How To Order Domino’s Pizza on Train

Domino's pizza train Delivery

Ordering food by train is not a new concept and that’s why leading food partner companies are offering this opportunity. Dominos Train Delivery has now become a trendy option for all pizza lovers who want to order Domino’s Pizza on Train. As we know Domino’s is one of the leading and largest pizza delivery companies in India right now. Domino’s is popular because of its taste in food and fast service. So, if your traveling by train is any chance and your craving domino’s then let us learn about how to order Domino’s pizza on the train, in detail,

Steps to Order Domino’s Pizza on Train:

Steps to Order Domino's Pizza on Train

  • Open the Dominos mobile app or website and search domino’s pizza near me/ that you can find in the upcoming station.
  • And then click on the option “Deliver on train” icon on the extreme top-right corner of domino’s delivery app.
  • Enter the PNR number of the train that you are on and click on the “Submit” button
  • Now a new window will open and add the exact location in terms of your next arriving station where you get your pizza delivered.
  • Add the Pizza and beverages of  your choice and add the cart
  • Click on the “View cart” option and checkout, your domino’s pizza delivery will be done within the given time.
  • Don’t wait for any more orders now using Domino’s Coupons and get your pizza delivered in no time.

Benefits of Dominos Train Delivery: 

1. Dominos Pizza delivery on trains made easier

If you are frustrated by the boring traditional food every time train journey, then Dominos Train Delivery will be very helpful for you. With this service, you can know the answer to “how to order pizza on a train”. You can taste an amazing pizza just like your city pizza stores by choosing the Dominos in Train.

2. Dominos pizza in Train Order Options is just a click away.

One more thing that you need to know about Dominos in Train is easy to book option. So many people think that ordering pizza by train is a diplomatic task for them but that’s not true and Dominos Train Delivery services are easy and adaptable.

3). Domino’s Train Delivery Services Are On-Time: 

Customers can order domino’s pizza by train with on-time delivery services. So many people think that they need to wait for a longer time to receive the order. You will get your pizza on the train within 30 minutes and due to this fast service domino’s train delivery services are always the apple’s eye of the customers.

10 Best Apps to Order Food In Train

Pizza in Train by Dominos:

Domino's pizza delivery on train

  • Craving smoking hot pizza? Grab your phone and place the order on the Domino’s Pizza app. What if you are traveling on a train? Well, one of the largest pizza outlets now delivers to train passengers as well. Imagine enjoying your train journey with a spicy and juicy dominos’s pizza.
  • This service by Domino’s app successfully caters to the needs of foodies who are traveling in trains. No wonder, technology has made things more convenient and easy. A pizza is now one order away, whether you are at home or on the train. The dominos delivery on train service can be used through Domino’s mobile application and website.
  • Wait for the station to arrive. The Domino’s pizza train delivery executive will contact you once they reach the location. The delivery is always on time and Domino ensures to serve you hot and fresh pizzas. There are certain things you need to be aware of while availing of this dominos’s train order delivery.

Terms and Conditions of Domino’s Train Delivery:

  • The pizza order should be made 2 hours before the train arrives at the mentioned station.
  • Dominos delivers only to a number of stations. So you need to check once about the delivery status of a particular station.
  • Domino’s pizza delivery timings at the outlet include 12:00 hours – 23:00 hours.
  • The order can only be canceled 2 hours before you arrive at the station.
  • Dominos accepts only Cash on Delivery payment on train deliveries.

signupWell, that was all about the Dominos delivering your food on the train. But what if your dominos’s app crashes? How are you going to order the pizza then? We have a solution to this problem as well. The IRCTC app also allows you to have your pizza from Dominos on a train. Go through the following steps to enjoy this super incredible service by IRCTC dominos.

How to order Domino’s Pizza on Train using the IRCTC App?

irctc pizza online order

  • Open the IRCTC eCatering app to order domino’s pizza
  • You will be asked to enter the PNR number of your train.
  • Select the station on which you want the Dominos IRCTC pizza to be delivered.
  • Go through the menu and add your favorite items to the cart.
  • Insert all the required details in the next window.
  • Confirm the order and make the payment as per the convenient method.
  • The domino’s pizza delivery will be right to your seat when the station arrives.

Terms and conditions

  • Orders will be accepted 2 hours prior to the train’s arrival at the station.
  • The pizza will only be delivered to the stations catered by Dominos delivery by train.
  • Payment should be made at the time of confirming the order.

Offers and Deals to get Domino’s Pizza Delivery on Train:

domino's pizza delivery on train offers

Domino’s Pizza has always been our best friend when it comes to pizzas. From veg farmhouse to that creamy hot choco lava cake, the restaurant never shies away from making our food experience worth cherishing. Want to eat a pizza but don’t feel like spending a lot of money? Check out these amazing discounts and cashback offers available on Domino’s app.

Domino’s pizza delivery on Train Dominos Pizza on train Prices Offers of Domino’s pizza delivery on Train
Medium and regular-sized pizzas Starting at Rs.99/- 20% Discount on Ordering Two Pizzas
Order Delicious Pizza via Amazon Pay Cart Value of orders  Rs.500/- Rs.30/- Cashback by Amazon pay for Ordering Domino’s Pizza Online
Order Domino’s Pizza Online via Paytm App Use of a Coupon Code can get you cashback Upto Rs.400/-  Make a UPI payment for ordering pizza online and get Cashback on Paytm A/c

Note: For all the above-mentioned offers may vary and can be changed according to the respective companies’ T & C’s.

The next time you travel by train and crave a Domino’s pizza. Don’t hesitate to place an order. Their train delivery service will satisfy your hunger to give you a happy journey.

Pizza in Train-What You Need to Know?

Not only Domino’s but there are so many local food service providers at each station offering the services of pizza on the train. However, Domino’s is the leading company known for its credible services. If you want to make your train journey special, then don’t miss the opportunity of Domino’s Pizza on the Train. 

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Due to the easy and flexible order facility, Domino’s Pizza Train Delivery has been popular everywhere in India. No matter whether you are traveling on the short route or long route? Whenever you are hungry on your journey then you can’t miss the service of Dominos in Train. 

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