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Resorts Near Dandeli

If you’re looking for resorts near Dandeli, here is the list. Dandeli is one of the places to stay for cool vibes. The place has the biggest wildlife sanctuary, home to elephants, tigers, panthers, and more.

From night camps to angling, crocodile spotting, eco-tourism, and nature walks, you get many opportunities to escape from the metropolitan crown and enjoy the closeness to nature.

However, for a perfect outing, you might need the top resorts in Dandeli, where you can stay with friends and families. To maximize your joy of staying in Dandeli, here is the list of top hotels in Dandeli. Let’s take a look.

List of Top 10 Best Resorts Near Dandeli

  1. Bison River Resort

  2. Old Magazine House Resort

  3. Dew Drops Jungle Resort

  4. Whistling Woods Resort

  5. Panther Jungle Resort

  6. Shikra Jungle Resort

  7. Stay Experience by Kali River

  8. Dandeli Kali Tiger Resort

  9. Century Resort

  10. Magenta Resort


1. Bison River Resort – Nature Resort Near Dandeli

bison river resort

Bison river resort Dandeli is best if you want to stay close to nature and enjoy the picturesque landscape. The resort is surrounded by lush green forests that allow you to stay close to nature.

Bison Resort in Karnataka has served travelers with the best amenities for decades. You get many fun activities, from spacious, luxurious rooms to waterfront tent facilities. They offer some cool packages that cover outdoor activities and amenities such as backwater, bush dinners, sundowners, poolside dinners, boat rides at night, vehicle safari, sunset boating, coracle ride, and more.

Bison river resort is an iconic destination to stay out of the city crowd and enjoy some moments with pristine nature’s beauty.

Location: Ganeshgudi, Dandeli, Karnataka 581365

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2. Old Magazine House Resort

Old Magazine House Resort dandeli

This is one of the best resorts in Dandeli to stay close to nature. The beautiful resort is in the middle of lush green jungles, ideal for camping and jungle safari. The wildlife camp allows you to explore extraordinary flora and fauna.

This resort is divided into two zones: dormitories and ethnic bamboo. These bamboo huts boast split-level exteriors and interiors. On the other hand, dormitories have been made of semi-private cubicle formats.

This resort in Dandeli aims to provide a bundle of joy and a comforting environment to travelers. Besides this, visitors can also enjoy here various outdoor activities such as kayaking, river rafting, trekking, mountain biking, jungle safari, and more. So, whenever you visit Dandeli, stay at Dandeli Resort for a memorable experience.

Location: Ganeshgudi, Londa-Dandeli Road, Joida Taluk, Dandeli, Karnataka 581365.

3. Dew Drops Jungle Resort – Best resorts in Dandeli

Dew Drops Jungle Resort dandeli

If you want to stay at Dandeli, Dew Drops Jungle Resort is best. The place provides you with a glimpse of wildlife and enthralling flora. For adventure lovers, this place is heaven. You’re lucky to explore more than 300 species, such as hornbills, wading birds, and many more. If you get bored of watching birds, let’s go to the Syntheri rocks, Kavala caves, and the most majestic Ulavi temple. This resort, nearby Dandeli, holds ancient temple vibes that must be explored.

Location: Kogilban, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325.

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4. Whistling Woods Resort

Whistling Woods Resort dandeli

Whistling Woodz is one of the top resorts nearby Dandeli to stay on vacation. This place is best for adventure lovers who want to explore north Karnataka. Whistling Woodz resort surrounds by nature’s serenity. The lush green deciduous forest and wildlife are the most popular tourist attractions.

The resort in Dandeli is spread over 7 acres of land, providing an offbeat area to relax and enjoy with your favorite people. Besides this, the irresistible wildlife and food court make it the perfect paradise to enjoy nature and modern amenities simultaneously.

If you want to recreate some special moments and relax near natural surroundings, this resort is a must to try.

Location: Badgund Village, Ganeshgudi 581365 India.

5. Panther Jungle Resort

Panther Jungle Resort dandeli

Finding the best resort near Dandeli, where you can stay close to nature, Panther Jungle Resort is an excellent place. The outstanding resort is best for spending some time with yourself. You can explore most equisetic destinations, such as Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and Dodda Aalada Mara. These are nearly 400 years old banyan trees.

Besides this, the resort in Dandeli provides you with all the facilities in other five-star hotels, such as air-conditioning rooms, spacious bathrooms, campfire services, food facilities, and more. You’re lucky enough to enjoy jungle treks, archers, river rafting, waterfall ride, and more.

Location: Kogilban Road Badakanshirada, village, Kogilban, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325

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6. Shikra Jungle Resort

Best Resorts Near Dandeli | Shikra Jungle Resort dandeli

This resort nearby Dandeli is situated near the Gobral. The place is near the dense forest of Dandeli. It allows you to stay around nature and enjoy outstanding picture-perfect locations. Shikra jungle resort also provides tented facilities between the woodland, where you can explore flora and fauna.

For wildlife and adventure lovers, Shikra provides different accommodations, such as Deluxe tents, deluxe rooms, and cozy cottages. Besides this, the resort in Dandeli also arranges outdoor activities such as white water rafting, trekking, kayaking, canoeing, and more.

If you want to enjoy nature and outdoor activities simultaneously, do not miss staying at Shikra jungle resort.

Location: Gobral Village, Haliyal Taluk, Karnataka, 581325.

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7. Stay Experience by Kali River | An Exploratory Getaway

Stay Experience by Kali River dandeli

Let’s explore the most captivating beauty of the lush green forest and mountains near Dandeli by staying near the Kali River. The riverside camping tents and spacious room accommodations provide ample opportunities to enjoy imaginative nature’s beauty.

The entire place gives you a heavenly treat of a serene aura and keeps you away from the city’s bustling life. Trekking and cycling further make your journey to the Dandeli more memorable and joyful. The report offers endless outdoor and indoor activities for adventurous persons. If you are getting bored of city life and want to get lost in the lap of nature and watch star night, visit this place.

Location: Dandeli

8. Dandeli Kali Tiger Resort

Best Resorts Near Dandeli | Dandeli Kali Tiger Resort

If you want to spend some memorable time out of the city crowd or to think of going in nature’s lap, Dandeli Kali Tiger Resort is a perfect destination. This resort provides you with a refreshing stay and luxurious rooms.

They provide a budget-friendly stay where you can spend time with loved ones. Above this, the resort offers many activities and amenities such as breakfast, free Wi-Fi, car parking, outdoor pools, laundry, and more. The place is pet-friendly, so if you have a pet, take your pet and visit here.

A fitness center and spa are also provided for the fitness freaks. Kali tiger resort doesn’t have an online system for booking, so make sure to check offline if it is available for booking.

Location: Dandeli Resorts Behind St. Michaels Convent, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325.

9. Century Resort

Best Resorts Near Dandeli | Century Resort Dandeli

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Do you want to stay close to nature but don’t know the best Dandeli vacation resort? This is one of the best resorts in Dandeli, where you can experience outdoor activities and stay in eco-friendly zones.

The place is well-known for its tranquil beauty, lodging options, and outdoor fun. The resort offers endless outdoor and indoor activities, including jungle safari. So, you will never feel bored visiting this beautiful destination. If you are an outdoor activities freak, this destination is a boon.

Visitors can also enjoy river rafting and safari excursion to explore tigers, alligators, and more wildlife creatures.

Location: Regenta Resort Century, Badakhanshirda, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325.

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10. Magenta Resort

Best Resorts Near Dandeli | Magenta Resort Dandeli

This resort in Dandeli is well known for its hospitality and surrounded by deciduous dense green forest. Magenta Resort is perfect for summer stays to enjoy outdoor games and stay in the woody jungles. This is a magnificent combination of amazing outdoor activities and luxurious indoor accommodations.

From lodging to ethnicities and jungle safari, you’ll experience many things that make you calm and joyful. Moreover, for a wonderful outdoor fun experience, you can stay near the lake cottages, maharaja tents, garden cottages, and more.

Location: Bada Kanshirada, Road, Kogilban, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325.

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1. Is Dandeli Expensive?

If you are a Budget traveler so Dandeli is not so much Expensive because for most activities you will get Rs. 400 to Rs.800

2. Which is the best time to visit Dandeli?

The best time to visit Dandeli is from October to May

3. Which one is the Best resort in Dandeli for couples?

Dew Drops Jungle Resort is the Best resort in Dandeli for couples

4. What is the price of the Dandeli couple package?

Dandeli couple packages start from Rs. 2600

Bottom Line

These are some of the top resorts in Dandeli where you can spend some memorable time. The places allow you to explore indoor games and outdoor activities. The beautiful sceneries and nature’s landscape give you the endless joy of staying close to nature.

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