Save Time and Money in Buying Products Through Tech-Innovated Shopping


Everyone dreads spending time in long queues when buying produce and other grocery items. For the vendors’ part, this means potential loss of customers as many people tend to be driven away to find another store with the same products, but less stressful situations.


As such, there are people who employ the use of technology to purchase the things they need. The goal is to make the process hassle-free and spend less time shopping so that they can allot the time to other, more important matters. Some have eliminated the need to visit an actual store altogether, all the while allowing customers to save money while shopping.

Tech Intervention

One solution is online grocery shopping either through a website or an app. There are now vendors that deliver packed produce, from whole fruits and vegetables to chopped or sliced quantities for immediate consumption or cooking. Entrepreneurs are now starting to invest in this method such as Longo’s in Canada. The Star reported that the company recently expanded its warehouse to accommodate more customers in relatively shorter times. In the US, grocery giants like Amazon, Safeway and Whole Foods are embracing the same business model as well.

Virtual Reality Shopping Experience


Closer to home, markets here in India can get very crowded considering that the nation is the second most populated country in the world. To make trips to the market easier, Mid-Day mentioned that some vendors have turned to cashless payment systems. Lack of change is also a factor why some customers buy fewer products. Without this limit on digital payments, consumers can buy all that they need.

Moreover, as the marketplaces are congested, criminals like pickpockets may exploit these environments. Needless to say, if you have no cash in your wallet or pocket, then you won’t be a victim. Just keep your smartphone safe and it will act as your own personal digital wallet.

And as mentioned earlier, there are now apps which help customers save money while shopping in the convenience of their homes. We’ve previously featured the PaisaWapas Cashback and Coupons App, which allows shoppers to get the best deals and offers in buying products and services. Now, you have the chance to spend less when buying your favorite items. The best part is, you don’t even have to exert effort in going to the stores as everything can be bought through the app! You can also grab best Flipkart Offers on Smartphone and Amazon India Mobile coupons at

In a nutshell, combining real-world daily activities with technology has proven that convenience and ease of living is available to everyone. The incorporation of tech effectively made an activity as plain as shopping faster and hassle-free.

Taking things one step further

Considering that people interact with their smartphones on a daily basis, these devices are now becoming portals for transactions including buying products, allowing consumers to tailor their buying habits like never before.

There are companies that are prepared for the next step, investing in technologies such as VR and AR to revolutionize the shopping experience. According to Centric Digital, these tech advancements will soon change the landscape of retail shopping and enhance customer experience by personalizing the way they visit stores and purchase products on a whole new level. Soon, trying out an item in a store could be as simple as putting on a head-mounted device and using a controller, and then you can just wait afterwards for the merchandise to come to your door.

Other developers are taking another approach towards virtual representations of shopping through entertainment platforms and video games. Titles like Supermarket Management 2, which is also popular among storeowners in India, allows the player to run their own grocery store.

Whilst the digital portal BGT Games acknowledges the importance of personal connections by integrating social media channels into its titles. This allows the Indian population of mobile device owners as well as other worldwide audiences to connect with family and friends while playing. And this is ultimately where many experts suggest retail will dig deeper next. Providing shoppers with gamification and VR social experiences for consumers.

League Wonder Store Augmented Reality

Similar methods have the potential to be carried over to shopping experiences, giving users the chance to interact with loved ones in real time while scanning for products through the aforementioned VR and AR technologies. Imagine visiting a store with a family member living in another city, while both of you are comfortably sitting in your own living rooms.

To sum it up, buying groceries and other necessities has never been easier with the aid of tech. The day might come when the whole process of selecting, paying and getting your items is almost instantaneous.

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