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Bali Tourist Visa for Indians

Bali Tourist Visa for Indians: One of the westernmost Lesser Sunda Islands is Bali, a region of Indonesia. Bali and a few other lesser neighboring islands, including Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan to the southeast, are included in the province, which is located between Java and Lombok on the Indonesian island chain. Denpasar, the provincial capital, is the second-largest metropolis in Eastern Indonesia after Makassar and the most populous city in the Lesser Sunda Islands. Bali, known as the “Island of the Gods,” stakes a strong claim to be paradise on earth with its diverse landscape of hills and mountains, rocky coastlines and sandy beaches, lush rice terraces, and volcanic hillsides all providing a picturesque backdrop to its vibrant, intensely spiritual, and distinctive culture. One of the most popular and reasonably priced foreign travel destinations among Indian tourists is Bali. Although Bali is a year-round destination and has a pleasant climate all year long, the best time to come is from April to October, when it’s warmest there. Due to its crystal-clear seas, Bali is a fantastic vacation spot for surfers and divers.

Reasons why people should visit Bali

Bali and its surroundings are filled with unadulterated grandeur. The island is home to numerous magnificent volcanoes, crystal-clear beaches, world-class diving, a variety of nightlife options, famous rice fields, and stunning waterfalls. The entire island, as well as the neighboring Lombok and Java islands, offer breathtaking hiking opportunities. Also well-known is its reputation as a surfing haven. In Bali, the inquisitive are kept happy by temples, gardens, Old World monkeys, and surfing beaches. In Bali, it’s an unwritten law that wherever there are famous old Hindu temples and gorgeous tropical scenery, there will inevitably be a stampede of visitors.

Let’s Know about Bali Tourist Visa for Indians

Why do Indians prefer Bali?

Australians frequently travel to Bali, making it well-known that Australians consider Bali to be their second home. However, in modern times, Chinese and Indians also make Bali their first holiday destination. We also cater to Indian tourists for Bali rafting excursions, marine sports, and other trip activities. As a result, we are aware of what influences Indian tourists’ first-choice holiday destination to be Bali. Indians find it simple to adjust to Bali’s climate because it is frequently warm and humid with beautiful sunset views. Bali is regarded as one of the world’s most exotic vacation destinations and is also among the most reasonably priced. Accessibility is another reason why Indians adore it. Bali, a region in Southeast Asia in the nation of Indonesia, attracts about 2 lakh Indian tourists yearly because of its exotic temples, lovely beaches, volcanic peaks, and palaces amidst breathtaking scenery.

Do Indians need a visa for Bali?

Bali, a charming province of Indonesia, has long been a well-liked tourist location for Indians. Each year, thousands of people travel to Bali to enjoy the natural beauty and clean air while getting away from their busy everyday lives.

Most of us find that the prerequisite for a visa when traveling abroad is our main source of worry. However, you’ll be relieved to learn that Indian visitors to Bali who stay for fewer than 30 days are not required to obtain a passport. All you need to do is obtain a stamp from the customs desk indicating your visa is not required, and you can do this for free. When entering Indonesia, be careful to apply for a visa on arrival if you intend to stay for longer than 30 days. To 169 countries, including India, Indonesia provides complimentary Bali visas.

Many vacationers reportedly return to Bali time and time again because it is such a stunning place. You should learn more about the Indian visa requirements for Indonesia if you plan to travel to Bali:

  • Your nation of citizenship
  • The reason for your stay
  • The length of your vacation in Bali.

The Indonesian Consulate will decide which kind of passport you require and whether you must obtain a visa before entering based on these three criteria.

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Types of Bali Visa for Indians

Depending on your needs, there are various permits you can obtain for a trip to Bali, including:

  • Short-stay visa- Short-term visas are offered at the customs station in the airport. With this passport, you may remain in Bali for 30 days. However, if you are an Indian and plan to travel for less than 30 days, you are eligible for visa-free entry. This kind of visa does not permit holders to engage in any paid job while inside the nation.
  • Bali Tourist Visa – If you plan to remain in Bali for 30–60 days, you will need a tourist visa. When your initial 60 days are up, you can pay a fee to renew your visa, which you can obtain when you land in Bali. This kind of visa requires a payment of Rs 2400 per visitor.
  • Cultural or Social Visit/Visa – The Social and Cultural Visa B-211 allows you to remain in Indonesia for 60 days to conduct official government business, engage in journalistic endeavors like producing videos and films, travel, and pay family visits. You can take part in artistic events. Because it is not limited to only tourist activities, this passport differs from the tourist visa. You will, however, require a sponsor declaration from an Indonesian national residing in the nation. For a cost of 5,313 Indonesian Rupiah(Rs 28.57), you can also speak to an agent. For a Social Visa, you must also pay a consular visa fee of 3,542 Indonesian Rupiah(Rs 19.05).
  • Long-stay visa: Those who intend to remain in the nation for longer than 60 days need this sort of visa. Since a tourist may only remain in Indonesia for a total of 60 days, you must contact the immigration services for this visa.

Documents needed for Visa on arrival in Bali

  • A passport is good for six months after the conclusion of the trip
  • Two printouts of the visa application
  • Two photographs of the candidate that are the size of a passport and have a matte finish and a white backdrop.
  • Reservations for flights as well as documentation of accommodation in Indonesia.
  • The schedule of the traveler.
  • The most recent Form 16 or three years’ worth of tax return submission records for the person.
  • The latest six-month bank account statement of the person. The account needs to have at least Rs.7806.55 per day, according to the Indonesian customs and visa office.
  • Salary papers for three months.
  • Providing proof of retirement, such as a pension certificate, is required if the applicant is retired.
  • A No Objection Certificate (NOC) from a minor’s parents or legal guardian may be needed if they are traveling alone and are under the age of 18.

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Visa Type Fees(in rupees)
Tourist Visa(under 30 days) NA
Tourist Visa(over 30 days) Rs2400 for extension, Rs4213 at immigration hall, Rs1817 if done through an agent.
Social/Cultural Visa Rs 4216 for visa and each extension(maximum up to 4 times), Rs1817 if done through an agent.
Business Rs.2900

Visa Processing Time

If you need to obtain a tourist visa for a stay of more than 30 days, it will take 2 to 15 days.

Covid-19 Restrictions

During the pandemic, Indonesia also barred travelers from entering the nation and closed its borders to outsiders. However, things have somewhat calmed down as fewer COVID-19 instances have been reported. But it’s also critical to remember that laws may occasionally change, so it’s always a good idea to verify the most recent regulations before departing for Indonesia.

All foreign visitors to Indonesia as of February 2023 must have gotten a COVID-19 vaccination at least 14 days before arrival, according to Indonesian law. No matter their nationality, all travelers who are 18 years of age or older must comply with this prerequisite.

  • When arriving in Denpasar via a foreign flight, no quarantine booking and no PCR test are required.
  • When you land in Indonesia, you are no longer required to present official insurance paper proof of COVID coverage.
  • Bring paper-based evidence. Unfortunately, you are presently unable to enter Indonesia without a vaccination, though there are discussions about changing this.
  • Children under the age of 18 are permitted entry without a vaccination record but must journey with a parent or legal guardian who complies with all requirements.

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Travel Insurance

For your trip to Bali, you must have thorough travel insurance Bali coverage that will assist you in times of need and in case of emergencies, such as lost passports, lost luggage, delays with your luggage, medical emergencies, and more.

Your travel insurance policy must protect you from a variety of unpredictable occurrences, including personal liability, medical emergencies, airline cancellations, delays, passport loss, and baggage loss or delay. Make sure your travel insurance plan offers complete protection against COVID-19 emergencies because the COVID-19 pandemic has already resulted in many travel restrictions being put in place. Although travel insurance is not compulsory, you shouldn’t be caught off guard in the event of an emergency that could cost you a lot of money.

The following nationalities DO NOT NEED A VISA (VISA-FREE entry )

Brunei Philippines
Cambodia Singapore
Malaysia Thailand
Laos Vietnam

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Frequently asked questions

  1. Do we need to bring our passports with us to Bali from India?

Answer- Yes, you need a passport to enter Bali because it is a very famous tourist destination and an international border. Additionally, your passport needs to have at least 5–6 blank pages and be valid for at least 6 months beyond the length of time you plan to remain. You won’t be allowed to travel to Bali, Indonesia if your passport doesn’t satisfy these requirements.

  2. Visas for Bali are required for Indians?

Answer- Yes, you must obtain a 30-day on-arrival visa before traveling to Bali. You will require a passport, a reservation at a resort, a bank account, airline tickets, and proof of vaccination before you can obtain a visa at the Bali airport. You must pay additional fees if you want to prolong your stay.

  3. When Is the Best Time to Visit Bali?

Answer- Bali can be visited year-round, except the rainy season, which can be a real mess and prevent you from seeing everything at its finest. May through September are the best months to explore the “Land of Gods,” with August being the driest month. Exploring Bali’s tropical side and engaging in activities like snorkeling and swimming are ideal during these months.

  4. How long should I stay in Bali?

Answer- To truly appreciate your trip to Bali, stay there for at least 6 to 10 days. Bali has a lot to offer visitors.

  5. How much cash should I bring to Bali?

Answer- You will need to bring cash with you because the majority of Bali trip packages include your stay and breakfast. For a wonderful 6–8-day vacation, 100–150 USD per day in Bali is more than enough.

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