How to Cancel Order on Zomato 2024 [Updated] Steps

Zomato is a reputable meal delivery service with comprehensive customer care. You may order from a vast variety of nearby eateries and be sure that you’ll get good meals. But with the change of mind, we might want to cancel the Zomato order. But Zomato order cancellation isn’t as simple as you may expect, and there are solid reasons for this. You see, as soon as the restaurant accepts your order, the restaurant begins cooking your meal. As you may have imagined, time is short when ordering meals, therefore if you cancel an order, it unnecessarily delays the next order. So, let’s discuss how to cancel the order on Zomato.

Steps on How to Cancel Order in Zomato – 2024 Update

Detailed Steps to Cancel Order on Zomato

Zomato order cancellation can happen within 60 seconds after you place your order. Hence follow the steps below to cancel your Zomato order.

  • Add your Zomato order to the cart
  • Now you should have chosen the delivery option and clicked on “Place order”.
  • So, now a loading window will appear on your bottom screen.
  • Now, make sure you hit the “Cancel” option before it completely loads to cancel your Zomato order.
  • The time limit to cancel an order on Zomato is 60 seconds so if in a change of mind do it within that.

How to Cancel Zomato Order After 60 Seconds:

Steps to Cancel Order on Zomato after 60 seconds

It’s best to cancel your order on Zomato before 60 seconds but if you missed your chance don’t worry you can still cancel your order after 60 seconds. 

Follow these steps to cancel your order on Zomato after 60 seconds:

  1. Click on the profile icon on the top right side.
  2. Click on your orders in the food orders section.
  3. Choose the order that you want to cancel & click on it.
  4. In the next screen click on support in the top right corner.
  5. Click on chat with Us.
  6. Next on the following list I want to cancel my order.
  7. Choose the proper reason from the provided list.
  8. Then submit Yes, I want to cancel my order.

In case, you get stuck at any step during the process, it’s best to contact Zomato customer care without wasting much time. They will help you go through the proper procedure for order cancellation and you will get to know the details regarding order cancellation charges.

Zomato Customer Care: +912262327777

You can write to Zomato at:

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Scenarios in Which You Can Get a Refund From Zomato:

  • If you have placed a prepaid order but the restaurant cancels it due to the lack of items on the menu.
  • In case you received the wrong order.
  • In case of receiving a damaged parcel.
  • In case your order got canceled from Zomato’s end.
  • In case the food is missing.

The total amount of refund you get will vary depending on the Zomato cancellation & refund policy. The refund will be applied using the same payment method as your original purchase.

However, suppose your order is canceled for personal reasons or because of an incorrect cellphone number, address, or unavailability. In that case, you won’t receive a full refund or any refund at all in this situation.

In these situations, you will be required to pay a penalty for your Zomato order cancellation if you made a COD.

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How Much Time Does It Take To Get A Refund on Zomato?

Mode Of Payment Time Taken For Refund
Paytm Wallet 1 hour
UPI 2-4 Business Days
Debit or Credit Card 4 to 7 business days
Sodexo 5 Business Days
Net Banking 5 to 7 Business Days

FAQs On How To Cancel Orders on Zomato

Q1. How can I get a refund on my Zomato Order?

The money is instantly transferred to your account within 7 days if you qualify for a refund. It usually takes 1-2 days. With e-wallets, it happens instantly.

Q2. How do I talk to Zomato customer service in a chat?

You must download the Zomato app to connect with Zomato customer service. The chat option may be found on the account tab, towards the bottom.

Q3. Does Zomato approve coupons & promo codes while placing an Order?

Yes, you can use Zomato coupons and promo codes to order food.

Q4. What is the given time to cancel a Zomato order?

Make sure to cancel your Zomato order within the given time i.e. 60 seconds.

Q5. How to get free delivery on Zomato?

You can get free delivery on Zomato by using a Gold membership, promotional offers & first-time user offers.

Q6. What are Zomato Credits?

Zomato Credits is a type of virtual token or coins issued in in Zomato platform. Users get these credits when they make purchases or participate in some kind of in-app promotional activities. They can use these credits to get discounts on their next purchases, each credit is equal to 1 rupee in value.

Q7. What is Zomato Gold Membership?

Zomato Gold is an exclusive membership program offered to all Zomato users. With Zomato gold you can get many dishes at discounted prices and free delivery. Get access to the best dine-out restaurants with complimentary dishes & drinks and many more

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