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How To Sit Through A Boring Lecture

Find things to do in a boring class
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Ever been to a lecture that was so boring that you wanted to hibernate? If yes, hola! You are our tribe. That crazy teacher who keeps blabbering and making you want to break your skull or you just wish to disappear in thin air. Ha! We’ve been there too. So let us mutually try to discover different ways to entertain ourselves rather than yawning at the face of the professor.

The Classroom
The Classroom

Step 1 : Where’s the girl/boy?

Spot the sexiest girl/boy in the class who you’ve always dream of dating. Yeah, there! He/ she looks hot in your thoughts too. Don’t they? Soak your eyes with their  sweltering avatar and embrace their hotness while you fantasize about your dream Switzerland vacation

Step 2 : Keep yourself covered with food.

That favorite lay flavor, onion and cheese of course is dying to be in your arms and have a waste with your over blooming romantic heart. So grab those holy food packets and sneak into delightful bite every time the professor turns around to signal at the board. But Careful don’t make that chewing sound or you’ll be in trouble in otherwise 😀

Step 3 : Make a bucket list.

YOLO, right? This is me of the most awesome ways to spend and stay alive through the physics or Eco. lecture you are going to have. The procedure is so damn simple. Turn to the last page of your notebook and doodle things you’d want to do before you end up wriggling inside your coffin, gasping for air before you finally want that damn bungee jumping wish to come true.

Step 4 : Cautionary movements

Do you wear specs? If yes, then don’t you ever try sneaking through your phone in middle of the class. That prof. might be bald enough to indicate his age but he sure enough is not that dumb to not notice that reflection your specs are providing.

You do not wear specs? So what? the prof. still isn’t so dumb to not to understand what you’re doing below the desk, unless ahem ahem 😉 😀

Step 5 : Save that second page for your conversation with your bench mate.

Do not ever try passing copies back and forth to your friend who is sitting on the first bench. First the postmen in between might read what you’re talking about and if they turn out to be the teacher’s pet, prepare yourself to rot in the fries of hell. Secondly, your professor has eyes, right? Don’t be too dumb. Criticize your teacher and make a funny list of the stupid things like his constant spitting while saying  “Thurber” and landing those two drops of saliva right on the last bench of your class in a parabolic path.

Now before you thank me, please give me a standing ovation. I definitely deserve a Noble Prize (just joking) for saving your bored ass.


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