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Top 8 Baby Soap Brands in India

Top Baby Soap Brands in India

Baby’s skin is extremely delicate, soft, and supple. Hence, not all soaps are good for the babies’ skin. It can make their skin harsh and dry off. Therefore, you need to have the best soap for your baby that is free from harsh chemicals and fights against infection.

Keeping parents’ concerns in mind, I have listed some of the best Top 8 baby soap brands in India formulated by experts without using chemicals. Let’s dive into the top brands you can use on your baby’s skin.

Price List of Best Baby Soaps to Buy in India 2024

Best Bath Soap for New Borns Price in INR/-
Sebamed Baby Soap ₹285/-
Baby Soap by Dove ₹54/-
Jhonson’s Baby Soap ₹78/-
Himalaya Baby Soap ₹68/-
Mamaearth Moisturizing Baby Bathing Soap bar ₹102/-
MeeMee Nourishing Baby Soap ₹99/-
Moisil Baby Soap ₹68/-
Dabur Baby Soap ₹147

Note: The above-mentioned prices may vary for all baby soaps based on the purchase medium. As different domains/apps have different prices listed.

List of Best Baby Soaps in India – Review

We have tested several best bath soap for newborns. Moreover, we have considered several things including pH. Based on intense research, we concluded these baby soap brands are best to have for your babies.

1. Sebamed Baby Soap 

Sebamed baby soap | Top Baby Soap Brand in India


The baby cleanser bar from Sebamed helps to clean the child’s sensitive skin. The child’s skin doesn’t become dry from using soap. The child’s skin becomes moisturized and nourished after using this soap. This soap is considered the ideal choice for a child’s fragile skin because it is alcalescent-free. The soap’s components undergo various testing procedures. As to make sure to keep the delicate skin of babies safe and clean. The soap aids in safeguarding the children’s skin from allergens and helps to prevent dryness.

You can all find body wash and baby skin moisturizers from Sebamed that will help maintain the PH of the baby’s skin.

2. Baby Dove Rich Moisture Bathing Bar & Body Wash

baby dove soap | Best Soap for Baby


The next best soap for babies is Dove. It includes extra benefits that a newborn’s sensitive skin should take; this soap is best suited for newborns. After using the dove baby soap the baby’s skin is left feeling softly scented and moisturized. It is regarded as the finest soap for a baby’s sensitive skin. The skin of the youngster gets smooth and moisturized if applied daily. The product’s 100% natural and secure components give the baby’s skin a soft texture.

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3. Johnson’s Baby Soap – Best Baby Soap Brand in India

Johnson’s Baby Soap bar | Best Baby Soap Brand in India


Almost of parents choose Johnson’s Baby Soap as the most reliable soap for their children. The soap is quite mild and gives the skin good benefits. The skin is moisturized and nourished for 24 hours after using the soap. The soap’s vitamin E content helps shield a child’s skin against allergies, like blisters and irritation.

4. Himalayas Baby Soap

Himalaya Baby Soap


Himalaya Gentle Soap tends to cleanse a baby’s skin and gives it a delicate, soft appearance.  The Himalaya baby soap contains olive and almond oil, which is completely healthy for the skin and makes it supple, delicate, and moisturized. Due to a team of specialists’ clinical testing, the soap is completely safe. It doesn’t include synthetic colors, or parabens and has a subtle scent. That’s why Himalaya comes in the best baby soap names. As it helps in keeping hygiene and maintaining the Skin moisture level of the baby.


5. Mamaearth Baby Moisturizing Bathing Bar

mamaearth baby soap | Best Baby Soap Brand in India


Mamaearth’s Bathing soap for Babies is free from all chemicals. All the products from mamaearth for babies are hygienic and safe. Using mamaearth’s baby soap the baby’s skin is nourished and kept clean. Milk is one of the many natural components in soap. The soap’s inclusion of vitamin A and selenium helps to nourish the skin.

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6. MeeMee Nourishing Baby Soap

MeeMee Nourishing Baby Soap | Top Baby Soap Brand in India


If you are looking for the best baby soap in India, then MeeMee is the best.  The best soap is MeeMee Nourishing Baby Soap, which keeps a baby’s skin from drying out. Fruit ingredients & aloe vera both aid in preventing skin irritability. The MeeMee baby soap helps in keeping the baby’s skin moisturized and hydrated. And it will keep the baby’s skin soft thanks to the almond oil present in the baby soap. This soap doesn’t contain any dangerous ingredients, it is safe for your newborn or toddler.

7. MOISIL Baby Soap

MOISIL Baby SoapMOISIL is the best baby soap brand in India because it includes vitamin E, milk cream, tea tree oil, and olives. The soap can be used for both babies and toddlers. Where it will help moisturize and soften the skin. There are anti-inflammatory and therapeutic qualities. The dry skin is fed and moisturized. Access to vitamin E supplements aids in enhancing skin tone.

8. Dabur Baby Soap 

Dabur Baby Soap | Top Baby Soap Brands in India


Dabur’s baby soap contains 100% natural ingredients and no chemicals added. It contributes to the baby’s skin’s protection, making it supple and delicate. The aloe vera in the soap helps to keep the skin deeply nourished. Because the soap doesn’t include any harsh additives, it is ideal for a newborn. It produces a creamy lather that moisturizes and softens the child’s skin.

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Bottom Line

These are some of the top brands of soaps for newborn babies. You can try this soap on your baby’s skin. However, be sure to avoid those who have harsh chemicals and paraben. Also, with the list of baby soap brands for kids in India, you will be able to decide quickly and choose the right one.

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  • When choosing a soap for your baby, be sure to avoid those that have harsh chemicals or parabens. These ingredients can irritate your baby’s delicate skin. It’s also important to choose a soap that is pH balanced, as this will help to maintain your baby’s natural skin barrier.