Top 10 Sanitary Pad Brands in India – Buyer’s Guide

Best Sanitary Pad Brands in India

In India, there are various brands in the sanitary napkin (commonly known as menstrual pads) market, all vying to offer the best menstrual pads. Several brands are known for their superior quality and absorbency and have become leaders in the industry. Some of the best sanitary pad brands in India include Whisper, Stayfree, and Sofy. These brands offer a comprehensive selection of sanitary napkins for different preferences and flow strengths. Focusing on comfort, leak resistance, and innovation, these insoles are popular with women. The competitive market also ensures pad prices are reasonable and makes it accessible to a wide range of people.

How to Choose the Best Sanitary Napkin

  • Absorbency Level: Consider your flow intensity and choose a napkin with an appropriate absorbency level. Some products are labeled for light, moderate, or heavy flow.
  • Size and Shape: Sanitary pads come in various sizes and shapes. Choose one that provides sufficient coverage and fits comfortably. Some brands offer sizes, such as regular, long, or overnight.
  • Material: Look for pads made from breathable and comfortable materials, like cotton. Avoid products with excessive use of synthetic materials, as they may irritate.
  • Wings or No Wings: Wings help secure the pad and prevent leaks. Many women find wings more comfortable and effective, especially during physical activities.
  • Thickness and Comfort: Consider the thickness of the napkin and choose one that provides the right balance between comfort and absorbency. Some women prefer thinner pads for a more discreet feel.
  • Hypoallergenic and Fragrance-Free: Opt for hypoallergenic and fragrance-free options to reduce the risk of skin irritation or allergic reactions.
  • Budget: Consider your budget, as sanitary napkins come in various price ranges. However, prioritize your comfort and health over cost.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: Read reviews or seek recommendations from friends to get insights into the performance and comfort of different brands and products.
  • Environmental Impact: If environmental concerns are important, consider eco-friendly options such as biodegradable or reusable menstrual products.

Price of Pads in India – Top Brands List

Sanitary Pad BrandsAvailable SizesStarting Price
WhisperRegular, XL,XL+, XXL, XXXL₹45/-
StayfreeRegular, XL, XXL₹40/-
SofyRegular, Slim, XL, XL+₹35/-
NuaRegular, L, XL, XL+₹200/-
PareeRegular, XL, XL+, XXL₹45/-
NiineRegular, XL, XL+₹45/-
EverEveM, L, XL, XXL₹106/-
The Woman's CompanyS, Regular, L, XL, XXL₹240/-
CarmesiL, XL, XXL₹130/-
KotexL, XL, XXL₹80/-

Comparison Sanitary Pads & Tampons Which is Better

Sanitary Pads


  • Ease of Use: Pads are generally considered easier to use, especially for those who are new to menstruation. They are externally worn and don’t require insertion.
  • Risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome): Pads pose a lower risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome compared to tampons.
  • Visibility: Pads can be bulkier and may create a visible line under tight clothing.
  • Discreetness: Tampons are more discreet as they are worn internally, making them less visible under clothing.
  • Absorbency: Tampons come in various absorbency levels, providing options for different flow intensities.
  • Environmental Impact: Some argue that tampons have a smaller environmental footprint compared to pads, as they generally produce less waste.

List of 10 Best Sanitary Pads Brands in India

1. Whisper



Whisper Ultra Soft are P&G products and the best sanitary pads in India. These pads contain 500 air pores for an airy feel and help to prevent irritation and also be rash-free. Whisper Ultra Soft pads are 20 percent and wider back so that it is leakage-protected. The dual action helps to lock the odor and moisture. Pads ultra-thin and testes by dermatologists. They are softer compared to ordinary Sanitary pads.

2. Stayfree



Stayfree sanitary pads are a popular choice among women seeking reliable period protection. Recognized for their comfort and superior absorption, Stayfree offers a range of pads for women to meet diverse needs. With a commitment to innovation and hygiene, Stayfree remains a trusted brand in the realm of feminine hygiene, providing reliable and comfortable period pads.

3. Sofy



Sofy Anti Bacteria is one of the best sanitary pads in India. These pads are 99.9% bacteria protection and offer the best hygiene. They are ultra-thin pads that are soft and give comfort with leakage protection. The gel-lock technique absorbs and prevents overflowing. They have a unique perfume fragrance that keeps fresh and also you do not need to worry about the odor. They are wide walls and a wide back. Sofy napkins are rash-free and do not cause irritations.


4. Nua

Best Sanitary Pad Brands in India


Focusing on the needs and requirements of women, Nua is the first customizable pad brand in India. One of the best sanitary napkins in India to date. You can customize the pads according to your flow which is medium, heavy, and light through their website and order accordingly. They are clinically tested and certified by gynecologists.  The best sanitary pad in India for sensitive skin. Nua pads are completely safe, rash-free, very soft, and ultra-thin. They even provide disposal covers with pads for easy convenience.

5. Paree


Paree sanitary pads have gained acclaim as among the best sanitary pads in India, catering to the specific needs of women. Known for their quality and comfort, Paree offers a range of pads designed to ensure maximum protection during periods. Trusted by women nationwide, Paree is synonymous with excellence in feminine hygiene.

6. Niine

Niine | Best Sanitary Pad Brands in India


Niine sanitary pads stand out as some of the best sanitary pads in India, dedicated to providing optimal comfort and protection for women during their periods. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Niine offers a diverse range of pads crafted to meet varying needs. Trusted by women across the country, Niine has become synonymous with reliability and excellence in feminine hygiene, making it a go-to choice for many.

7. EverEve

Evereve | Best Sanitary Pad Brands in India


Evereve sanitary pads have earned a reputation as among the best sanitary pads in India, tailored to meet the specific needs of women. Known for their superior quality and commitment to hygiene, Evereve offers a range of pads designed for optimal comfort and protection during periods. Trusted by women nationwide, Evereve stands as a reliable choice for feminine hygiene.

8. The Woman’s Company

Best Sanitary Pad Brands in India


The Woman’s Company sanitary pads have gained recognition as some of the best in India, prioritizing women’s comfort and protection during periods. Renowned for their quality, these pads offer a reliable solution for feminine hygiene. With a commitment to excellence, The Woman’s Company stands out as a trusted choice, ensuring women experience optimum comfort and hygiene during their menstrual cycles.

9. Carmesi


One of the best sanitary pad brands in India is completely organic. If you are a person with sensitive skin, then Carmesi Sanitary pads are the perfect match for you. The features of these pads are completely plant-based and it is rash rash-free, irritant-free, and also chlorine-free. These pads are clinically tested and certified by gynecologists. It has wide back coverage, ultra-thin, soft, and very comfortable. They also have different sizes and you can choose the size according to your requirements.

10. Kotex


Kotex sanitary pads are synonymous with quality and reliability, making them among the best sanitary pads in India. Tailored to meet the diverse needs of women, Kotex pads offer superior comfort and protection during periods. With a trusted reputation, Kotex remains a popular choice, providing women with a dependable solution for hygiene.


1. How often should the pad be changed?

According to professional advice, it is said to change the pads every 4 hours once.

2. Can disposable pads be reused?

No, you shouldn’t use any disposed pads or pads that have been out of the pack. Always go for a fresh one.

3. Can I wear pads while swimming or exercising?

You can’t wear pads while swimming or exercising instead you can use menstrual cups.

4. Do scented pads have any health risks?

It might or it might not as it depends on the individual and their senses. As few women might be allergic or sensitive to fragrances.

5. How to dispose of a sanitary pad?

  1. Wrap it securely: After use, wrap the sanitary pad securely in its wrapper or use toilet paper to create a secure bundle. This helps contain any odor and prevents the pad from unfolding.
  2. Use disposal bags: Some sanitary product manufacturers provide disposal bags with their products. If not, you can use small plastic or biodegradable bags designed for this purpose.
  3. Dispose of in designated bins: In public places, use designated bins provided in restrooms for the disposal of sanitary products. These bins are often lined with special disposal bags.

6. How long do periods last?

Periods in regular lasts for 2 to 7 days.


In summary, those are some of the best sanitary pad brands in India you can count on. As feminine hygiene is essential always remember to be hydrated and keep yourself healthy.

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