Top 10 Best Mango Varieties in India 2024 | Price-List

Mango Varieties in India

Summer temperatures are going to be at their peak in a few days in India. But don’t you think this is the only time when the mouth-watering fruit, the “King of Fruits” arrives; you guessed it right, Mango. Maybe no one can say no to mango because of its mouth-watery taste, flavor, and texture. It is rich in vital nutrients, minerals like potassium, and vitamins like A, C, and K. 

The mango is a delicious and healthy fruit among all fruits out there. From making shakes to making curries, juices, pickles, and dishes, there are plenty of options to consume them. Interestingly, more than 1500 mango varieties are found in India alone, allowing consumers to choose according to their taste preferences and qualities. Here we have listed the top 10 most popular and amazing varieties of mangoes and the locations where they belong. 

Table Of Contents:

  1. Hapus/Alphonso Mangoes
  2. Dasheri Mangoes
  3. Totapuri Mangoes
  4. Safeda/Banganapalli Mangoes
  5. Kesar Mangoes
  6. Chaunsa Mangoes
  7. Neelam Mangoes
  8. Paheri/Pairi Mangoes
  9. Langra Mangoes
  10. Kishan Bhog Mangoes

List Of Top 10 Popular Mango Varieties in India 

The information below comprises the types of mangoes with pictures. Read it and let us know what is your favorite pick.

1. Hapus/ Alphonso Mangoes 

Alphonso Mangoes 

Originating in Maharashtra, especially in Devgarh, Ratnagiri, and Konkan, this mango variety is also cultivated in Gujarat and parts of Karnataka. Popularly known as Hapus Aam, this mango is rich in flavor, with complex aromatic notes, making it one of the most popular and loved mango varieties. It is the most consumed mango nationally and internationally. These types of mangoes are mainly used to make smoothies, desserts, ice creams, shakes, mango drinks, and candies, but can also be eaten directly after ripening.

Did you know? The Hapus Mango variety is an excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Fibre, and Potassium. It also comes with antioxidants, offering potential health benefits. The natural sweetness of hapus is achieved by its glucose and natural sugar fructose.

Price: Rs 400 to 800 per dozen 

How to Identify: It has no artificial fragrance and hint of fiber, and generally comes in saffron color.

2. Dasheri Mangoes

Dasheri Mangoes

If you are looking for mangoes with intense sweetness and more pulp, this mango variety is worth a try. Traditionally, called “Chusne wala Aam”, Dasheri is a juicy variety with no fiber and is smooth. These mangoes are famous for their delicious taste and savory aroma. 

Originating from the landscape of the Nawabs of Lucknow in the 18th century, Dasheri is an essential part of UP’s culinary heritage. From eating raw to making premium desserts and drinks, you can try everything to satisfy your sweet cravings with this mango variety. Did you know? Dasheri mango is a good source of vitamin C and dietary fiber.

Price: Rs 118 to Rs 119/ per Kg 

How to Identify: This mango variety has a unique shape and medium size, while it comes in yellow skin with green color. Its pulp is sweet, juicy, and astringent.

3. Totapuri Mangoes 

Totapuri Mangoes 

Also known as Bangalore, Banganapalli, or Sandersha mangos, this variety has a distinctive beak-like shape. Totapuri mangoes, sourced from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana, are available in June and July. These large-sized mangoes have a tart taste as well as a slight sourness. 

Totapuri is popular for its tangy taste and is widely used for making chutneys, pickles, salads, and drinks. Although this variety cannot boast the sweetness of other mango types, they excel in savory applications. An interesting fact about these mangoes is that they are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and potassium.

Price: Rs 50 to Rs 150/per kg

How to Identify: As its name suggests, the Totapuri mango has a beak-like appearance. 


4. Safeda/ Banganapalli Mangoes 

Banganapalli Mangoes  | mango varieties

These types of aam rule the markets from April to June. Coming from Andhra Pradesh, these mangoes are a famous variety all over India. Their slightly sour taste and bright yellow, fibrous flesh make them a leading choice. Also known as Benishan mango, Banganapalli is supplied to other countries due to its premium taste and quality. 

This variety is fiber-free and is commonly used in drinks and shakes made from mango. Their size is very large, and the weight of each piece is about 350 grams. What makes it different is its texture, which enables the consumer to taste every piece.

Price: Rs 300 to Rs 350/ per Kg

How to Identify: Easily identified by its yellow skin, oval shape, and fibrous, sweet pulp.

5. Kesar Mangoes 

Kesar Mangoes 

Kesari or Kesar Mango fruit is often called the Queen of Mangoes” and is a popular variation that is cultivated throughout Gujarat. This variety of mango is highly reputed for making extremely tasty yet creamy aamras, as well as mango-based jellies, jams, pickles, or mango pulp. 

Kesar mango is famous for its persistent and distinct flavor and sweet taste. Furthermore, it has a delicious, sweet, saffron-like color and taste. This medium-sized, oval-shaped mango variety is smooth and juicy from the inside. Kesar mango is a rich source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and potassium, which improves digestive health.

Price: Rs 208 to Rs 247/ per Kg

How to Identify: Its saffron-colored pulp and distinctive odor distinguish it from other mango varieties in India. 

6. Chaunsa Mangoes 

Chaunsa Mangoes  | mango varieties in india

Also referred to as Chausa, this mango variety is cultivated in South Asia, especially India and Pakistan. Chaunsa is cultivated in India, mainly in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. This is the best mango variety in India, which comes in medium to large size and kidney-like shape. Indian markets are flooded with these mangoes in July and August. 

Consumers who often eat mangoes should definitely try this variety if they like a honey-like flavor combined with a slight acidity.  Its distinctive taste makes the Chaunsa variety attractive and in demand. You can eat these mangoes without slicing them, as they belong to the category of sucking fruits. This mango is an excellent source of Vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin A, as well as minerals like Potassium. Comprehensively used in making juices and desserts, this variety is often consumed raw and fresh. 

Price: Rs 106 to Rs 146/ per Kg 

How to Identify: Mango lovers can recognize the Chausa mango variety by its bright, pale yellow color.

7. Neelam mangoes 

Neelam mangoes 

Among all varieties of mango, Neelam mangoes have their own distinctive fragrances and are available within the season. This widely liked choice of mango is cultivated in various regions throughout India, especially in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka. The tastiest and unique species of Neelam variety hail from Andhra Pradesh in the months of May, June, and July. 

Their distinct flavor and unique aroma profile make these mangoes a real delight. Unlike other mango varieties, Neelam mangoes are small in size and distinguished by their distinctive sweet aroma. This mango is rich in important vitamins and minerals essential for general health. Important nutrients of this variety include protein, fiber, vitamin E, vitamin C, fat, vitamin K, vitamin A, and potassium.

Price: Rs 150 to Rs 290/ per Kg 

How to Identify: Mango lovers identify Neelam mangoes from their golden-yellow color and aromatic sweet, pleasant flavor. 

8. Paheri/ Pairi mangoes 

Pairi mangoes  | mango varieties

Pairi, a delightful alley to Safeda mango variety, enters from May to June. Unlike other mango varieties in India, this variety is popular for being tangy and sweet in taste. If you try it, you will feel the taste of pure honey with a refreshing citrus flavor in the background.

It is native to the western regions of India, especially Maharashtra and Gujarat. Its size is small to medium, weighing around 200 to 300 grams. It is called natural pure honey in Gujarat, although it does not have the sweet taste of honey. Not just in India, paheri mango is also cultivated in various countries including Mexico and the Philippines. Harvested from April to July, they yield soft, juicy flesh with a fibrous texture. They are loaded with vitamin C, vitamin A, dietary fiber, and potassium.

Price: around Rs 100/Kg

How to Identify: This variety of Mango India is easy to guess due to its being round, and small, and builds a light orange/red blush at maturity. The pulp is very resinous, rich, and thoroughly fiber-free. 


9. Langra mangoes 

Langra mangoes | mango varieties

Also referred to as Benarasi Langra, these types of mangoes are typically grown in Uttar Pradesh. They are also cultivated in the states of West Bengal and Bihar. With its fibrous pulp and light green skin, Langra mango may not be the most attractive variety like the other mango varieties name mentioned on this page. But, its taste is excellent, consisting of a spicy and unique sweet taste. It has a smooth texture and less fiber, making it taste sweet and mildly spicy.

The slightly fibrous and juicy texture adds a delightful aspect to every crunch. Langra mango is an ideal choice for mango lovers due to its nutrients. It contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and potassium; use this mango to make healthy drinks, desserts, and mocktails.

Price: Rs 129 to Rs 176/ per Kg 

How to Identify: It can be identified by its green-yellow color and it is of medium to large size.


10. Kishan Bhog 

Kishan Bhog | mango varieties

This is one of the most well-known mangoes among all mango variety names in India. Hailing from West Bengal and Bihar, Kishan Bhog is known for its exquisite taste and richness of flavor. What sets it apart from other varieties is its delicious, delicate thin-skinned texture and larger size. A popular variety of mango that has no fiber, this mango offers extreme sweetness and a remarkably attractive aroma. 

Cultivated in Hooghly, Malda, Murshidabad, and Nadia regions of West Bengal, it is one of the finest quality mangoes. Mango lovers looking for a unique taste and nutritional value in mango must try the Kishan Bhog variety. Since this variety contains vitamin C, fiber, and other essential nutrients, it will help in controlling cholesterol levels. Being the most popular variety, they are loved by people of all ages from children to elders.

Price: Rs 120 to Rs 150/ per Kg 

How to Identify: Kishan Bhog has a rich quality, yellow-greenish hue, and significant sweetness. And it weighs between 300 to 400 grams. 


India is home to abundant varieties of delicious mangoes. From juicy and sweet Hapus to tropical and spicy Totapuri, the mango varieties in India offer a fascinating range of textures and flavors, making it heaven for mango lovers. Each of them has different tastes and distinctive characteristics. Discover the different varieties of mango available in India and enjoy the sweet texture and flavor that explodes a font of juicy goodness in every bite.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many varieties of mango are available in India? 

There are up to 1500 mango variations available in India. Each variety has its distinctive flavor and taste. The taste of mango may vary due to environmental changes in different Indian regions and states.

  1. Which variety of mango is called King? 

Alphonso, also known as Hapus, is the king of mango. Due to its taste, this variety is widely liked and most commonly eaten. This superior variety of mango is highly prized in many places, especially in India where it is cultivated on a large scale. Its buttery texture, rich flavor, and aromatic sweetness make it popular.

  1. Which variety of mango is best in India?

Many excellent varieties of mango are found in India. Some of them include Haden, Alphonso, Ataulfo, Keitt, and Kent. However, the best variety of mango depends entirely on personal taste and preference. Explore the different types of mangoes in India and decide which one meets your expectations.

  1. Which mango variety is most prosperous in India?

And the answer is the Miyazaki Mango, which typically originated in Japan. This rare variety is now available in West Bengal, India, especially in Birbhum district. It costs around Rs 3 lakh/per Kg.

  1. Which states of India are popular for mangoes?

Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of mango with 23% production. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Bihar are at second, third, and fourth positions with 18%, 14%, and 12% production, respectively.

  1. Which mango variety has the finest taste?

The Carabao mango variety is rich in taste and flavor. This type of mango comes from the Philippines and is difficult to find in India. Besides, it also has the title of being the sweetest variety of mango.

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