PaisaWapas Race For Rs.1000 at 2 PM, 29 March| Click Karo Paise Kamao.

Isn’t incredible when I say that you can win Rs.1000 instantly just in a matter of seconds that too for absolutely free. Yes! you heard it right. Now winning money instantly is not such a laborious task. Do you want to learn the secret magic of how to earn this money? Just following a very few simple and hassle free steps can make you earn Rs. 1000 much more gifts and rewards for free. Follow me to unfold this non-supernatural mystery.

What is PaisaWapas Rs.1000 race?

As we all familiar that PaisaWapas has launched its blockbuster cash back App a few days back. (don’t know where to get this app. Download the PaisaWapas app for more fun and extra cash back). PaisaWapas race for Rs.1000 is a contest conducted by the Pisawapas team for their beloved Paisawapas app users. Register in the PaisaWapas app to participate this race. You can get a chance of winning Rs. 1000 and a lot more at the aforesaid date and time.

How to participate in the Paisawapas race for Rs. 1000

Participating in the PaisaWapas race is so easy. Follow these simple guidelines to compete in this astounding race.

  1. Download the paisawapas app.
  2. Sign into the paisawapas app.
  3. Click on the menu bar on the top left-hand corner.
  4. Select the race for 1000.
  5. Click on the register for race button.
  6. Select the student or non-student type.
  7. If you are a student give the college name. If you are a non-student give your city name.
  8. Share it on FB to complete the registration.

Next Date and time Paisawapas race for Rs. 1000.

The Paisawapas race for 1000 will start at 2 p.m. on 29 March-2017. This race will continue to happen every week for the next 2 months but the only difference is you can get a chance of winning more & more surprising gifts we have for you to win. Visit this page to keep you updated with the follow-up event date and time. You can also know the remaining days or time for the next race from the race for Rs. 1000 icon from the paisawapas app.

How to earn rewards and gifts from PaisaWapas Race for Rs. 1000.

It is now easy to earn PaisaWapas Rewards & gifts. follow these simplistic steps.

  1. To participate in this race, you need to register before the race goes alive.
  2. While registering you need to submit your basic details like if you are a student, then submit your college name, else you submit the name of the city you belong to.
  3. Share these details on Facebook to complete the registration process.
  4. The race will be live for 30 min between 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm on the day of the race. Date and time of the follow-up race will be updated after the current happening race will be completed.
  5. During the 30 min of the race, a pre-defined number of gifts and rewards will appear at random time inside the centre circle.
  6. The first one to click the gift will be the winner and there are multiple gifts and rewards.
  7. As soon as you win the gift the race will be over for you, no further attempts are allowed once you in a gift.
  8. Winners of the race will be declared within 24 hours of the race.

Where will I get Paisawapas race for Rs. 1000?

To get the Rs. 1000 and other surprising gifts and rewards you have to download the PaisaWapas app and sign up for your account. Then you have to register Race for 1000 within the app using the steps that I am gonna reveal in next few lines.

Benefits of Race for Rs 1000.

By sitting in your class or at the office and by following simple and easy steps you can earn Rs. 1000 instantly isn’t a heartwarming tribute for us. If you think that is that’s all, no it’s not yet over. In the coming days, there is a lot more fun waiting for you like earning gifts/ rewards for free to get grabbed. To know about the next race for 1000 date and time follow us on Fb, visit this page or subscribe to us.

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