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How to Cancel Order on Blinkit

Cancel Your Order on blinkit

Blinkit app has gained popularity nowadays for providing such a fast service. So many people are now downloading and using this app. But many do not know much about the complete rules of using this app.

Apart from that if a wrong order has been made, then it is necessary to know how to cancel that order. So through today’s discussion, we will try to know how to cancel the order on Blinkit.

Advantages of Using Blinkit Application

  • If you are ordering for the first time using this app, you will not be charged for your first delivery. More than 5 thousand good brand products are available from this app.
  • Along with a safe online payment option, a cash-on-delivery option is always available in this app.
  • You can easily do Blinkit to cancel your order or exchange any products you don’t like. All orders should reach your home within 10 minutes usually. However, you can track the order in real time by using the customer support of this company.
  • More exciting offers for those who do it on monthly basis. Best quality fruits and vegetables are available from this company, it’s assured.

How To Cancel Order on Blinkit? Explained in Detail

How To Cancel Order on BlinkitIt can be said that this application has been developed in a completely user-friendly manner so that every customer gets proper support.

So if the order is made by mistake or something you don’t like after receiving it, you have some options which help in Blinkit order cancellation. That’s why let’s see how by following the procedure you will be able to do the job.

  • Following the Blinkit cancellation policy when all your orders have been placed, mark the order you want to cancel. If you click on a product, you will see a cancel option around it.
  • You have to click on this option to cancel. After that, an interface will open to you according to which many options will be shown. There will be a few common reasons from which you have to choose a reason to cancel.
  • Now tick one of the reasons according to your choice.
  • Then you will go to this interval school where you will be shown. Where your Blinkit order will be canceled.

Note: The above steps to cancel an order on blinkit will be applicable only for a few minutes. After that, if you want to cancel an order it will get a bit complicated.


How to Cancel an Order on Blinkit when it’s in transit?

Blinkit Customer Support Order CancellationAfter you place an order on blinkit you will have a minute or two before canceling your order based on the above steps. So, how to cancel an order on Blinkit when the order is in transit? Follow the below,

  • Tap on the Customer Support Option that will be displayed on the cart page below.
  • A Chat window will pop up on your screen
  • You can then choose the option of order cancellation and hit send.
  • after texting further and choosing options of cancellation your blinkit order will be canceled successfully.

Binkit’s Order Return Policy Working 

You need to be very careful in doing this and make a quick decision as to whether you want to cancel a product. Whenever you want to cancel an order from this app, you have to do it within one minute. Because you all know that when you order through it, it reaches your address within 10-20 minutes.

So if you waste more time your order cancellation request will be rejected. Don’t worry at all about the refund as it will be done immediately after you choose the cancel option. On the other hand as per Blinkit’s return policy for cash-on-delivery if you have chosen the cash-on-delivery option then the process is much easier for you.



Overall, I hope we helped you through the order cancellation process of Blinkit. A detailed description of how to cancel an order on Blinkit. Wishlist and order now without any worries.


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