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Ten Best Types of Bridal Necklaces

Gold Necklace | Tanishq Gold Necklace Designs With Price

When a girl becomes a bride, she looks the most beautiful in her entire life. This is the look that can adore her in every way and can never go wrong if you know how to prepare yourself for the biggest day of your life. The glow the bride has on her face is the amalgamation of her happiness, her wait for a new family, anxiety for a new life, and so many more. To add more to her beauty, gold jewellery plays an important role. It is almost impossible to think of an Indian wedding without gold jewellery, especially a Tanishq gold necklace design. Because Tanishq is indeed the most popular jewellery brand for women.

Every Indian family plans the wedding of their daughter and buys gold jewellery for the wedding day. Not only the daughters, but the daughters-in-law are also welcome to her new family with gold jewellery as a gift. Necklaces are one of the most celebrated items when it comes to gold jewellery. Whether you wear a saree or a lehenga, you need to find the best gold necklaces for you to wear on the wedding day and the reception day. So, we are here today to discuss Tanishq gold necklace designs with price. But, before that, let’s know why gold jewellery is important for an Indian wedding.

Significance of Gold Jewelry | Tanishq Gold Sets Designs With Price

What type of picture comes to your imagination when you think of an Indian wedding? It is of colourful dresses, beautiful pandals, gorgeous decoration, wonderful people, mouth-watering dishes, and obviously, the showcase of Tanishq gold jewellery. The bride is dressed in the most beautiful apparel while her beauty is adorned by beautiful Tanishq gold sets. But, have you ever thought about why gold jewellery is mandatory at Indian weddings? There are certain significances of it-

  • The bride is considered as ‘Griha Lakshmi’ and gold jewellery are the symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. So, it is kind of showering blessings from the goddess to the bride.
  • It is believed that gold secures the future of the girl when she goes to a new home.
  • The in-laws find it the commencement of luck and prosperity when the bride makes her entrance wearing gold.
  • Gold is also considered as a long-term investment for retirement and children’s future.

So, it is clear why gold is important in an Indian wedding and you need to know gold necklace Tanishq designs price.

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Top 10 Gold Necklace Designs for Your Wedding | Tanishq Gold Necklace Designs

We all know how pieces of gold jewellery are favorites of women of all ages. When it is about Indian wedding, it is not only the bride who wears gold jewelry, but it is the relatives, friends, and others too. This is the occasion when you get the chance to buy gold jewelry, specifically necklaces. Knowing Tanishq gold set designs with price will help you to set your budget. But, before that, you need to know what types of necklaces are trendy. Have a look-

Chic and Contemporary Necklace


The young and vibrant would-be brides prefer to avoid too much gaudy gold necklaces. This is the design that is specifically designed for them. It looks sleek yet covers your neckline and makes the bride look outstanding. As this piece of necklace is quite covered, you can wear a round-shaped stud on the ear and rock it with a Tanishq gold set design.

Stone-fitted Gold Necklace From Tanishq


Many brides love to wear stone-fitted gold necklaces as those look traditional and royal. Now, based on your choice, you can keep it minimal or gaudy. Usually, stone-fitted jewelry are known as ‘Kundan’. You can buy a Tanishq gold necklace set with price that is stone-fitted. Such necklaces look wonderful with anarkalis, lehengas, and several other Indian apparel. Stone-fitted gold necklaces suit women of all ages, so whether you are the bride or mother of the bride or groom, you can find a suitable piece for you. If you are looking for a gift to your best friend, you can also get her a Tanishq Gold Jewellery E-Gift Card and let her shop her favourite Tanishq gold necklace design.

Elegant Necklace With Pendants


On the wedding day, a bride wears different types of necklaces. If your wedding is near, you can buy this type of necklace. A gold necklace with a pendant looks stunning and it can set your look for the wedding night. Besides, a wedding is not only the grand event at night but there are lots of pre-wedding celebrations too where the would-be bride wears necklaces. A gold necklace with a pendant can be perfect for ceremonies like ‘Sangeet’, Mehndi’, etc. Check out the latest gold necklace Tanishq designs price and start your shopping now.

Traditional Gold Necklacetanishq-gold-jewellery

The wedding is the day when many brides want to dress up traditionally. A traditional gold necklace will compliment your traditional look. You will find intricate designs which are the excellence of the maker. If you want to know Tanishq gold necklace designs with price, you can find an exclusive design at different ranges, like 2lakhs, 4lakhs, etc.

Gold Necklace Choker


Do you want to look trendy yet traditional? Choose chokers with traditional designs. The choker necklace can give you a look of the next level if you wear it with a matching pair of earrings. A choker is enough to give you the desired look on your wedding day, but if you want something more, you can pair it with a long gold chain to create the perfect wedding look. A choker gold necklace design in 20 grams Tanishq can be around 2.5 to 4lakhs.

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Spiked Gold Necklace


Today, jewellery designers are working hard to come up with extraordinary designs so that the new age brides find those interesting. There are many of you who want something different on your wedding day. This particular necklace design is for you only. If you are going for a minimal look, wear it with a light-coloured Silk Saree and a pair of jhumkis. To create a gorgeous look, layer it with another long necklace with a pendant.

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Matte Gold Bridal Necklace


For the quirky and modern brides, this style of gold necklaces and jewellery will be a perfect choice. Many girls don’t prefer the bright colour of gold ornaments. For them, the matte-finished necklaces can be the perfect choice on the wedding day. Make sure you match your apparel according to your unique Tanishq gold jewellery. Check out Tanishq gold necklace set with price and start shopping now.

The Rajputana Gold Necklace From Tanishq


Due to the strength of media, people are well-aware of different types of designs of gold jewelry for weddings. If your daughter wishes to have a Rajputana-style necklace, you can check out the Tanishq gold necklace set with price. These are traditional, heavy, and often stone-studded. You will find peacock motifs in such necklaces as that is common in this type of necklace. Such a necklace is definitely an attention-grabber!

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Gold Necklace with Antique Finish


If you are one of those who don’t prefer to wear bright and shiny gold jewellery, this style of necklaces is for you. The gorgeous antique finish gives you a look of sophistication while the use of gemstones can bring the royal look to you. Get Tanishq Coupons and Offers for your next shopping. Buy Tanishq gold sets designs with price at a discounted range.

Beaded Gold Necklace From Tanishq


Beads are quite common in necklaces and if you buy an entire necklace with lots of beads, it will look gorgeous. A long beaded necklace with a matching pendant can make you ready for the big day! So, get your hands at gold necklace designs in 20 grams Tanishq and have a stunning jewellery collection.

Takeaways- Best Tanishq Gold Necklace Designs With Price

The above mentioned list is the best curated gold jewellery list for all the brides and brides-to-be. Here we have presented the best types of gold necklaces that the would-be brides will prefer for their wedding. Know about the Tanishq gold sets designs with price and buy the one you find perfect for you. You can also customize your gold necklace for weddings so that it becomes unique.

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