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Top Trimmer Brands in India for Men | Trimmer Price | Types & More

Best Trimmers for Men

Men’s trimmers for beards are an easy and affordable way to maintain grooming and the desired appearance without having to frequent the salon frequently. You may maintain your appearance the way you prefer it, whether it be your haircut or your well-groomed beard. We have produced a list where you can select the one from in the comprehensive guide to know about the best trimmers for men, company names & prices.

To choose the finest trimmer for men in 2024, several factors need to be considered as you shop.  Most of you might be looking for a multipurpose trimmer; which can act as a nose trimmer and facial trimmer at the same time. Similarly here are a few things that you should carry the knowledge of as you buy.

Factors To Consider While Buying a Trimmer

1. Type of Trimmer

  • Corded or Cordless: Cordless trimmers offer more flexibility and mobility, while corded trimmers provide constant power. Choose based on your preference and usage scenarios.

2. Trimmer Length Selection

You may trim your beard to a variety of lengths with the majority of trimmers since they have attachable combs with widths ranging from 0.2mm to 30mm. Some feature built-in combs that can be adjusted using a wheel or touchscreen.

3. Accessories

Some trimmers will have extra accessories to make shaving more convenient. To make the most of your package, see what extra is on sale when you buy, such as extra precision blades, travel and storing cases, or even beard oil.

4. Battery Life of Trimmers

If you prefer to spend a lot of time in the morning grooming your beard, you’ll need a powerful battery to maintain pace with your meticulous shaving regimen. The products on this list have a battery life of 50 minutes to three hours, so you should be able to use them for several shaves. Usually, it takes us 25 minutes to shape our facial hair.

Battery life is such a thing, but you should also consider how long it takes to recharge to 100%. For a supercapacitor (in the event of a hair crisis) the trimmers on this listing can take anything from one minute to an hour.

5. Blade Type

  • Material: Make sure the trimmer for the beard contains Stainless steel blades that are durable and resistant to corrosion. Titanium blades are even more robust and tend to stay sharp. So,
  • Adjustable Blades: If you are looking body hair trimmer then always go with adjustable blade settings to achieve different cutting lengths.

6. Trimmer Price

Determine your budget and look for trimmers that offer the best features within that price range.

7. Trimmer Brand & Reviews

Consider reputable brands like Panasonic & Philips trimmers; with a history of producing quality grooming products. Read customer reviews to get an idea of real-world performance and satisfaction with the trimmer machine.

Types of Trimmers for Men

  1. Beard Trimmers: Designed specifically for maintaining and shaping facial hair, including beards and mustaches.
  2. Hair Clippers: Typically used for cutting and styling head hair. They come with various length attachments for different haircuts.
  3. Body Hair Trimmers: Specialized for grooming body hair, including chest, back, and other areas.
  4. Nose and Ear Hair Trimmers: Compact trimmers are designed for safely and comfortably trimming nose and ear hair.
  5. All-in-One Trimmers: Versatile grooming tools that often include attachments for beard trimming, hair cutting, body grooming, and detailing.
  6. Detail Trimmers: Small, precise trimmers for detailed work, such as shaping sideburns, outlining the beard, or grooming eyebrows.
  7. Mustache Trimmers: Compact trimmers are specifically tailored for trimming and shaping mustaches.
  8. Stubble Trimmers: Designed to maintain a short, stubble look with adjustable length settings.
  9. Corded and Cordless Trimmers: Trimmers can be categorized based on their power source, with corded versions requiring an electrical outlet and cordless versions operating on rechargeable batteries.
  10. Precision Trimmers: Ultra-fine trimmers for precision grooming are often used for creating precise lines and intricate designs.

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Price List of Best Trimmer Brands in India – 2024

Best Trimmers for MenStarting Price
Philips Trimmer₹700/-
Panasonic Trimmer₹1000/-
Xiaomi Trimmer₹1100/-
Ustraa Chrome Beard Trimmer₹2000/-
Havells Trimmer₹1500/-
Realme Trimmer₹799/-
Bombay Shaving Company Trimmer₹900/-

List of Top Trimmer Brands in India for Men

1. Philips Beard Trimmer – Best Trimmer Brand in India

Philips Beard TrimmerThis shaver is your best option if you like to buy from well-known, reputable manufacturers. To maintain the product’s effectiveness for a longer period, the trimmer has self-sharpening blades. If you’re seeking a dependable men’s trimmer, this device is your best option because it has outstanding backup batteries and USB charging making some models the best trimmer of Philips. The Philips electric shaver is not only dependable, but it’s also a hassle-free tool.

Categories in Beard Shaver for Men Offered by Philips

Philips Grooming Category for Men
Face Shavers
OneBlade – Shape, trim, and shave
Beard Trimmers and Grooming Kits
Hair Clippers
Body Groomers

2. Panasonic – Best Hair Trimmer for Men

Panasonic Hair TrimmerThis is the best trimmer for men with superb features and a reasonable price. This tool features a quick-adjust dial with 12 settings that deliver great performance and superb grooming. The item allows for both corded and cordless use. Japanese engineering is used in the Panasonic ER307.

Grooming Category Offered by Panasonic

Beauty Care By Panasonic for Men
Hair Dryers

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3. Xiaomi MI Beard Trimmer

Xiaomi MI Beard TrimmerXiaomi is a reputable company with a reputation for producing high-end goods with beautiful designs. The brand’s prior trimmer was well-liked and well-reviewed by its target market. An improvement over the original MI Beard Trimmer, the Xiaomi MI Facial Hair Cutter has USB charging and an LED indicator. This men’s trimmer is a potent tool with a traveling lock, steel razors, and up to 40-length options.

Hygiene Product Category by Xiaomi India

Grooming Products by Xiaomi


4. Ustraa Chrome Beard Trimmer – Best Timmer for Men in India

Ustraa Chrome Beard TrimmerA company called Ustraa that caters to men’s grooming requirements has developed its high-end, much-discussed trimmer. The Ustraa Silver Beard Razor for Men is a dependable and fashionable addition to your grooming regimen, with a trendy design, a 600 mAh battery, and quick charging. This trimmer’s titanium-coated blades provide precision cutting. This tool is among the greatest men’s trimmers thanks to the LCD battery indication, cordless operation, and three different comb sizes.

Grooming Products Offered by Ustraa

Grooming Products by Ustraa
Beard Oil
Beard Trimmer
Hair Styling

5. Havells Fast-Charging Trimmer – The Beard Machine

Havells Fast-Charging Trimmer (1)Additionally, this device has a lengthy battery life and has typical functions. According to claims, the battery has a two-hour runtime on a full charge. The male Havells BT9010 trimmer features titanium blades, 20 various length settings, and broader facial coverage. The company makes a number of the best trimmers for men, and this is among their most excellent products.

Grooming Products Offered by Havells

Grooming Products by Havells
Men’s Grooming
Women’s Grooming
Skin Care

6. Realme – Best Beard Trimmer for Men

Realme Beard TrimmerThe Realme electric shaver is the newest item in the category of men’s trimmers. The device, which resembles the Mi Electric Razor nearly exactly, has quickly gained popularity. This trimmer has become quite popular due to its excellent design, waterproof function, low noise level, and long runtime.

Grooming Products Offered by Realme

Grooming Products by Realme
Men’s Grooming
Women’s Grooming

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7. Bombay Shaving Company – Best Beard Trimmer for Men

Bombay Shaving Company Trimmer

Bombay Shaving Company Trimmers are known for their precision and performance. With durable stainless steel blades and versatile length settings, they offer a comfortable grooming experience. The design and thoughtful features make them a popular choice for those seeking quality and style in their grooming routine.

Frequently Asked Questions on Trimmers for Men

1. Which type of Trimmer gives a Clean Shave?

Use a traditional razor or an electric foil shave as it cuts hair close to the skin and gives a smooth finish.

2. Which type of trimmer blade is used for Groin?

When you are using a trimmer for the groin area it’s recommended to use a trimmer with a hypoallergenic blade or a blade specifically designed for sensitive skin.

3. How much would a Trimmer Kit cost in India?

The average price of a good trimmer kit for men would start at Rs.2000/-.

4. Which type of blade is best for trimming hair?

Durable and resistant to corrosion, providing clean and precise cut electric trimmers. Which have Cartridge Razors for smooth shaving, and it’s recommended to have adjustable hypoallergenic Blades so that they don’t harm your skin and give smooth finish.

5. How many times a trimmer blade can be used?

With proper care, regular cleaning, and occasional lubrication, trimmer blades can last for a long time. You can replace them once they stop to give the desired cutting or the edges have flattened. And it also depends on the model/trimmer brand you are using.

6. Which is the best body trimmer for Men?

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series is known for versatility and precision and is recommended highly in the list of body trimmers.

7. What is the must-look-for feature in any Trimmer brand?

Always look for these four features in any trimmer brand – blade quality, performance, durability, and replaceable blades.

8. What does an All-in-One Trimmer Contain?

All-in-One Trimmer typically includes a variety of grooming attachments –  Trimmer Heads, body grooming attachments, cleaning accessories, travel case, water-resistant features, and lubrication oil.

9. What are the 3 types of trimmers used by Men?

Mustache, beard, and All-in-one trimmers are the three main types mostly used by men.

10. Why is a trimmer line important to check?

To maintain the effectiveness and longevity of your trimmer, it’s advisable to regularly inspect the trimmer line, and replace it when necessary.

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Best trimmers for men in India have developed into an essential grooming tool. Businesses have responded by developing innovative versions with distinctive functions and aesthetics. The ideal best trimmer for men, for the customer’s needs and budget, is now available.

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