journaling include:

  • Tracking moods, behaviors, activities, interests, and prescriptions quickly and easily the capability of utilizing the day’s worth of journaling and mood-tracking functions as often as necessary
  • Journal questions or beginner-friendly guided journals
  • For experienced journal writers, large free-writing spaces
  • Creating high-quality journal entry export files, such as PDFs
  • The capability of setting a reminder to journal at a particular time of day

List of Top 9 Best Online Journaling Apps to Use

Although online journaling is nothing new, making a visually appealing digital notebook is now simpler than ever. If you’re keeping a private journal to work through your emotions and capture memories, or a public journal to track your travels or family life, both are acceptable. You are free to write as many entries in your journal online as you like, and they may all be posted immediately to your blog, social network profile, or another website.

To help you start a regular habit of contemplation and planning, This article will offer a few digital lists of journaling apps in the remaining sections of this article.

1. Diaro – Top app to use for Journalling

Diaro | Top App to use for Journaling Online You can arrange your entries in Diaro in a way that makes sense for you as a journaler or diary user. They can be put in multiple folders, organized by date, and given tags to further categorize them. It is one of the most recommended journaling diaries.

Features Offered by Diaro Journaling App

  • Write what you want to and you can date it and tag it accordingly.
  • You can even use locations to create your bucket list
  • You can sync your data if in case there are chances for you to lose your data
  • Diaro is also available in 30+ languages for you to write on

2. Grid Journal

Grid Journal | Best Journal Apps to use

In order to help you stay on task when writing about your day, Grid Journal combines the elements of a planner and keeping a diary. To assist you in leading your journaling process, there are a variety of prompts available for you to select from. Get into the habit of reflection and insight by spending more time than fretting about what to write.

Features Offered by Grid Journal App 

  • Unique Grid Formats that you can play with it.
  • A unique planner system that will help you in creating a complete journal
  • You can record, browse the entries, and lock the folder (passcode/biometrics)
  • Export your file as PDF, MD, JPG and more
  • Set Remiders, Adjust the mode (Dark/light)
  • Organizable Tags, Customizable templates, and more

3. Momento

Momento | Best Journaling apps to use

You may document everything you do in life with the help of the online diary Momento app. It serves a variety of functions for you, including keeping track of your tasks at work and in your personal life. Depending on what you wish to journal, Memento offers a variety of templates for you to pick from.

Features Offered By Momento Journaling App

  • Tags, add people, places and explore writing
  • Set Reminders
  • You can import your data from your social media accounts
  • Personalize your settings, customize Actions
  • Share/Backup your written

4. GoodNotes

GoodNotes | Best Journaling AppsLook into GoodNotes if you require more from a journaling system than just text if you are a visual thinker. GoodNotes’ flexibility stands out as a key feature. It’s possible to swiftly take notes using shapes, multiple accent colors, and even your own handwriting.

Some of the best features offered by GoodNotes

  • A digital note-making platform for you to annotate your thoughts.
  • Useful for exam reading to Personal writing.
  • Checkboxes, to-do list maker, and more.
  • You can also add your docs/notes side by side and compare them.
  • A built-in function that will help you study with flashcards


5. Day one

day one app | Best Journaling Apps to use A big free writing area and the possibility to include images in your posts are also aspects of the journaling software diary app Day One. If necessary, you can download a copy of your journal and examine your entries in a calendar format. A free edition and a paid journal version are also available for the Day One journal app.

Features Offered by Day One Journal

  • Gives private access, passcode/biometric lock available
  • You can Mark Day/Date/Year
  • You can revisit the moments
  • No Limit to entering texts – you have all the freedom to write
  • n variety of export selections in the format you need

6. Reflectly

reflectly app | Best Journal Apps to useWith a mood tracker and motivational quotes, Reflectly is an AI-driven journaling app. You can use Reflectly to develop a journaling practice by setting reminders that work with your schedule.

Features of Reflectly

  • An AI-assist Intelligent journaling app
  • It will detect your mood changes
  • Will reflect your mood based on your writings/mood swings on a weekly and monthly basis.

7. Penzu

Penzu App | Journaling apps to useIn that it’s more of a freeform diary app than a structured journal, Penzu and Day One are extremely similar. Over 2 million people utilize it. It can be used for personal diary ideas.

In addition to two priced options, Penzu offers a free plan. Unlimited entries, mobile app access, and simple font options are all included in the journal-free plan. The free plan does, in fact, provide reminders.

Features Offered by Penzu Journaling App

  • Free Online Journaling app with no need for membership
  • Privacy is the key feature
  • Customize your journal the way you want it to be seen
  • Military Grade Security
  • Smart Journal Search
  • Entries, Tags, Background changes, fonts, and more


8. Five-Minute Journal

five minute journal appA popular physical diary served as the inspiration for the Five Minute Journal app. In addition, if you include a picture with your post, you’ll get a daily quotation that you can post on social media. The fundamental components of writing journals are covered by this efficient framework. It’s perfect for novices who are attempting to establish journaling as a regular habit.

Features Offered by Five-Minute Journal

  • Track Your Mood with the words you use
  • Share and add images, dates, tags, and more

9. ClickUp

ClickUp journal appA powerful productivity software called ClickUp allows you to organize all of your tasks, goals, ideas, roadmaps, notes, and even your complete workflow on a single page. ClickUp is brimming with a bevy of simple features to boost your creativity at work and elsewhere, whether you’re new to bullet journaling or just searching for dependable software to consider your personal development.

Features Offered by ClickUp

  • To-do list with – native time tracking
  • Dashboards, mind maps
  • You can even send emails.
  • Kanban Board with Gnatt chart


There are many different apps available, to sum up. Prioritizing the habit-building process is advised since, if you don’t make journaling a regular practice, none of the features will really matter. This article showed the top 9 free journal apps. Free online journals are most common nowadays as people do not have time to keep a handwritten journal. Hence, top journaling apps are mentioned above in this article. Keeping a journal is like keeping a daily diary. People who are interested in keeping a journal can write about personal experiences or blog about trendy topics and so on as there are numerous journal diary ideas.

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