Top 7 Apps to Earn Money by Listening To Music in India 2024

Nothing is more relaxing and rejuvenating than listening to your favorite songs. Music has the power to calm you down when you’re out of energy. It can change the mood of a person at a glance. What if we say you can get paid for listening to music? Yes, now you can earn money online by listening to music. In this post, we’ll disclose some of the sites and best apps that pay for listening to music that you can register to and start earning.

How to Earn Money Online By Listening to Music?

Very simple! You’ve to download any music application, listed below, and start making your playlist. You can also complete the survey and review any song to get paid from these sites. Moreover, users of these music apps also get paid by listening to the music online of new artists. They can also review their songs and get paid to listen to music.

Top 7 Apps to Earn Money by Listening to Music

Apps to Earn Money by Music

Play store Ratings

App Store Ratings

Spotify ★4.4 ★4.8
Kuku FM ★4.8
Playlist Push Website Only Website Only
Indian Music Player ★4
Make Money ★4.4
Givy Radios ★4.6
Renaissance ★3.3 ★4.1

Here are some of the most popular music applications and websites that pay you to listen to music online.

1. Spotify

Earn money with Spotify

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Yes, now you can make money using Spotify by listening to music and creating a playlist. Generate a passive income of 10K to 8oK minimum with your Spotify playlist. By creating a soothing and impactful playlist you can make easy money with the selected music. Follow these steps to earn money from Spotify,

  • Create a unique playlist with a minimum of 200+ songs with the right genres.
  • Now create an account with music
  • Apply your playlist link on the website.
  • The website will review your playlist and according to your songs list you will get paid.

Well with music even earning online got easier. Well try for yourself and make money by selling Spotify playlists.

2. Kuku FM – Best Music-earning app in India to earn free money

Kuku FM - Best Music earning app in India to earn free money

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India’s largest audiobook platform is Kuku FM. With this huge platform, listeners may also earn money from music, story audiobooks, and Business Research Kuku FM. Here listeners only need to advise radio stations about what music genres they have to play. The users must complete the survey and listen to a music sample. Amazon Gift Card will be the right option to redeem your profits.

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3. Playlist Push – Best Music Site to earn free money 

Isn’t it amazing to get paid while reviewing and listening to the songs? If you also looking for some music apps which allow you to make money by listening to music online, Playlist Push is the best app. The idea behind paying by listening to the music is to promote young talent and emerging artists.

This application pays the users for listening to and reviewing songs about young talents. But you have to qualify to make money by listening to music. The individual must be the owner of any of these music playlists such as YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. This app offers $12 for every song you listen to, and payment will be made to your bank account.

4. Indian Music Player – Best Money Earning app via Music

Indian Music Player - Best Money Earning app via Music

The best MP3 music player app that supports all format types. You can play games listen to music and earn money through streaming without any interruption. You can withdraw reward coins in the form of cash, you can even refer your friends and earn instant cash. Also on sign up, you will bonus rewards of Rs. 50/-.

5. Make Money: Stream Music and Earn Money Indian App

Make Money| Stream Music and Earn Money Indian App

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Do you want to earn money by listening to music online? Download the Make Money application and start earning money online. You can get so many unfilled rewards, PayPal cashouts, and gift cards on every game played/ music streamed. It is one of the best Indian music apps to earn money.

6. Givy Radios: Listen and Earn

Givy Radios, listen, and Earn

APK Download

You can make real money by listening to your favorite radio stations. Yes, this app is a whole best listen-to-music and earn-money app in India 2024. You can also through referring, get to withdraw real money through this music app.

7. Renaissance: Listen to Music and Earn Money app in India

Renaissance | Listen to Music and Earn money app in India

APK Download IOS Download

Renaissance app connects to your streaming service and tracks your streams in the background. Create your favorite playlist and listen to your favorite artist. Compete to be the top fan on our leaderboard! and earn amazing rewards just by listening to music.


Bottom Line

Summing up, here are some exclusive apps where you get paid for listening to music. What you’re waiting for? Download the app, listen to the music, and make money. If you want to maximize your passive earnings, you can install multiple apps and earn extra cash. Remember that you can use these apps to earn extra income, not for permanent.

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