Top 5 Places In India To Go For Road Trips.

Best 5 road trips in India

If you are crazy and in 20’s and planning for a road trip with your friend since eternity then stop right here. And we will give you all the reasons to implement this plan. And trust me after reading this you are going to drag your friends for the road trip. So, we are here with a list of top ten places where you can go for a road trip:-

1.Mumbai- Pune express highway

If you are residing in Mumbai or Pune or somewhere around there and don’t have a plan for this weekend. Then go pack your backpack, take a bike and go for a road trip in Mumbai-Pune highway to Lonavala. The nature that is surrounding is something which will force you to take a lot of pictures.Mumbai pune highway

Condition for the trip

It’s 93 km long expressway. This is considered as the best road trip in India. Two wheelers for Mumbai-Pune highway and for car or bus for Mumbai-Pune expressway is the best option. Few really good dhabas are there to serve you the best food.

2.Manali – Leh Highway

If you really want to know what is nature’s beauty then go for this road trip. Take a jeep or bullet and go for it guys. Imagine Kareena Kapoor Khan in jab we met and the scenari, still you have doubt about it?

Manali Leh highway

Condition for the trip

Total length is 479 km. The mean of altitude is 3 to 4 km above the level of the sea. This road is only open for 5 months in a year mostly summer.

3. Shimla-Manali via Mandi

No ideas where to spend this summer then go for a road trip to Shimla-Manali via Mandi. Sart exploring the incredibility of nature and of India. This is the best holiday to spend in Himachal.

Shimla Manali Via Mandi View

Condition for the trip

This will be around 250 km long trip with full of natural view and refreshes you in every moment.

4.Chennai-Pondicherry via East Coast Road

If you are a bike-lover and want to take a road trip with the bike then this is best for you. The reflection of a sun in the water changes according to the advances of the day. And it gives you enormous satisfaction and it may leave you to spend some time with yourself.

Condition for the road trip

It is almost 160 km long and the journey takes 3 hours. This journey will also take you to Mahabalipuram a world famous heritage site, Marakkanam, Mudaliarkuppam, Edaikazhinadu and kalpakkam.

5.Visakhapatnam – Araku Valley

What could be more beautiful than looking at the meeting of the Bay of Bengal and Eastern Ghats? Anyone can get mesmerized by the sites of this place. If you take this trip the beauty of nature will be something you will hold for a lifetime in your heart.

Vishakapatnam Araku valley Condition for the road trip

This trip will be around 116 km long. There are few places like Tatipudi Reservoir and Bora Caves. The best time for this trip is March and October.

These are the few trips you should go for this year and get a package of memories for the lifetime.


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