Top Apps to Earn Money by Listening To Music

Nothing is more relaxing and rejuvenating than listening to your favorite songs. Music has the power to calm you down when you’re out of energy. It can change the mood of a person at a glance.  What if we say you can make dollars only by listening to music online?

Believe it or not, now you can earn extra cash by listening to music only. In this post, we’ll disclose some of the best apps anyone can install to get paid while listening to music. So, stay tuned and dig in.

How to Earn Money Online By Listening to Music?

Very simple! You’ve to download any application, listen below, and start making your playlist. You can also complete the survey and review any song to get paid from these sites. Moreover, users of these apps also get paid by listening to the music online of new artists. They can also review their songs and get paid to listen to music.

Top 7 Apps to Earn Money by Listening to Music

Here are some of the most popular music applications which pay you by listening to music online.

1. Music Xray – Free App to earn money online from music listening

This music portal is also known by the name Music Xray. This will allow musicians to contribute or share their tunes and get payment in return for sharing tunes. This is one of the reputable sites which will allow young talent scouts with artists to share their hidden talent. By uploading their tracks to the site the musicians can gain followers and also pay a specific amount for marketing to grow their fan following.

Users can download this application and sign up directly. Listen to the songs of your choice and get paid in return. However, this application pays only through PayPal. The website pays 10 cents to listen to the song, and each song is 30 seconds long.

2. Playlist Push – Best app to earn free money 

Isn’t it amazing to get paid while reviewing and listening to the songs? If you also looking for some music apps which allow you to make money by listening to music online, Playlist Push is the best app. The idea behind paying by listening to the music is to promote young talent and emerging artists.

This application pays the users for listening to and reviewing songs about young talents. But you have to qualify in order to make money by listening to music. The individual must need to be the owner of any of these music playlists such as YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. This app offers $12 for every song you listen to, and payment will be made in your bank account.

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3. Kuku FM – Music earning using a free app 

Music listeners may also earn money from music research and Business Research Kuku FM. Here listeners only need to advise radio stations about what music genres they have to play. The users must complete the survey and listen to a music sample. Amazon Gift Card will be the right option to redeem your profits.

4. Radio Earn – Top App to Earn Money by Listening To Music

A radio station and application are both called RadioEarn. It costs nothing to join. You may tune in to the radio after your account has been created on their website. Every 15 minutes, you accrue points that may be exchanged for money or gift cards.

To make money, you may put this radio hyperlink on your site or social network profiles whenever someone clicks on the link to the radio station. Your profits may be cashed out via Bitcoin, Amazon Gift Cards, or wire transfers from your bank (BTC). These credits will be transformed into USD starting with the subsequent month.

5. Current Reward Music App

Do you want to earn money by listening to music online? Download the Current Reward application and start earning money online. You may earn at least $600 in money or gift cards each year just for using the Current Rewards music app. You’ll accumulate points as you tune into the radio stations of your choice, which range from hip-hop to country. Of course, your earnings will increase as you listen more.

And unlike streaming services like Pandora and Spotify, Current doesn’t charge you anything to listen to music that has been carefully chosen for you.

Even tracks from the station can be “recorded” for offline listening. That’s especially entertaining for those of us “older Millennials” who recall recording music off the radio in the past.

6. Slicethepie – Free app to Earn Money by Listening To Music

One of the most popular paid review websites online is Slicethepie. Slicethepie can be one of the finest methods to earn additional money if you enjoy expressing your musical ideas. Relax, turn the music on, and then post reviews about the song.

The caliber of the review and the type of music determine how much you’ll get paid. However, the standard compensation for each review is 0.10 cents. You can also transfer the earned money to your PayPal account.

7. HitPredictor 

Do you ever fantasize about earning money by listening to music online?  With the help of HitPredictor, a performance appraisal platform that compiles customer feedback on new songs, you can now make this fantasy a reality.

You may select the music you want to listen to when you join up. Next, you’ll rate the music you’ve just listened to. HitPredictor offers prizes in the same manner as many of the music websites on our list. Each song you rate will get you three points, which you can use to enter lotteries for Amazon gift cards.

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Bottom Line

Summing up, here are some exclusive apps with which you can earn extra cash only by listening to music. What you’re waiting for? Download the app, listen to the music and make money. If you want to maximize your passive earnings, you can install multiple apps and earn extra cash. Remember that you can use these apps to earn extra income, not for permanent.

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