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Ways To Celebrate International Dog Day

International Dog Day- 26th August 2021

A dog is a man’s best friend! These loyal, cute babies deserve love and care and what better day to celebrate them than a Dog Day! 26th August is International Dog Day, so let us come together on this occasion to pamper our furry little best friends.

History Of International Dog Day

Colleen Paige, an avid dog lover, pet and family expert, and animal advocate, founded The National Dog Day in the United States in 2004. New York adopted this day in the following year. She chose August 26 as this was the date when she adopted her first dog. Since then, other dog-loving countries, organizations, and individuals around the world have embraced International Dog Day.

Why International Dog Day Was Created

One of the main reasons why Colleen created International Dog Day along with other beautiful days like National Puppy Day, and National Cat Day, was to celebrate animals. Humans are very self-centred and take their pets, animals and nature for granted. This day is mainly celebrated to love and pay our dues to these mute but highly intelligent, loveable creatures. The National Dog Day was created to celebrate these four-pawed creatures with dog daycare.

The Dog Day was created:

  • To celebrate the life and importance of dogs
  • To draw attention to the number of dogs in shelters/rescue homes
  • To encourage adoption from local shelters and rescue centres, so that all dogs can have a place called ‘home’.
  • To recognise that dogs need to be breaded ethically and live a happy healthy life
  • To shine light upon the dangers of shopping dogs from pet centres
  • To ban unethical puppy mills and backyard breeders
  • To rescue dogs

Ways to Celebrate Dog Day

Wondering how to celebrate National Dog Day? Here are the best ways to make the day special for your furry best friends on International Dog Day.

Dog Care 

Just as humans indulge in self-care, it is also important to take care of our dogs. This International Dog Day, take your pet for a good walk, feed them nutritious food and take them for an overall health check-up! Being free from infections and ticks and having healthy teeth, bones and eyes are what your dog really needs! Remember, true love is all about care- both mental and physical rather than just having fun. Attend to your dog’s health now!

Volunteer At A Dog Day Care Centre

More than just loving and taking care of your dog, it is important for you to pay respect to the entire community. Volunteering at a local dog rescue centre or dog day care centre helps you contribute to these babies. Washing the cages, feeding them, going for walks and bathing them is all you have to do as a volunteer to keep these rescue dogs mentally happy!

Adopt A Dog

Adopting a dog is giving a homeless, needy dog love, care and almost a new life! This International Dog Day, adopt or inspire others around you to adopt and reduce the suffering of at least one of many dogs in the world!

Protect Your Dog

Safety in today’s day and age is a big concern, especially for dogs! Kidnapping, getting bullied and getting lost are common dog problems! A GPS tracker is a one-stop for all these concerns. It is an affordable yet hi-tech tracker attached to the collar of the dog which helps you stay tension free about your dog’s location and safety. Read these 7 tips for dog owners to pet a dog.

Dog Stimulation

Sadly, many dogs these days suffer from depression, heart issues and dementia! People treat dogs as showpieces and only spend time with them when they find the need! Change that now! Get active with your dog, make him/her meet new dog friends, teach them a new trick and train them! These activities fire up their neurons and keep them mentally and physically sane. This International Dog Day, let’s make it a better place for all the dogs in the world.

Invest In Welfare Organizations Or NGOs

If you do not have the time or energy to adopt or volunteer, another way to contribute to the canine community is through donations and investments. Donating money, food, blankets, toys, medicines to these rescue homes is one step towards the big goal. The intention is to improve their well-being on National Dog Day.

Dog Spa

This International Dog Day, pamper your little friend with some luxury. Take them to a spa where they can go in for a fun bubble bath, followed by a massage and then a fur, skin, nail and teeth cleaning session. This helps our babies stay clean, prevents them from any kind of ticks and promotes blood circulation.

Treat Your Dog


Show our best friends some extra love by making them feel special. This Dog Day should truly be a day of Dog Care. Buy them a fun new toy or a thoughtful gift such as a name tag or a new treat bowl. Time is the greatest gift. So make sure you spend time with your little pup and take him/her to a new destination (park, café, lake, activity centre) where you do something together. Also do not forget that it’s okay to eat a little extra on a special day! Feed them with loads of treats. They deserve it.

Socialise and Model

Make your dog feel like a star, this International Dog Day! Make sure you take your dog to meet his/her and your friends at a social event and even click cute pictures for social media. Remember- the more the love, the better it is!

International Dog Day Party

What better way to celebrate your dog’s existence than by throwing a party and inviting all his/her dog friends!


Your party could include:

  • Décor- Where the entire décor (from balloons to cups to boards) represents dog faces, bones and treats.
  • Food- Most dogs love eating so make sure there are a lot of treats and things that dogs love (egg-carrots, milk, chicken, water.)
  • Cake- Get a bone-shaped cake to adore your little puppies.
  • venue- The venue needs to be dog friendly. A house or a dog café works best to pamper our furry babies. The venue must have activities which most dogs like-playing with balls, getting in the water or getting dirty. The venue must also have appropriate music (not very loud) and lighting (not too harsh).
  • Gifts- make sure that you not only give love and warmth but also treat these souls with fun return gifts. Treats, bones, gift hampers, clothes, shoes and warmers are gifts that all dogs love.

Takeaways- Dog Day

Dogs are beautiful innocent souls! Aren’t they? So this International Dog Day, make sure to make it an entire day of dog care not only for your dog but for all the other ones around you. Contribute to the community and educate others on the importance of adoption and volunteer work on International Dog Day.

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