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Road trips that you could take in India

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time spent working in an office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountains”- Jack Kerouac

Have you ever had a dream to go on a road trip with your friends? But why a road trip? May be because you get to have lots of time with your friends in a car or bike with the speed of those tempting road that reaches to the destination you always wanted to be at. From various movies to online series, the road trip is the thing that everyone desires as far as a travel freak is concerned. With massive destinations to visit, India is the country full of diverse places to make your road trip as memorable and wonderful as in your fantasy.
Why waiting for the perfect time and place to be on a road trip with your loved ones when you can have it anytime and anywhere you want to. So, let us have a look at some of the various roadways where you can travel and create wonderful memories of your lifetime. Here are some of the insights from our side, that comes to your rescue whenever you are planning for a random road trip.

1. Mumbai to Goa

With the beauty of Western Ghats, you can experience the amazing mysteries of nature in the roadways of Mumbai to Goa. What makes the road trip of this route pleasurable is the different sceneries to get to see from the wonderful greenery of nature to cozy waterfalls. To can also visit different places within the route like Pune, Lonavala, and Kohlapur.

2. Delhi to Agra

To drive freely and safely, all you have to go is to Yamuna Expressway and there starts your journey from Delhi to Agra. Throughout the way, you will get come across various rocky roads and area covered with farms. Even though the highway has no dhabas, unfortunate, but the small highway is the best side to have short road trips with your friends on weekends.

3. Ahmedabad to Kutch

From the lights and crowd of the city in Ahmedabad to the calmness of Kutch, the road trip is something you will always remember as the best of your life. The way from Ahmedabad to Kutch would be so simplistic and at the same time magnificent that you will enjoy every moment of it.

4. Manali to Ladakh

If you are crazy about being on the difficult roads of the country, Manali to Ladakh would be the thing you were always looking for. The highway full of amazingly beautiful scenery and diverse ecosystem of hilly areas, you will get to have different experiences of being on the Himalayas. The best way to enjoy your road trip to the fullest would be through bike rides. This is the road trip that every freak traveler dream about.

5. Chennai to Pondicherry

To enjoy the different shades of greenery in mountains, seaside and farms, the route between Chennai and Pondicherry if full the diversified ecosystem. The highway would be enough to refresh your mood after the week of your stressful life. The distance you would cover is covered with various stop point to create more memories of being in such a splendid road trip.
After talking about such spectacular routes to be on a road trip with your friends and family, what are you waiting for? Just take out your bike or car and enjoy the real beauty of being on the road trip.

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