Home Grown e-Commerce War (Flipkart vs Snapdeal)

inline_nd6tzqFpXM1slvlj9If you have ever seen a proper Karate or War Movie or have played Action games involving relentless and engaging one on one fighting, you’ll probably be able to draw analogies to the recent e-War going on in the e-Commerce sector. Not only have enterprises gone out of the regular scheme of things by giving abnormally high discounts, they are trying to better one another by cheekily trying to get one up over their opponents through subliminal advertising.

Seldom have we seen offers of this magnitude floating in the e-market place. Android phones being sold for Rs. 2000, High End Laptops being sold of Rs. 20,000, Pen Drives being sold for Rs. 1 and finally a printer which was sold for the nominal price of Rs ZERO.

Whether or not this whole exercise was a marketing gimmick aimed at fooling thee general populace is something which is remaining to be seen for some but for others it really doesn’t matter. Said one avid shopper –
“Customers are scavengers, opportunists and rulers of the e-space all rolled into one. Without us, no enterprise can work and when the enterprises fight tooth and nail in coming up with offers, it’s the customers who ends up with the spoils and reaps the benefits for he is hardly bothered by how the tasks are done. He only wants results.”
There are many accusations being laid against the companies stating that the rates were inflated before the “Garage Sale” and that the volume of discounts offered was more or less same as the prior rate inflation. If that is the case, it would hurt the credibility of the company in many respects, that is if someone does stand up and complain, which none will for there have been cases where the masses have received some outrageously good deals on products. And then there is the E-Commerce lobby in the social media posting photos at regular intervals showing bills stating the Rs 2000 Android purchase or the Free Printer, trying its best to reassure the public that the sale was legitimate and not a scam.
The best that you as viewers and end-receivers of this service can do now is sit back, relax and watch the action unfold, for this fight is like the Penrose staircase, infinite and intriguing.

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Happy shopping comrades.

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