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Popular Indian Baby Names for Girls & Their Meanings in 2024

indian baby names for girls

Best Baby Names for Girls: A newborn is a bundle of joy, and naming him/her can make the welcoming moment unforgettable. If you have recently become a parent of a baby girl and are searching for trendy Indian baby names for girls, then you have reached the right page. 

We understand that finding a modern and extraordinary baby name is difficult as there are thousands of options available to choose from. First of all, you have to be patient and spend your ample time shortlisting a few. The name should be unique yet meaningful, in our opinion. At the same time, it also becomes a reflection of her overall personality. 

Even though, you are the parents of your little princess who think that you will choose the perfect name for her, make sure the name is also something she will cherish and love throughout her life. Now, let’s check the 100 baby girls’ names below with their meanings!

Best Baby Names for Girls & Their Meaning in 2024:

baby names for girls

The below-given top 100 Indian names for girls with meanings will help you in choosing the right name for your lovely daughter, which will match her personality and be classy and trending at the same time.

  • Aadhya – It means “First power”
  • Aaradhya –Worship, a perfect Hindu girl name 
  • Aapti – Fulfillment is its meaning. Baby girls are born to fulfill their parent’s lifetime dream.
  • Aamani – It means “Spring” 
  • Aarna – The name reflects deep meaning, “Ocean or wave”. It showcases the magnificence and beauty of nature. 
  • Aashi – Your daughter will be the reason for Smile. And the smile is the meaning of this name.
  • Aditi – It means boundless/free, and your little princess will be independent and unrestricted by limitations. 
  • Advika – One of the popular Hindu names for girls which means “Unique”. 
  • Ahana – A modern yet Hindu name for your little angel. “It means Inner light”. 
  • Aisha – It denotes – alive or prosperous. The name has vibrancy, vitality, and the essence of life itself. 
  • Akshara – Immutable; letter
  • Alia – If you’re looking for baby girl names inspired by actresses, this is the perfect option. This name means “Noble, exalted”. 
  • Amaira – It means “Beloved princess”. The name Amyra has decency, nobility, and prestigious status.  
  • Amaya – A name with deep meaning, Night rain
  • Ananya – It means Unique/unparalleled
  • Anika – An excellent Hindu name that reflects the Hindu religion in the name itself, “Goddess Durga”.
  • Anvi – The One who dares to stand alone
  • Arya – Noble, honorable. A girl with this name can be a spiritual ideal.
  • Avani – A simple yet unique name with deep meaning, “Earth”
  • Avni – The same meaning as above, “Earth”


  • Bhavya – Gorgeous, magnificent, which means your child will have a strong personality
  • Charvi – The name itself indicates the meaning, Beautiful
  • Dhriti – This is one of those girl names who reflects the “braveness” or “Courage”
  • Diya – Its meaning is the lamp or light, which will bring happiness and prosperity.
  • Eesha – A baby girl name with decency, and it means “Purity”
  • Giva – An attractive, modern, and appealing name for your princess, which refers to a living being
  • Hritika – Your daughter will be bubbly and cheerful
  • Inaya – Gift of God, a fantastic modern name
  • Ishita – Desired and goddess is its meaning. In the Hindu religion, girls are the embodiment of goddesses.
  • Jiya – Heart or sweetheart. This girl’s name holds affection, deep emotion, and the spirit of one’s inner being.
  • Kaira – It means “Princess” 
  • Kiara – The meaning of this name is Dark-haired, small, dark one. Kiara is one of the trendiest girls’ names these days. 
  • Lavanya – A baby girl’s name whose meaning is Grace and beauty
  • Mahika – The name reflects “Dewdrops”
  • Mahira – your little princess is an “Expert”

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  • Navya – your baby girl is “youthful”
  • Niharika – Dew drops or one who is admired for her looks. The name showcases the implications of freshness, new beginnings, and the start of a day.
  • Nitya – A typical traditional name, which means “Eternal and constant”
  • Pari – One who is a princess, a fairy
  • Prisha – It means Beloved, God’s gift
  • Rhea – Rhea is often meant by ease or flow. 
  • Riya – If you’re from a musician family and looking for a relevant name for your daughter, this is the right one, which means “Singer”
  • Saanvi – Goddess Lakshmi is its mean, who brings prosperity and happiness throughout life.
  • Saumya – your daughter is soft; gentle
  • Shanaya – It reflects, “First ray of the sun”
  • Siya – Goddess Sita, the name comes from Ramayana.
  • Tanisha – The name means, “Ambition, desire”. Simply put, your daughter will have leadership skills, determination, and ambition.
  • Trisha – The name Trisha represents wish or desire.
  • Vanya – One who is a gracious gift of God
  • Vedika – This name suggests that one who knows abundance
  • Zara – Princess, flower, radiance, bright. Give baby girls a name to help them shine!
  • Aarini – The adventurous one. However, the name is not widely known or a traditional name, so its particular meaning may vary based on cultural content or individual interpretation.
  • Aarushi – “First ray of the sun”. It reflects a new start, positivity, and hope. 
  • Adhira – This is one of the best baby girl names Indian who has more than one meaning – Lightning and strong.
  • Amrita – Immortal. The name is often known for its positive associations and spiritual significance. 

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  • Anaya – Without a superior
  • Anisha – Anisha name meaning is Good Friend; Intimate; Close; Without Darkness; Continous; Light; Unceasing; Close; Generous
  • Anushka – A term of endearment
  • Aria – Melody, air. It is a Hindi-originated name with 4 letters. 
  • Avisha – This baby girl’s name means, “Gift of God”
  • Bhavika – your daughter will bring happiness and prosperity. It also means righteous or pious. 
  • Charu –One of the best baby names for girls, which is something related to “Beautiful or attractive”.
  • Divya – The meaning of this name is Divine, heavenly, Charming, brilliant
  • Esha – It means – Desire, wish
  • Gayatri – The name Gayatri means, “Mother of the Vedas”
  • Hamsini – A perfect Holy name for the Letter H, and it means Goddess Saraswati
  • Ishani – A perfect Hindu name for girls, which means Companion of Lord Shiva
  • Janya – Never heard of this name? If this is her letter then call her Janya. And that means life.
  • Kashvi – Something shining, glowing, or bright
  • Kriti – Creation, work of art is its mean 
  • Lekha – As its name implies, it indicates something related to writing or document
  • Mahima – Greatness, glory is its mean
  • Manya – Be Grateful Because Your Daughter Will Be “Respectable”
  • Mishka – Gift of love. Isn’t this one of the cutest names for girls?
  • Myra – A classy yet modern name for baby girl, which means – Admirable


  • Nandini – Daughter, Goddess Durga
  • Neha – The meaning of this name is Love, rain
  • Nisha – Night, Dream, Women
  • Oviya – your daughter is an “Artist”
  • Pranavi – A perfect Hindu name for a baby girl, meaning “Goddess Parvati”
  • Rashi – Sign of the zodiac
  • Sanvi – goddess Lakshmi, Knowledge 
  • Shreya – It means Auspicious, fortunate
  • Tanvi – The one who is Delicate and tender
  • Urvi – The meaning of this name is Earth
  • Vaanya – The meaning of this name is a gracious gift of God
  • Vaishnavi – Another name of Goddess Parvati
  • Vidhi – She is lucky or has a destiny
  • Yashvi – Fame, a fortune in her life. 
  • Zoya – The name is associated with strength, brightness, and vitality
  • Aadhira – Aadhira means Moon
  • Aarohi – It means “ Musical notes”
  • Akshita – your little kiddo is a “wonder girl”
  • Amisha – Someone who is beautiful
  • Anshika – Someone who brings brightness, positivity, and warmth
  • Aria – A unique name that means, ‘Noble”
  • Avantika – She is the “Queen”
  • Bhavya – Grand, as its name suggests
  • Chhaya – The meaning of this name is – Shadow 
  • Ishita –  Daughter will bring “wealth”


  • Best baby girl name starting with “S”?

Best names starting with “S” are Saanvi, Shreya & Sita.

  • Best girl name starting with “M”?

Best names for girl starting with “M” are Myra, Mahima & Manya

  • Best baby name for girl starting with “I”?

Best baby girl names starting with “I” are Ishita, Ishani & Indhu

  • Best girl name starting with “A”?

Best girl names starting with “A” are Aditi, Alia & Ananya.

  • Best name for girl starting with “N”?

Best names for baby girl starting with “N” are Neha, Nisha & Niveditha

Closing Words!

Naming a child in Hinduism is a celebratory affair, which is burdensome as well as exciting. When you search for baby names for girls, you might be selective about the letter or sound of the name starting with that letter. You may have a traditional formula in mind or you may want to keep it simple or concise. When it comes to finding baby girl names, parents can either be gender-specific or look for broadly fashionable baby names of girls.

To help you choose the right name for your little one that is in line with the latest trends, we have come up with a complete list of baby names for girls above. By reading the names given above, you will get an idea of ​​which name is beautiful for your princess. If you have any other name in mind, then comment below and share your opinion with us!

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