Top 10 Best Chips Brands In India 2023

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Whether spending leisure time with family and friends, or solo, snacking plays a vital role. Snacks are among the best foods to eat while having tea or watching movies in multiplexes. There are plenty of options around us if we are going to buy snack items, but nothing can beat the craze of having potato chips. These flavorful crispy treats are so delectable that are loved by all age groups. Usually, it can get in baked or deep-fried form with several ranges of flavoring such as cheese, spices, herbs, and also plain salted.

In India, there are varieties of Indian potato chips brands. Among them, we have filtered out the top brands in today’s piece discussion. Let’s take a look closer at them.

Top 10 Best Chip Brands In India

1. Uncle Chips – Chips In India

indian chips brands

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The flavor of these potato wafers will be treasured by those who grew up in the 1990s. It was one of the Indian-based ventures, who have introduced their product and earned millions of hearts. Not only in India, this indian chips brand is equally appreciated in western countries as well. Let’s consider some features of this wafers company.


  • Comes in a fully vegetarian option.
  • Absolutely affordable.
  • Mildly spiced.
  • Get 20% extra in each pack.
  • Sufficient amount of wafers.
  • Low fat.

2. Pringles – Chips Brands

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People, who are looking for a unique blend of taste and ingredients, must choose this brand. Pringles is a part of the American food brand, which was founded in the early 90s. Potato wafers of this brand are yummy and contain less fat than regular ones. You can avail of Pringles in cheese, tangy tomato, pizza, BBQ, onion and sour cream, and obviously classic salted flavor. Thus it secured itself as the top chips company in india.


  • Both baked and fried options are available.
  • Free from trans fat.
  • Unique packaging.
  • Made with rice, potato, and corn.
  • Ideal to crave your hunger for snacks.
  • Can be stored for later.

3. Lays – Potato Chip Brands

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When we are talking about chips or wafers, the name of this brand comes automatically to our minds. Lays is well known for the past few decades. More than 180 countries have made this brand their beverage partner. It comes with so many variants of flavors. From classic salted to Italian seasoning. This is one of the bestselling brands of chips in india Let’s go through some of the additional features of this brand.


  • Made from the best quality potatoes.
  • Zero trans fat.
  • The real taste of flavorful ingredients.
  • Completely vegetarian.
  • Prepared from the best quality edible oil.
  • It comes in a pack of Rs.5, 10, and 20, which is unbelievably affordable.

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4. Bingo – Best Chips In India

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Due to the exceptional flavors, this indian chips company has gained a special position in the hearts of more than a million consumers. For people who love to have spicy wafers; Bingo is a perfect match for them. Chilli and achari flavors are among them that have earned a special place among numerous daily customers around the country as well as outside. It has triangle-shaped wafers that are simply unique. It tastes great with tea, coffee, and soft drinks.


  • Made with not only potatoes but rice and corn to make it healthier for all.
  • It has a great blend of flavors, and tangy tomato is the most preferred.
  • Very thin texture and is easy to digest.
  • Sturdy packaging.
  • Sufficient for one.

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5. Doritos – Best Indian Chips Brands

Best Indian Chips Brands

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To break the monotony of wafer lovers, these chip brands have launched a new version of wafers. This is mainly tortilla chips, flavored with cheese and chili. Some people love to have potato wafers, but due to restrictions, they have to avoid them. Those people can choose this brand because it is made up of golden corn. It is widely famous for all ages for its unique blend of crunch and taste. Let’s go over a few of this brand’s extra characteristics.


  • Comes in cheese with herbs and chili flavor.
  • Made from the tortilla.
  • No added sugar.
  • Zero cholesterol.
  • Can have it with any kind of flavored dip.
  • Superb crunch.
  • Fully pocket-friendly.

6. Parle Wafers – Chips Brands In India

chips brands in india

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Hearing the brand name, one might recall that this is a biscuit making company, but wait that’s not all. This is an Indian food production company that offers various tasty edible products since 1929. After successfully offering other food items, this indian chips brands have come to produce wafers that are affordable for all. It tastes quite awesome and really good texture. Now, let’s see what it has more to surprise us-


  • Made with selected ranges of fresh potatoes.
  • Pure vegetarian.
  • Sour cream ad tangy flavors are the most liked by all.
  • Can pair it also with a dip.
  • Absolutely crispy.
  • Comes in Rs.5 and 10 packs.
  • Good quality packaging.


7. Yellow Diamond – Potato Chips Brands List

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Many people want a local brand that is run by leading superstars. Yellow diamond chips have hired the top superstar from Bollywood as their brand ambassador for many years. besides potato wafers, this brand has launched other kinds of snacks, such as rings and finger chips for kids, namkeens, chips, salted wafer sticks, etc. Thus it came among one of the top potato chips brands list in India.


  • Made with handpicked potatoes.
  • Eye-catchy packaging.
  • Tastes quite good.
  • Easily affordable.
  • Zero trans fat.

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8. Kurkure – Chips Brands

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For those who like to have more than regular potato chips; kurkure is absolutely the one for them. It comes in a twisted form of sticks in different kinds of snack flavors. Children, young adults, and ladies love to have this brand as their snack time partners. For this reason, this brand has secured the best chips in india.


  • Prepared with typically Indian kitchen flavors.
  • Green chutney and masala munch are the most preferred.
  • Sufficient quantity.
  • Variant flavors.

9. Haldiram’s – Chips Brands

indian chips brands

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We all know quite well that Haldiram’s is famous for salty and sweet food items, but it has a wide range of chips on its list. It produces a wide variety of rich flavored sweets, namkeens, frozen foods, chips, and beverages. It is one of the famous chips companies in india which has numerous stores all around the country.


  • Potatoes specially chosen by hand are used to make chips.
  • A great blend of Indian spices.
  • Bestseller of chips and sweets in India.
  • Fully vegetarian.
  • Best quality vegetable oil.

10. Too Yumm – Chips Brands

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People must choose this name if they want a distinctive flavor and ingredient combination. These wafers are not fried, and chips contain natural oxidants, making them a healthier alternative to fried chips. Distinct flavors, healthier versions, and affordability make this brand the most renowned chips brands in india.


  • Baked chips.
  • Zero cholesterol.
  • Loaded with the goodness of vegetables.
  • Affordable for all.
  • Superior crunch.
  • Blended with various spices and herbs.


If we want to purchase the best chips India, there are lots of options nearby. They work well as an appetizer or side dish in addition to being excellent as snacks. But before making your choice go through our above-mentioned brands with their features and then finalize.

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