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120+ Hindu Baby Boy Names with Meaning in 2024 | From A-Z

Hindu Baby Boy Names

Parents who are going to welcome a baby boy might be in a dilemma about which name suits their prince charming. With so many Hindu baby boy names available, choosing one that suits their personality and looks may be the hardest task you have ever faced.

Before your prince sets out to conquer the world, make sure his name is handed down to the best of the best. Probably, during this naming journey, you will receive innumerable suggestions about unique baby names from your loved ones or  close friends, which will leave you confused.  To help you choose the best one, we have come up with a plethora of baby boy names and also described their meanings here, which will delight you and make your selection task easier.

Hindu Baby Boy Names with Meaning in Alphabetical Order:

Baby Boy Names Hindu

Here is the complete list of trendy and latest Hindu baby boy names from modern to traditional and their meanings in alphabetical order. This will help you find the name you are thinking of choosing as per your favorite letter. 

Hindu Baby boy names starting with the letter A:

      1 Advik: Exclusive, unique; simply put, one who has no equivalent 

  1. Aayansh: A modern Hindu baby name, which means part of parents, the first ray of light, gift of god. 
  2. Arnav: The meaning of this name is sea or ocean. 
  3. Advay: The name has a sensible meaning and is very unique. It means, “Unique”. 
  4. Adikrti: This means that your baby boy has a hot-tempered personality with powerful emotions.

Hindu Baby boy names starting with the letter B:

  1. Bhaumik: It means, “Lord of the Earth”
  2. Bhoumik: Attached to the earth, Lord of the Earth is its meaning
  3. Bhavin: It is one of the popular names for baby boy, and the boy with this name is called “winner” for the rest of his life.
  4. Bhargava: Coming from Bhrigu, Attaining radiance, Lord Shiva, A good archer, the planet Venus, Lord Shiva 
  5. Bhaskar: It means – sun or someone who illuminates. This name reflects radiance and brightness 

Hindu Baby boy names starting with the letter C:

  1. Chetan: Chetan means life. It refers to a person who has brought enthusiasm and excitement to another’s life.
  2. Chirag: This symbolizes that your little son has spread light in every nook of life.
  3. Chinmay: Supreme Consciousness, Abundant Knowledge, Name of Lord Ganesha
  4. Chandan: Babies names like Chandan are linked with fragrance and purity. In general, it means, “Sandalwood”
  5. Chandra: The word Chandra is derived from the Sanskrit language, which refers to the Moon. It reflects tranquillity and beauty. 

Hindu Baby boy names starting with the letter D:

  1. Daman: There are various meanings of this name, including conquering, self-controlled, rope, taming, and one who controls. 
  2. Dhruv: Dhruv is a typical Hindu name, which means Eternal, Immovable, Pole Star, Steady, Firm
  3. Divy: One who shines like the sun, is extremely luminous, one who searches for divinity, one who can become enlightened
  4. Darsh: Handsome, Sight, Lord Krishna are its mean
  5. Daivik: It is modern, spiritual with a godly meaning, “God’s grace

Hindu Baby boy names starting with the letter E:

  1. Ethiraj: This is one of the unique baby boy names Hindu, which would be perfect for a child born on Monday. It simply means, “Lord Shiva”
  2. Evyavan: An unusual name for Lord Vishnu, which is unique yet traditional
  3. Eashav: Exceptional, Special, Gifted 
  4. Eshaan: Referring to “northeast direction” or “Lord Shiva”. It indicates auspiciousness and strength 
  5. Ekagrah: A boy name which means concentrated or focused. Your child will be single-minded and determined 

Hindu Baby boy names starting with the letter F:

  1. Falgun: The name comes from the Hindu month called “Falgun”. It reflects auspiciousness and beauty
  2. Fateh: Fateh is a Hindi word, which means success or victory. Your little one will be victorious.
  3. Fanibhushan: Another name of Lord Shiva
  4. Fadendra: The independent one 
  5. Fahad: The name derived from the Arabic word – Cheetah or Leopard. It reflects strength and agility 


Hindu Baby boy names starting with the letter G:

  1. Gaurik: Another name of Lord Ganesh. The name reflects the son of Goddess Gauri or mountain-born
  2. Garvit: One amongst Hindu boy names with deep means; “Filled with Pride or Proud is its mean
  3. Ganak: Someone who can calculate well; simply saying, a mathematician, an astrologer 
  4. Galav: Strong, a sage, to worship is its meaning
  5. Gaurav: Referring to respect or pride. Your child will live with respect and dignity

Hindu Baby boy names starting with the letter H:

  1. Hardik: Hardik names for boys signify that your child will give wholeheartedly.
  2. Harshit: Boys having Harshit name are cheerful and happy soul 
  3. Hridaan: It means your little kiddo is blessed with an “immense heart”
  4. Hrithik:  The meaning of this name is, “From the heart”
  5. Harman:  your son will be “everybody’s beloved”

Hindu Baby boy names starting with the letter I:

  1. Ishin: Considered the most attractive baby boy name, it refers to “commanding”
  2. Ikshaan: A Sanskrit noun, which refers to “superintendence/sight”
  3. Idhayan: This catchy name with a distinctive pronunciation refers to “Joy of Heart” 
  4. Ibhan: If your boy is born on Wednesday and you know the name with the letter I, then this will be a good choice. It means, “Lord Ganesha”
  5. Ikshit: Visible, Done with intention, Desired, Beheld 

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Hindu Baby boy names starting with the letter J:

  1. Jay: Jay is a beautiful and evergreen name for boys, means meaning in Hindi – victorious 
  2. Jayant: Jayant has the same meaning as mentioned above “victorious”. It reflects achievement and success 
  3. Jatin: Jatin means focused or disciplined 
  4. Joshit: It is a very unique name, meaning delighted, pleased
  5. Jagdish: The name refers to “Lord of the world/god”. That means a boy is born with divine power and leadership skills.

Baby boy names in Hindu starting with the letter K:

  1. Kairav: A beautiful and unique name for your prince charm, meaning “Born of water”, “White lotus”
  2. Kshitiz: It symbolizes a point where the sea and sky appear to meet. Another meaning is Horizon 
  3. Kanishk: a king who followed Buddhism, an ancient king
  4. Kunal: Kunal is a Hindu yet modern name, which means – Golden, Lotus
  5. Kiaan: your child will be an “ancient king” 


Hindu Baby boy names starting with the letter L:

  1. Lakshit: The name refers to “focused” or targeted”
  2. Lavish: It’s a baby boy name with a different meaning. These are cute, lovable, rich, and also a great alternative to Lav, meaning small particle or tiny. 
  3. Lakshya: It means aim, destination, and target 
  4. Love: As the name suggests, your boy will be a lovable person. 
  5. Lokit: Someone who has dominated the materialistic era, the enlightened one

Hindu Baby boy names starting with the letter M:

  1. Manan: Manan is a cute name, which good meaning in Hindi is Soch and deep thinking in English
  2. Mahit: A great and latest substitute for Mohit name, means honored or esteemed 
  3. Mayin: It means “Creator of Universe”
  4. Mitual: Mitual is an extremely friendly name, meaning “friend”
  5. Mayank: Distinguished, the Moon, Beautiful is its mean


Hindu Baby boy names starting with the letter N:

  1. Naman: To pay homage, Bowing, Salutation 
  2. Nabhas: Appearing in the Blue Sky, Celestial, Heavenly, one who looks the blue sky 
  3. Naveen: One who is a beautiful or pleasant person; new
  4. Nishit: Nishit is a modern name with meaning – Invigorated, Sharp, and Midnight
  5. Naksh: This means, a boy’s “features” are great to define 

Hindu Baby boy names starting with the letter O:

  1. Ojasvat: This is a rare name that you might have ever seen, which means energetic or strong.
  2. Orman: It means, “Mariner”, “Spearman”
  3. Omkrish: A blend of Krishna and Om 
  4. Omav: Incarnation of God, Avatar of Om, Sign of Divinity. 
  5. Ojas: Reflecting “energy” or “vigor”. It refers to vitality and strength
  6. Oorjit: Mighty


Hindu Baby boy names starting with the letter P:

  1. Purnit: It means “complete”
  2. Parthiv: The meaning of this name is, “royal”
  3. Pranay: A lovable name with deep, innocent meaning in Hindi is Pyaar and love or affection in English
  4. Priyansh: It is the most loved and valuable part of something
  5. Purnit: Means – Complete 

Hindu Baby boy names starting with the letter Q:

  1. Qudrat: The name derived from the Arabic word – strength or power. It reflects divine might.
  2. Qamar: It means “Moon”. However, the name is not used in numerous cultures but is considered as a distinctive choice.
  3. Qabil: Acceptor, Son of Adam, another Name for God, Able, Skillful, Efficient
  4. Qadim: Without any end or beginning, primitive, old, ancient, antique 
  5. Qubul: Accepting Concurrence 

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Hindu Baby boy names starting with the letter R:

  1. Reyaansh: It reflects “a ray of light”
  2. Ridhaan: A heartfelt baby boy name, meaning – searcher
  3. Rohil: Rohil means rising, grown
  4. Rijul: If you’re looking for a striking name for your little one, this is the one we suggest. It means – honest and innocent 
  5. Rishabh: Superior, Morality, A musical note, excellent 

Baby boy names starting with the letter S:

  1. Shivansh: This is a good name for a boy who is a blessing of Lord Shiva
  2. Sankalp: Sankalp means determination 
  3. Shresht: Best, superior, king is its meaning. This name will surely make your boy stand out
  4. Sahil: Guide, Seashore
  5. Sudyut: The meaning of this name is “shining beautifully”. This is one of the baby boy names Hindu modern you can consider.


Baby boy names starting with the letter T:

  1. Tanmay: As the name implies, your baby boy will be composed, calm
  2. Tejas: A strong name with crystal clear meaning – glory, bright, energy 
  3. Tahaan: It means “merciful”
  4. Taksheel: The one who has a strong character and Personality
  5. Taarush: Small plant, Conqueror, Victor 

Baby boy names starting with the letter U:

  1. Uthkarsh: Another excellent Hindu baby boy name, which refers to “excellence”
  2. Urijit: Powerful or energized is its mean
  3. Ujesh: Conquering 
  4. Uchit: It means “Correct”
  5. Unal: Strong spirit, Fighter 

Baby boy names starting with the letter V:

  1. Vaidik: The name is related to Veda
  2. Vihaan: Dawn, Morning
  3. Viraj: Viraj name has numerous meanings – Resplendent, the Sun or the King, Biggest in Universe, Pure, Another name for Buddha and Agni 
  4. Vidit: Sage, A learned Man, Lord Indra, Agreed, Known 
  5. Viaan: Viaan means energy and full of life

Baby boy names starting with the letter W:

  1. Writik: It means tendril or small plant, reflecting new beginnings and growth
  2. Wrik: Someone who has a good reputation or who is famous
  3. Wajid: Possessor or someone who finds 
  4. Wihan: Dawn or beginning is its meaning 
  5. Wahab: Giver 

Baby boy names starting with the letter X:

  1. Xankar: Another variant of the name Shankar, Blessing of the God
  2. Xamak: Some who illuminate brightly 
  3. Xetrpati: leader of the people
  4. Xeavi: A new start is its meaning
  5. Xhiva: The one who is full of life and compassionate

Hindu boy names starting with the letter Y:

  1. Yakshit: Permanent, God, one who is made forever
  2. Yagya: A holy ceremony, sacrifice 
  3. Yashmit: Someone who is famous, Famed
  4. Yash: It reflects “Success”, “Glory”, “Victory”
  5. Yukt: Yoked, Prosperous, and United

Hindu boy names starting with the letter Z:

  1. Zaiyaan: Graceful; one who is full of life
  2. Zaiden: To grow, to become greater
  3. Zankrut: your son will be considered “auspicious”
  4. Zarann: It refers to the “flow of water”
  5. Zamrakta: The meaning of this name is – Charming

Closing Words!

Having the best and unique name means that babies have been rewarded with one of the precious gifts by their parents! Before naming your prince, be sure to consider factors. The name you give him should be unique, reflecting your tradition, ethnicity, and your baby’s personality. Remember, your child’s name has a deep impact on his/her image. Hopefully, our curated list of Hindu baby boy names and their meanings will help you choose the best name for your little son.

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