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World Photography Day | 20 Best Viral Photos


Recalling The Best Viral Photos on International Photography Day

World Photography Day is celebrated on 19th August, every year, across the globe. It is not only a day to celebrate photographers, pictures and the art of photography, but also about celebrating the stories that truly make a change through this art form. World Photography Day or International Photography Day is the day that truly weaves photographers, their passion and the art form! It is a day to celebrate real change and what matters the most. Let us use our voice for the greater good.

Here are some of the world’s best viral photos of 2021 and the past years, that celebrate joy, love, pain, suffering, comfort, wilderness and mankind.

Happy Photography Day | Best Viral Photos

This International Photography Day, let’s recognise and embrace these wonders. So, happy photography day everyone!


Guess the colour?? This picture blew up in 2015, with an illusion like feel. Some people saw the dress as black and blue and others saw it as white and gold. Constant debates lead to the conclusion that: it all depends on your eyes. This was one of the best viral pictures of the decade.


Let’s take a moment to appreciate this selfie on World Photography Day. This the ever so famous, ‘Oscar Selfie’, clicked by Ellen De Genres, is the first selfie in the world to have so many people in one frame, at once! It was not only retweeted 2 million times but also crashed Twitter because of its popularity!


How can we forget this super-viral meme on International Photography Day. This image is probably one of the main birth givers to ‘memes’! Viral since 2017, memes on relationships, diets, jobs and life, in general, have cropped up due to this image!


This World Photography Day, let us not forget the majestic black panther roaming around in Kabini. Captured by photographer, Shaaz Jung, who tracked the panther for 5 years and 12 hours to capture his exotic presence.


Shared by a Dubai-based doctor Samer Cheaib, this picture shines light upon the hope for the pandemic to end and life to start again. We hope this World Photography Day spreads happiness for everyone.


This International Photography Day, let’s not underestimate the power of social media! On 4 January 2019, the @world_record_egg account was created, and posted an image of a bird egg with the caption, “Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. (the highest likes earlier were 18 million, held by Kylie Jenner). The post quickly reached 18.4 million likes in just under 10 days, becoming the most-liked Instagram post of all time. Definitely, one of the best viral photos of 2019.


This picture shows a final embrace before parting. Seen through a lamplit window in Nice, during the peak of lockdown 2020, captures the world’s collective need to keep life within and move forward. This is indeed one of the best viral pictures that had to make it to the list.


Eruption of the Taal Volcano in Philippines, January 2020, this picture highlights the majesty yet the power of mother nature! The observers say: ‘In all her glory through gas, ash, lightning and flames’. Indeed, one of the best viral photos of 2020.


The mission of International Photography Day is to bring to light all stories. This is the reality of coronavirus. On one side, there were no beds available for COVID patients but on the other side, people were cramming in Manali for a much-needed vacation. This picture went viral like crazy and became the best viral photos in 2021.


The picture shows the desperation of 640 Afghani’s crammed in the US army plane. This Photography Day, let us use photographs to empower such stories of panic, separation and reality. This is among the top viral photos showing the condition of Afghanistan.


Another popular viral photo of the year. This man Kanta Prasad had blown up the internet in the middle of lockdown. Belonging from a small village, a vlogger recorded his plea to earn in the pandemic! This invited a lot of youngsters to help him earn the money and eat his delicious roti subzi. So, let’s take a moment to appreciate this man on this World Photography Day.


Picture of Olympian Diver Tom Daley Knitting as he watched the women’s 3m springboard final. This International Photography Day, let us bring light on this man who is a gold medallist, LGBTQ icon and an avid knitter. Amidst the pandemic, this picture surely got smiles on all our faces.


This aerial shot was taken in New Delhi and clearly encapsulates the tragedy of the health care system during the pandemic in 2020. This became one of the most viral photos of 2020, and should definitely be a part of this Photography Day list.



Who does not love the Kardashians? The Paper Magazine shot Kim Kardashian and the picture blew up for its- quirky and playful attitude. This became one of the best viral photos to make its mark on International Photography Day.


This World Photography Day, let’s not forget our present Indian hero, our boy, Neeraj Chopra who is the first man to ever win a gold medal for the country in Olympics for Javelin. He won the gold but he also won millions of hearts. This is indeed one of the most viral photos of 2021.


The catastrophe and anarchy in Kabul is clearly captured by this very picture. August 2021, is going to be a tough time for Afghanistan.


Albert Einstein was not only a mastermind. He was a genius. He was madness and passion all mixed together in one big cocktail. This picture taken at the peak of his genius celebrates exactly that! This has become one of the most popular viral pictures on World Photography Day.

Gisele Bundchen has an army of people to cater for her every need, but there are some things only a mom can do. This International Photography Day, let us celebrate that!  Even if you’re a working mom, babies still need their mothers.


Priya Prakash Varrier, arguably the biggest internet sensation the country witnessed in 2018. From a small town called Thrissur, this woman has won many hearts with her eyes and winking skills! One of the most iconic viral photos that will be remembered throughout.


Let us end this with a bang! How can we forget to mention about this picture on Photography Day. Who does not recognize this iconic picture! The famous picture of Marilyn Monroe, laughing as her skirt is blown up by the blast from a subway vent, is shot on September 15, 1954, during the filming of The Seven Year Itch.

Takeaways- World Photography Day

On International Photography Day, let us remember that pictures and visuals speak louder than words. They are emotional, evoke a response, are universal yet subjective and always tell a story without words! So let us celebrate together photographers, photographs and visuals that have changed the narrative of living today! Feel free to share some of the other best viral photos you can think of. Happy Photography Day everyone!


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