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Best Women Fashion From Once Upon A Trunk


10 Products From Once Upon A Trunk For Different Occasions

Have an upcoming date? For a woman, it is a huge task to decide which outfit to wear. There are so many parameters to keep in mind while deciding an outfit, the size, colour, design and fit and we have the one-stop solution which suits all your parameters. Be it a dinner, a movie date or a coffee date, we have got amazing outfits which will enlighten your evening!

Once Upon A Trunk Clothing

The brand, Once Upon A Trunk is here to change the way you shop! It is an Indian-woman centric clothing brand that has a dedicated line of designer outfits and hundreds of designs for you to choose from. Now you don’t have to wait for store openings or designer exhibitions in order to score your designer outfits with the help of Once Upon A Trunk. Their aim is to provide the best women fashion wear all across India at affordable prices.

Once upon A Trunks brings you exclusive designs with the option to decide their fit as per your requirement. They have dedicated customer service which is always there to solve all your queries and provide instant solutions. Grab the exclusive Once Upon A Trunk Coupons, take a peek at their amazing collection and find your pick!

Designer Clothes From Once Upon A Trunk

At Once Upon A Trunk, you will witness a wide range of designer clothing for women. They have designer wear, ethnic wear, western wear, Indie wear as well as a wide collection of accessories to pair with your outfits. From A-Z you will find more than 100+ designers under one roof skilled with expertise in their fields. Pick your designer wear for your date exclusively from Once Upon A Trunk from brands like Wabi Sabi, My Meera Store, Tanu Malhotra and many, many more.

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Date Night Outfit

Have a first date planned after days of texting and phone calls? It is implied that the excitement and nervousness are off the roofs. At least, we can help you in picking the best outfit for your first date. It is obvious for every lady to be anxious about what she’s going to wear on the first date. Your outfit for the first date must portray a balance of composure and elegance and above everything, you should be relaxed in what you are wearing to feel your real self.

Keeping all this in mind can be tough while picking your outfit that is why Once Upon A Trunk is here to help you and we have handpicked outfits especially for your first date and remember there’s much more in the collection for you to choose from! So, get ready for date night with this beautiful pink dress.


This right here is a Pink Rayon asymmetric dress, suitable for your first date. It is designed to upscale your personality and portray your real relaxed self in order for you to make the right connection on your first date. The dress itself is sophisticated and comfortable, perfectly suitable for your first date. Specially designed by Janasya and made in India this dress is perfect for your first date. It is priced at Rs. 2398 but they have an exclusive discounted price of Rs. 1439 for now.



White is always a preferred colour for a first date dress. You look elegant as well as comfortable in a dress that portrays a sophisticated side of you is perfect for your first date. This white oriented balloon sleeved dress is designed by Red Cherry and is available at a steal price of Rs. 900 only.



Now we have a Pink buttoned-down Anglaise dress designed exclusively by Zachi. The material is soft and elegant this dress is perfect for your first date as the colour lays perfectly on the eyes and it is suitable for brunch to evening dates. Shop these designer clothes from Once Upon A Trunk at just Rs. 2270.


Movie Date Outfit | Women Fashion

Going to catch a movie with your date? Want us to help you pick the perfect outfit? Say no more. This isn’t a candlelight dinner so the gowns and dresses are out of the question but at the same time, you don’t want to look extra casual. So, the aim is to look amazing and comfortable.

You need an outfit that is stylish, casual and also comfortable. Again, where are you going to find an outfit which meets all your criteria? The answer is Once Upon A Trunk. We will help you find the perfect outfit for your date night.


Black is the colour that amplifies your personality and is the perfect colour to establish your presence. The dress is both comfortable and elegant. This Black Buttoned Down Collar Dress is perfect for your next movie date. It is designed by Red Cherry and it is available for Rs. 900 only on Once Upon A Trunk.


Dinner Date Outfit

Dinner dates are the epitome of class and elegance and that’s what your outfit should be portraying. Your dress should be sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing.

A perfectly comfortable, fitted and elegant dress is what you should be looking for. You need perfectly matching women accessories as well as footwear to complete your outfit and with the help of Once Upon A Trunk you can find everything under one roof. Here are some handpicked options for your dinner date which are equally elegant and equally comfortable.


A daisy shirt dress brought to you by Perfectly average fits in the criteria of a dinner dress perfectly as it is comfortable, elegant and with the floral designs it becomes even more aesthetically pleasing. It has buttons on the top and short sleeves and it is priced at Rs. 2150.



This Brown Satin midi dress is perfect for a dinner date for all women. With a tie necklace, a belt on the waist and a sleeveless regular fit this constitutes the go-to look for a dinner date and you can get it at an amazing discount of 40%.



A nude jumpsuit with a twisted front panel is perfect for all dinner dates as well as other evening occasions. This is the quintessential all-time outfit for you and you can cop it from Once Upon A Trunk at Rs 9450.


Casual Date Women Clothes

You should always have your casual date outfits ready as you never know when you might need them. Your outfit should look like you are carrying your real self without putting in any effort but at the same time, you should look gorgeous. That’s the whole idea of a casual date outfit. We have handpicked outfits for your casual dates like a coffee date, a long drive or even a trip to the amusement park.

Brought to you from the exclusive range of Threeness, this right here is a designer Bomber jacket suitable for a casual date like a drive or a trip to a hip café. You can get this bomber jacket for Rs. 2200 exclusively from Once Upon A Trunk and is also available in many other colours.



This is a Grey striped skater dress designed by Garvili by Apoorva Bhatnagar. This dress is perfect for your casual dates and you can even pair it with sneakers. You can get this dress for Rs. 2199 from Once Upon A Trunk.


Takeaways- Women Fashion

You can get amazing women designer clothes from Once Upon A Trunk. Their range of women clothing for all kinds of dates is endless, you can get outfits for dinner dates, lunch dates, movie dates and casual dates under one roof. You can also check out their amazing collection of Indie clothing, accessories, handbags and footwear too. So, get your Once Upon A Trunk Coupons and start your shopping right away.

Happy shopping!

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