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15 Trending Haircut Styles for Men in 2024 | With Photos

haircut styles for men

Best Haircut Styles for Men 2024: In personal fashion, one’s haircut is very important. Not just cutting off excessive hair but creating a look that complements your style and reflects your personality. Men also have many options, each suiting different face shapes and hairstyles. There is the ideal haircut for you, whether you have a square face with thick, straight hair or round, curly hair. Find out 15 of the best haircut styles for men to suit different face shapes and hairstyles by delving into the world of men’s hair.

mid fade haircut

15 Best Haircut Styles for Men in 2024:

  1. The Classic Crew Cut
  2. Undercut with Textured Top
  3. The Ivy League
  4. High and Tight Fade
  5. Textured Crop
  6. Pompadour
  7. Buzz Cut
  8. Side Burn
  9. Faux Hawk
  10. Long Hairstyle with Layers
  11. Caesar Cut
  12. Slicked Back
  13. Curly Undercut
  14. Mohawks
  15. Taper Fade
  16. Trending Haircut Styles

1. The Classic Crew Cut:

crew cut | haircut styles

From timeless favorites, professional haircuts are a versatile option suitable for different face shapes and hairstyles. It offers a clean, low-maintenance look with short sides up and slightly longer hair that works well for men with round, square faces, and straight or slightly wavy hair

2. Undercut with Textured Top:

undercut | haircut styles for men

An undercut with a textured top is a good choice for those who crave a modern edge. This style has stripped or neatly trimmed sides as opposed to a long textured top. Suitable for men with round, round faces and thick, straight, slightly curly hair.

3. The Ivy League:

ivy league haircut for men

The Ivy League haircut style is a sophisticated yet effortless style, mixing sophistication with a bit of simplicity. It is characterized by short sides and back, with a gradual increase in length towards the top. Ideal for men with round or long faces and straight or wavy hair, it features an appealing classic look with a modern twist.

4. High and Tight Fade:

tight fade haircut styles

The high and bold fade is a bold men’s haircut style that never fails to make a statement. It has neatly curled sides and back, disappearing easily into slightly longer hair on top. This style is a square or diamond face with thick, straight hair.


5. Textured Crop:

textured crop haircutting for men

Perfect for those looking for a casual yet elegant look, the crop label is all about effortless fun. On top of this, the short textured hairstyles have slightly longer sides, creating a balanced image. This haircut helps men with round or heart-shaped faces and nice straight medium hair.

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6. Pompadour:

pompadour haircut styles

The pompadour epitomizes sophistication for the gentleman who loves to command attention. This iconic style boasts a great tone at the top, slicked back and styled for a polished finish. Suitable for men with curly or diamond hair also thick, straight, or wavy.


7. Buzz Cut:

buzz cut hairstyle for men

If simple and practical is what you care about, the buzz cut is the ultimate mess-free option. All heads have equally light hair, require less maintenance, and give a stronger and more confident look. This men’s haircut style suits men with round or square faces and hair types.

8. Side Burn:

side burn haircut styles

Classic yet versatile, the sideburn haircut is a timeless option that never is. There is a distinct hairstyle with slightly longer hairs on one side extending to the other. This style suits men with round or square faces and straight to slightly wavy hair.


9. Faux Hawk:

faux hawk hair styles

For the fun-loving soul who likes to stand out, the fake falcon offers a playful twist on the traditional mohawk. Instead of removing sections of hair, the hair is cut shorter, leaving some long strands down the middle. This style is an oval or diamond-shaped face with thick, straight, curly hair.

10. Long Hairstyle with Layers:

long hair styles

A layered hairstyle maintains a sleek appearance while adding texture and volume for men who want to embrace their long hair. A beautiful appearance that complements a range of face shapes and hair types is created by synthetic textures, which also help to lessen wrinkles and add movement.

11. Caesar Cut:

caesar haircut styles for men

For men with curly hair who want to give their appearance a more contemporary edge, curly undercuts are an elegant choice. Its sides have been neatly trimmed or shaved, allowing the middle of the top’s curly hair to fit. Men with thick, curly hair and round, rounded faces find this haircut appealing.


12. Slicked Back hairstyle:

slicked back | haircut for men

The slicked-back hairstyle effortlessly creates timeless fun with a contemporary twist. To keep the hair nice and fashionable, this entails re-twisting it with the aid of the styling product. This style suits men with round or square faces and straight to wavy hair.

13. Curly Undercut:

curly undercut | hair styles for men

Curly undercuts are a fashionable option for men with Curly hair looking to add a modern edge. It has sides shaved or neatly trimmed leaving curly hair in the middle. This haircut appeals to men with curly hair round faces round heads and thick hair.


14. Mohawks:

mohawks | haircut for men

The Mohawk hairstyle is ideal for those who want to stand out because it is bold and daring. This means shaving the sides of the head, leaving a long dramatic strand of hair in the middle. This style has an oval or diamond-shaped face.

15. Taper Fade haircut styles:

taper fade haircut

Last but not least is the tapered fade cut, adding a modern twist to an already elegant and sleek appearance. The lighter hair flows towards the neck, giving the hair a sleeker and thinner appearance. Men with round faces can wear this hairstyle.

Trending Haircut Styles for Men 2024:

low fade haircut style for men
low fade haircut
mid fade haircut
mid fade haircut
high fade haircut
high fade haircut
ponytail haircut
ponytail haircut
short spike haircut
short spike haircut


Your hairstyle, more than a ritual, reflects your personality and style. By choosing a hairstyle that complements your face shape and hair type, you can achieve your best skin tone and boost your confidence in all aspects of your life. There’s the perfect haircut out there for you. Whether you’re into a classic crew cut or an outrageous mohawk. Therefore don’t hesitate to experiment with different haircut styles to find the one that reflects your personality best.


  1. These haircuts look good on what face types?

Oval, round, square, rectangular, diamond, and heart-shaped faces can all be shaped to fit these haircuts.

  1. Which hair types complement these haircuts?

These haircuts, which come in straight, wavy, curly, thick, fine, and medium-textured hair, are made to go well with a variety of hair types.

  1. How can I tell what shape my face is?

Measure your forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and the length of your face to determine your facial shape. Rectangle faces are longer than wide, diamond faces have narrow foreheads and pointed chins, heart-shaped faces, and round faces with softer angles. Square faces also have robust, angular features.

  1. Which haircut style looks the most classic and timeless?

The Classic Crew Cut is perfect for a timeless, low-maintenance appearance for oval or square faces and straight or slightly wavy hair.

  1. Best haircut suited for men with thick hair?

Men with thick, straight, or slightly curly hair love the Undercut with Textured Top’s contemporary edge, shaved sides, and textured top.

  1. Which hairstyle is best for men with long hair?

Yes, the Long Hairstyle with Layers gives long hair texture and dimension, making it appropriate for various face types and hair types.

  1. I favor looks that are polished and sleek. Should I get a particular haircut?

With a sleek, polished finish, the Slicked Back hairstyle is appropriate for straight to wavy hair and oval or rectangular faces.

  1. Which haircut styles suit curly hair?

For men with curly hair, the Curly Undercut offers a modern edge. It is appropriate for oval or round faces and has shaved sides and curved tops.

  1. Which haircut style looks the most daring and bold?

The Mohawk haircut is a bold choice with shaved sides and longer hair down the center for faces with oval or diamond-shaped faces and thick, straight, or curly hair.

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