The Craze for Jolo Chips Challenge


What is the Jolo Chips Challenge?

‘World’s spiciest Chip’ A.K.A the Jolo chip is a chips that is extremely hot and spicy! Originated from Mexico, the chip is called as the ‘world’s hottest chip’. Indians have always prided themselves in spicy food, but these chips are the ‘Real Spice in India’. Now you must be wondering what makes this chip so spicy? Well, Jolo chips comprise of the hottest spices, the Carolina Reaper with Corn, Canola Oil, Edible Active Charcoal Powder, Trinidad Scorpion, Ghost Pepper, Jalapeno Spice, Iodized Salt, Calcium Propionate (E282) and Sodium Propionate (E281) makes this hall of flame.

The excitement around this chip stems from the fact that it is called  ‘Hot as Hell’! It is a vegetarian product priced at Rs.199. Since the Jolo chips are so affordable and easily available on Amazon and Flipkart, the masses are very intrigued to order Jolo chip online.

The Jolo chip challenge arose from the fact that the chip is called ‘The World’s Spiciest Chip’. Because of this, a lot of people wanted to take up challenges to test their spice tolerance and palate. Many YouTubers, especially came up with the challenge, asking their friends and family members to try out the chips. The challenge went viral with the hashtag #jolochipchallenge.

Why is Jolo Chips so Popular?



Another reason why the Jolo chip is trending is because of its packaging style. Black and blood red colours embody the package with a white ghost face and skull on top, making the packaging very mysterious and deadly. Since time immemorial, from Adam and Eve, to now, we have always fancied tasting the ‘forbidden fruit’ and the Jolo chip challenge gives us the exact same feelings!

The Jolo chip is like the forbidden fruit, mysterious, attractive, exciting and not tasting it would be like missing out on the trend. Tasting the ‘forbidden fruit’ A.K.A, the Jolo chip gives us a feeling of accomplishment and victory. The challenge comes from the fact that this chip has a major ingredient- the Guinness World Record holder for the hottest chilli and ghost pepper and a chipotle flavouring for an extra kick. Tasting the Jolo chips and surviving through the test of spice would give the taster an extra boost of confidence. That is the idea behind the popularity of the Jolo Chips Challenge.

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The ghost and skull picture on the packaging have further popularized the chip. Many social media influencers created prizes and awards for eating the Jolo chip and used thumbnails like ‘ALMOST DIED’ in their videos. The youth is influenced by social media and when we see so many people try out these Jolo chips, it gives us the idea that if we do not try it, we will be missing out.

Most of the chips around us attend to our emotions of love and comfort. The chips around us like Pringles, Lays and Piknik give us a sense of nostalgia. They are representative of our childhood where they provided comfort, love and happiness. However, no chip till now had given a sense of thrill and adventure. Jolo Chips is the first in the world that attended to these new senses! Boys felt adventurous eating it and girls felt thrilled trying these! Since the Jolo chip attended to thrill, risk and death rather than the usual comfort and calm, it became popular among the masses.

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Want to Try The Jolo Chip Challenge?

The west heavily influence Indians! Since Jolo chip spread like wildfire in places like Mexico and Canada, not introducing these in India would have been a grave mistake.

The excitement about the Jolo chip also comes from our longing enigma about the afterlife and death. Humans are extremely curious about what happens next and we love the adrenaline rush of conquering something new. The Jolo chip gives us exactly what we crave! By eating the Jolo chip which almost seems like a near-death experience, we get the feeling that we have conquered the ‘Hall of Hell’! We feel that we have conquered death because the Jolo chips are ‘Hot as Hell’. The play of words and the chilli really come along exciting man more than ever!

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What is the Price of Jolo Chip? How to Place Jolo Chips Order?



If you also want to be a part of these hundreds of people who have tried the Jolo Chip Challenge prize and looking for Jolo chip order online, you are at the right place. Jolo chips is easily available online and one can order them at any time. Wondering what is the price of Jolo chip. You can check Jolo chips price in Amazon, and order your stock from there so that you do not miss out on the Jolo Chip Challenge. So, place your Jolo chips order now and buy Jolo chips online without missing on anything.

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Takeaways- Jolo Chips Online

Thus, the Jolo chip is very popular and exciting for people. Making records of the spiciest chip in the world has naturally led to masses trying to get a personal record of their own! Jolo chips  has accreditation from FSSAI, and safe to consume both medically and legally. The layered marketing, packaging, ingredients and target audience have really made this chip shine to its full potential. So, check Jolo chips price in Amazon and buy Jolo chips online.

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