How Can you get any number of recharge worth Rs. 50 just for Rs.9 on Paytm

Recently Paytm has launched Recharge Voucher Campaign with Groupon India wherein one can use max 3 coupons with one Paytm account & any number can be recharge max of 3 times withing above campaign. One will get Rs.50 Cashback on recharge of Rs.50

Here is a flaw that we have discovered by which you can get Recharge of Rs. 50 just by paying Rs. 9.(Initially you might have to do recharge of Rs.50 by paying).

So if you have N phone numbers then you can get recharge of Rs. N*50*3 just by Paying Rs 50+ N*9*3. 

So if you have 5 mobile number then you can get Recharge of 5*50*3=Rs.750 just by Paying Rs.50+5*9*3 = Rs. 185

  1. Buy Patym Vouchers from Groupon at You can buy any number of coupons (Offer ends on 27th Oct 2014 & coupon code can be used till 30th Oct 2014)
  2. Now do a recharge of Rs. 50 on any mobile number from your verified Paytm account at ( 1st time you might have to recharge by Paying from bank account if you don’t have balance in your wallet) & apply one coupon/voucher code which you have purchased from Groupon (paytm will show that you will receive Rs. 50 Cashback withing 1hr)
  3. Now after 30-40 min you will get the Cashback in your Paytm wallet & do another recharge of Rs. 50 with the received Cashback on your wallet & apply the Groupon coupon. You will receive the Cashback again after 30-40min on this Recharge
  4. Follow step 3 again
  5. Now you can transfer the Cashback which you have received in step 4 to a different Paytm account by using Paytm Wallet – Transfer Money.
  6. Follow from Step 1-5 with the new Paytm account (here you dont have to Pay even in the 1st Step as you have got the initial Rs.50 from another Paytm wallet)

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