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Most Popular Saree Draping Styles


Must-Try Saree Draping Styles For The Festive Season

Sarees always remain the first choice of the women whenever we talk about styling for an occasion. But, it can sometimes be difficult it is to choose the perfect saree draping style to look unique and glamorous at the same time. So, what kind of saree draping styles do you choose to dress up this festive and wedding season?

Don’t waste your time thinking. In this article, we have selected some of the best self-saree draping styles you can try without taking the help of others.

Trending Saree Draping Styles | Self Saree Draping Steps

Without further ado, let’s take a deep dive together and check out the latest saree draping styles to try.

Bengali Saree Draping

The most common and popular saree draping style is the Bengali Atpoure saree style. This type of saree not only makes you look graceful but gives you a royal look. The Bengali saree draping steps include box plating at the front and the veil from the left shoulder from the back.


The saree signifies the Bengali tradition and represents women’s confidence. You can also experiment with different colour combinations and broad border styles to style uniquely and flaunt in any function. It is one of the most popular bridal saree draping styles for Bengalis and has one of the easiest self saree draping steps.

Mumtaz Saree Draping Style

Let’s step back to the retro vibes and flaunt fashion like a retro queen in the wedding season by wearing a Mumtaz-style saree. The Mumtaaz saree draping style gained popularity with the movie Ram Aur Shyam, and every girl dreams of wearing the same. Even in today’s time, some girls still want to style like Mumtaaz and steal the eyes of everyone in her party.


The style is pretty easy and can be easily draped by yourself without the need of anyone. The Mumtaz saree draping is extremely popular for weddings and is one of the coolest bridal saree draping styles. Moreover, you can try different colours and designs that suit you and check out the saree draping steps for this retro style.

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Straight Pallu Saree Draping Style

The straight pallu saree draping style is quite popular all over India and loved by women as it is easy to drape. This style of the saree is perfect for women who remain active and working during the function. The straight pallu saree keeps your hands free to work easily.


If you have a heavy-work saree of any designer-style saree, then you can style it in this way. It looks equally graceful as stylish as other stylish saree styles can look. It is an excellent way to showcase the proper saree design that is present around the border of the saree and veil. So, grace yourself with this easy self saree draping style and flaunt your look at the upcoming festive season.

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Dhoti Style Saree Draping

Want to look stylish chic during the wedding season by wearing a different style saree? Then must go out of the beat and try this dhoti saree draping style. What you have to do is wear a jegging or a legging rather than a petticoat for draping.


Wear a saree like you wear a dhoti and drape the pallu of the saree at the shoulder. It looks classic and enhances your style statement at the same time. Make sure to use the solid prints saree to style it like a dhoti. Do not use heavy work saree because embroider saree may be stuck between and create irritation while wearing. It is also one of the coolest bridal saree draping styles and has the easiest saree draping steps.

Mermaid Saree Draping Styles


The mermaid style is also amongst the popular saree draping styles that you can try. The saree draping includes the plates spread that cover all the whole lower parts of the saree pleats to look at the mermaid tail with the help of Pallu. This style of saree may take time but work to achieve stylishness for every girl. To mermaid style, saree requires extra pleats to give it a mermaid tail look. While it looks difficult, it is one of the easiest self saree draping styles. So, go ahead, learn these saree draping steps and adorn yourself with this evergreen saree style.

Belt Saree Draping 


Belt style saree draping is in great trend all over the country. For self saree draping in this style, you need to drape your saree normally as you wear. Then, accessorize it with a classic broad belt that properly cinches the pallu of the saree from the waist. You can also try a traditional kamarbandh to give a vintage look with modern feels. In addition to this saree draping style, you can style an off-shoulder blouse and any other classic blouse styles that are trending in today’s time.

Masaru Saree Draping Style

Masaru is the popular saree draping style in Tamil Nadu. This kind of saree is worn during the traditional wedding ceremony in Tamil families. But nowadays, this kind of saree is worn by women in the festive season and on special occasions all over India. The saree draping steps are quite complicated because the upper half of the saree is pleated like a traditional Indian saree, whereas the bottom of the saree is loincloth style. But it is still one of the most popular bridal saree draping styles for any occasion. Check out the Ten Best Types of Bridal Necklaces that goes with every saree style.

FAQs on Saree Draping Styles

What are the best saree draping styles for parties and weddings?

You can try the belt saree style or Mumtaz saree draping for weddings. These saree draping styles goes perfectly well with pastel silk sarees, organza sarees, and net sarees.

Which saree is best for bridal style draping?

Heavy-work or thread work saree would be best for bridal saree draping style.

What are the different saree draping styles for college parties?

Traditional saree style looks graceful for any party. But if you want to add some glam to your look, then go for the mermaid saree draping style and flaunt your beauty.

Takeaways- Saree Draping Styles

So, here are the seven best saree draping styles you can try this wedding season and get amazing compliments. Create a unique style statement with different sarees. Learn these saree draping steps and experiment with different saree draping styles.

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