Top 12 Free Karaoke Apps (Android and iOS)

Top 12 Free Karaoke Apps Android and iOS

With the best 10 free karaoke apps available for both Android and iPhone, you can unleash your inner star and enrich your musical journey. With these unique free singing apps, you may immerse yourself in a world of melodious enjoyment and showcase your singing prowess. These applications provide the best karaoke experience, allowing you to shine and sing your heart out whether you’re a shower singer or a stage performer. Transform your device into a virtual studio where your favorite music serves as your canvas and your voice is the star. These free karaoke applications reinvent the singing app scene with a harmonious blend of technology and enjoyment, delivering a symphony of delight and a platform for your karaoke singing goals.

List of 12 Best Free Karaoke Singing Apps

1. Karaoke By Yokee Music

Karaoke | Best Karaoke Apps to Sing

Discover your inner singer with Karaoke By Yokee Music, one of the best free karaoke apps. Free karaoke apps like this are the best as they contain a wide range of songs. You can choose songs from a variety of genres with Karaoke By Yokee Music’s user-friendly interface and unique design, which provides an amazing experience.  With the Karaoke app, you can choose from a vast selection of songs. Simply select a song, sing along to the lyrics displayed on the screen, and let your voice take the lead.

2. Sing! By Smule

List of Best Singing Apps for Android & iOS

One of the best free karaoke singing apps is Sing! By Smule, which provides a very good platform for music lovers to showcase their singing talent. Music lovers of all tastes will find something they like in Sing! Smule’s collection of songs is vast and constantly growing as the finest karaoke app. Its unique features, such as vocal effects and pitch correction, improve your singing ability while also making it a versatile karaoke downloading tool that enhances the overall look of your performances. 

Sing! by Smule transforms singing into a social activity in which users may connect, exchange ideas, and share their love of music for free with other singers all over the world.  Sing! By Smule allows you to explore the world of symmetrical melodies and fascinating duets right at your fingertips.

3. WeSing by Tencent Music 

Best Karaoke Singing apps to download

One of the best free karaoke singing apps available is WeSing by Tencent Music, which provides a fantastic platform for music lovers to showcase their vocal prowess. WeSing, one of the top karaoke apps, offers a simple user interface and a large song library so users may sing along to their favorite songs.

WeSing transforms into a karaoke downloader program if the option to download songs is selected, providing offline access to a wide variety of songs. Users have access to a wide range of genres, from contemporary songs to timeless classics, and can even duet with pals in real-time. WeSing by Tencent Music accommodates all your needs, whether you want to record and share your performances or just enjoy a fun karaoke session.

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4. Voloco

List of Best Singing Apps to Download for Android & iOS

Your ideal partner for producing and improving your musical renditions is Voloco, a standout among free karaoke singing apps. Voloco makes your voice sound flawlessly professional by fusing auto-tuning and real-time vocal processing in a novel way. You can choose from a large library of tracks, and you can improve your voice with professional-level harmonies and effects. Your smartphone can quickly become an adaptable karaoke music app with a few simple auto-tuning level tweaks.

For aspiring singers and music fans who wish to demonstrate their talent and produce unforgettable performances, this user-friendly karaoke software is ideal. Voloco gives aspiring singers and music fans a dynamic karaoke experience with its seamless integration and user-friendly design.

5. The Voice – Sing Karaoke

Bes Karaoke Singings apps to download

As one of the best free karaoke singing apps, “The Voice – Sing Karaoke” provides a vibrant stage for music lovers to display their vocal prowess. This karaoke music app offers a sizable song selection and puts a realistic singing experience at your fingers. It’s a great songs karaoke app for vocalists of all desires because users may select from a broad choice of music from various genres and times.

The “The Voice – Sing Karaoke” software allows you to choose a song from a huge selection, and it will then lead you through the lyrics and cue you when to sing. The app uses state-of-the-art audio processing technology to enhance your singing while providing fast feedback.


6. Backtrackit

Best Karaoke Singing Apps to Download for Free

With its innovative features, the outstanding free karaoke singing app Backtrackit revolutionizes your musical experience and is also available in both Playstore and Appstore. You may hone your singing skills with the aid of this karaoke app by singing along to your favorite songs and creating original karaoke versions.

Backtrackit provides a pleasant experience with its user-friendly interface, allowing you to quickly import songs from your music library and change the pitch, tempo, and key to suit your voice range. You may improve your performance, add effects, and even record your interpretations using this karaoke music application. For karaoke enthusiasts and aspiring singers alike, Backtrackit opens up a world of artistic possibilities, making it an essential tool whether you’re practicing, performing, or just having fun.

7. Karaoke Anywhere

Karaoke Anywhere | List of Free Karaoke Singing Apps

Among free karaoke singing apps, Karaoke Anywhere stands out since it provides a fun venue for music lovers to display their vocal prowess. This karaoke music software turns your iPhone and also Android into a custom stage where you can belt out your heart thanks to its large song selection. All users will have a good time with Karaoke.

Anywhere, which boasts a user-friendly interface and offers a large selection of tunes from a variety of genres. This free singing app provides seamless collaboration whether you are a single performer or prefer to duet with friends, making your karaoke sessions a special social event. The finest app for karaoke enthusiasts, Karaoke Anywhere offers a gateway to TuneWiki – Lyrics for Musicunlimited musical enjoyment with its excellent features and varied song library.

8. ISing – Free Karaoke App

iSing Karaoke App

One of the best free karaoke singing applications is ISing for Music, which gives music lovers an outstanding platform to showcase their vocal prowess. ISing for Music offers an easy-to-use experience for Android and iPhone users as one of the top karaoke apps. This karaoke music app offers a large number of songs from a variety of genres and eras, making sure there is something for everyone.

With the help of Ising for Music, you can turn your gadget into a portable karaoke stage where you can sing along to your favorite songs and even film your performances. This Karaoke app enhances your singing experience by providing a simple user interface, real-time lyrics display, and customizable background music. 

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9. Sing Harmonies by Zanna Discs

Sing Harmonies

This free karaoke app from Zanna Discs offers music lovers an immersive and distinctive karaoke experience. By emphasizing vocal harmonies, this innovative karaoke music app offers a novel twist that enables users to improve their singing abilities and effortlessly produce lovely harmonies. One of the greatest karaoke applications offers a broad selection of songs carefully chosen for harmony.

Sing Harmonies’ user-friendly interface gives users the freedom to discover their musical skills while offering in-the-moment direction and visual cues to facilitate smooth vocal blending. Utilize this amazing free singing tool to unleash your inner harmonizer and enjoy the thrill of crafting stunning vocal compositions.

10. Karaoke Mode

Karaoke Mode | Best Free Karaoke Singing App

Karaoke Mode stands out among free karaoke singing apps for providing a fantastic platform for music lovers to join in a seamless and pleasurable karaoke experience. This karaoke music software has a large song collection, offering you to show off your vocal skill while singing along to your favorite songs.

Karaoke Mode, one of the best karaoke apps, offers a straightforward structure that makes music selection and navigation easy. Users can explore a large library of songs, including both traditional hits and new chart-toppers, and then effortlessly switch to karaoke mode, where the lyrics are displayed on-screen for an exciting singing experience.

11. MusiXMatch

As one of the best free karaoke singing apps, it provides an easy way to create masterful karaoke performances of your favorite songs. MusiXmatch, one of the top free karaoke apps, offers a large selection of songs with karaoke functionality, enabling you to sing along and showcase your musical talent.

With this karaoke app, users can sing in real-time to lyrics in a highly immersive and captivating experience. Using MusiXmatch’s karaoke mode, you can transform any location into your own stage by selecting the song you want to sing and turning on the karaoke mode. 

12. Magicsing

MagicSing - List of free Karaoke Singing AppsWith MagicSing, users have access to a rich and entertaining karaoke singing environment in which to enjoy their favorite songs for free. There is a large collection of songs to choose from in this karaoke music app that offers a wide range of genres and preferences. With its simple user interface and user-friendly layout, this app is among the best karaoke apps. You can easily choose your preferred or most favorite song and have the lyrics shown on your device’s screen by simply navigating through the extensive music library.

Using this free Android music app, you can record and share your performances with friends. Voice enhancers can even be used to improve your interpretations. 


Awake your inner singing superstar with the above-mentioned best 10 free karaoke apps for Android and iPhone. Whether you are a bathroom singer looking to improve your abilities or a karaoke fanatic looking for your stage, these free karaoke singing apps are the best to explore. Dive into a world of melody and rhythm with the best free karaoke apps, and let your voice take center stage as you create unique musical moments, all while enjoying the thrill of singing and connecting with people through the medium of music.

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