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Top Gyms Near Me With Fees Structure

The entire world is obsessed with fitness, nutrition and health today! Everyone wants great skin and the best body! Naturally, more and more people are looking for best gyms near me, and trying to make most use of these gyms. You can easily find some best gyms near me under 500, but some can take a toll on your expenses and have a high fees structure.

Exercising and eating nutritious food is important for getting fresh oxygen, blood flow to the heart, healthier gut and working bones and muscles.

Delhi has one of the best gyms in the country and the best part is that these gyms are affordable, easily accessible and convenient. Some of these gyms have fees under 500 which is a steal as compared to gyms that have a starting price of Rs.10,000/ month. So, if you are looking for gyms near me with fees structure under 500, let us tell you some of the best gyms in Delhi.


Best Gyms in Delhi- Evolution Fitness Gym

Evolution Fitness Gym, located in Dwarka, Delhi is a no-hassle gym. If you are a health nut but low on budget, you should definitely try out this gym. They have qualified trainers and nutritionists with cardio, aerobics and strength training all under one roof! The gym is open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm and the best part is that it is very cost-effective. With a rating of 4.5/5, the gym membership is only Rs.1,000/month. They also provide exciting membership discounts, membership freezing, merchandise and live sessions. The gym is a great offer for any fitness freak and is a must-try. Well, not the best gym near me with fees under 500, but if you can increase your budget slightly, you can definitely have a great workout here.

Best Gyms in Delhi- Peak Fitness

If you are looking to give your body an entire makeover through sculpting and weight loss, and on the lookout for the best gym near me, Peak Fitness gym is the perfect option for you. If you live in HumayunPur or anywhere near that area, the gym is near you; affordable and enriched with a variety of perks. Loaded with top-notch equipment, trainers and dieticians, the monthly membership starts from Rs.1,000 and is a steal for anyone who is looking to transform their life. This gym which has a weekly fee of under Rs.500 is fully air-conditioned, has a locker room and a changing room. The gym is a paradise for a fitness lover.

Best Gyms in Delhi- Body ‘N’ Soul

If you live near Dwarka, Delhi and type ‘best gyms near me’ or ‘best gyms near me with fees structure’ the Body ‘n’ Soul gym will definitely pop up and must to be your first choice. The gym focuses on overall fitness with CrossFit and functional training being their main choice of interest. The monthly fees is less than Rs.1,000 and you also get a free diet chart and general training. The fee structure is extremely flexible and customer-focused. The gym is a steal for anyone looking to transform their lives within a tight budget.

Best Gyms in Delhi- Fitness Tree


All the people living in Model Town, Delhi searching for ‘gym near me with fees under 500’ or frantically looking for ‘good gyms near me’ need to stop looking and just go to Fitness Tree. They are open from Monday to Saturday from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. They also have student discounts and up to 23% off at specific times of the year. Having an average review of 4.0/5.0, the gym is one of the best gyms in Delhi with a very flexible and budget-friendly fee structure.

Best Gyms in Delhi- Dhronacharya’s The Gym

The gym is a one-stop destination when it comes to yoga, aerobics, strength training and cardio. They have personalized diet plans and trainers who help you get fit and lose weight. The gym is open from Monday to Friday and is a perfect destination if you are looking for the best gym in Delhi with fee structure. Affordable and great in quality, this is one of the best gyms in Delhi. So, get the best running shoes and start your fitness journey now.

Best Gyms in Delhi- The Gym Health Planet

Located in Janakpuri, Delhi, the Gym Health Planet, is a gym that is gaining immense popularity, opening chains pan-India. Equipped with a health store, fitness spa and state-of-the-art equipment, they are a fitness lover’s dream. If you are looking for good gyms near me with fees, a flexible fee structure (freezing membership, easy refunds, complimentary onepass), the Gym Health Planet is the way to go. They also provide exciting offers and passes which let you work out in the gym or in the comfort of your home. Focusing on each client’s needs, the trainers at the gym help you achieve your health goals in a timely manner. They have a plethora of activities, from yoga to kickboxing to CrossFit, the gym is ready to cater: ‘Young or Old. Fit or Unfit.’ Fond of yoga? Check out these ten yoga essentials and start your thrill now.

Best Gyms in Delhi- Fluid Fitness



Fluid Fitness, is one of the best gyms in Delhi. Mastering Zumba, group exercises, aerobics and even fitness counselling sessions, the gym has personal trainers, certified coaches and dieticians who are there to help you! They also have Gold, Silver and Platinum memberships. The Fluid Fitness has a flexible fee structure, starting with Rs. 1,000 per month. If you want to give undivided attention to your fitness, you need to try Fluid Fitness. If you search for the ‘best gyms near me with fees’ in Delhi, you will surely witness Fluid Fitness in the list.

Best Gyms in Delhi- Strong Core Fitness Club

If you live near Hauz Khas and you google ‘best gyms near me’, The Strong Core Fitness Club has to top your Google Search! This gym is a paradise for the gym nuts who not only love working out but also love to gain knowledge on nutrition and fitness. The gym is open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm and costs about Rs. 2,000/ month. They have a dedicated team of nutritionists and certified trainers who help people achieve their health goals. You may not get the best gyms near me under 500, but go a little beyond your budget and you will one some of the best gyms in Delhi.

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Best Gyms in Delhi- Fluid Gym N Spa

With 16 operational health clubs across the NCR, The Fluid Gym N Spa is one of the largest gym chains in the region. Equipped with world-class machinery, a dedicated cardio section, and services like personal training, group classes and a fully equipped spa, they are one of the best gyms in Delhi. Their monthly fee ranges from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 1,300 which is totally worth for this gym paradise.

Best Gyms in Delhi- Anytime Fitness

True to its name, Anytime Fitness is accessible to its members 24×7 days. You also get the liberty to work out according to your convenience in any of their fitness centres. If you live in Model Town and are looking for ‘best gyms near me with fees structure’, the Anytime Fitness should be your go-to option! They also have a variety of good gym equipment, personal and general trainers and dieticians. They delve into a plethora of workouts from cardio to boxing to strength training to help their clients achieve their goals. The Anytime Fitness promises you your health without a financial burden. Their monthly fee is under Rs. 2,000, making it affordable for the common man.

Takeaways- Best Gyms Near Me

With this list of best gyms near me with fees structure, these gyms promise your health, weight loss and fitness without mentally stressing you with fee, finances and money! Remember, it is very important to exercise but it is also equally important to associate yourself with a gym which understands your needs and suits you financially! Go a little beyond your thought of ‘gyms near me under 500’ and extend your budget slightly, and you will definitely get some of the best gyms in Delhi.

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