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Ten Top Gyms Near Me With Fees

Are you juggling to find the best gyms in Bangalore on a budget? Here is the checklist of the top gyms near me that have affordable fees and boast countless gym equipment.

People are concerned about their health and fitness these days. More than that, going to the gym became a trend so everyone is trying to find the best gyms that don’t hit their pocket and serve amendable services to achieve Fitness.

In this blog, we have curated the list of ten best gyms near me with a fee structure. So, you can easily decide which gym suits you the most. But before finding the best gyms near me, let us understand the benefits of gym and exercise.

Let’s scroll down and read about them.

Gyms Near Me | Benefits of Gym and Exercise

Today, fitness is considered the prime parameter of good health. Regular exercising in the gym with complete guidance from professional trainers can help to achieve a fit body. More than that, a regular gym can also help boost your energy level and improve your muscle strength.

A gym workout is also a great way to improve overall health and keep your body functional. Above this, it further helps lower the risk of several diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, heart stroke, and many more. Exercise can help to control body weight and maintain Fitness to live a longer and healthier life. Apart from the gym, yoga and running are also great for building stamina and can help you stay fit. Check out these top ten yoga essentials for your fitness regime.

Gyms in Bangalore | Best Gyms Near Me With Fees Structure

Check out our exclusive list of gyms near me.

Best Gyms in Bangalore- Haute Fitness

Arguably, Haute Fitness is one of the best gyms in Bangalore. This is where all the young gym freaks love to go as it is equipped with top-notch modern gym machines and professional trainers who help you gain a fit and lean body. If you google up ‘gyms near with fees structure’, this would be one of the first gyms to show in the list.

Many gym members also suggest that this is the swankiest place to do a workout and the ambience environment keeps you motivated all the time. The best thing is you can join the gym with the least fees of Rs 600. Thought not any gym near me under 500, but extend your budget slightly and you will find the best gyms in Bangalore.

Membership: Rs 15,000

Best Gyms in Bangalore- Snap Fitness 

Snap Fitness Bangalore is probably the right choice if you are looking for the perfect gym near me with free under 500. Snap Fitness is considered the leader of the fitness industry. The gym always strives to offer top-class services to the customers and has a result-oriented approach. You will get the branches of this gym in multiple locations. Indeed, one of the best gyms in Bangalore for your fitness routine.

Membership: Rs 17,000

Best Gyms in Bangalore- Vriddhi Fitness

Vriddhi is the first clinical-based fitness and wellness gym centre in Bangalore. This fitness gym provides you with many services, including weight gain programs, weight loss programs, cardiovascular workouts, bodybuilding exercises, and regular fitness exercises.


The gym is located in Bannerghatta & Jayanagar, which is easily accessible from all places. However, the gym is costly, but it is worth it if you want to achieve overall fitness. It might not be the best gym near me with fees under 500, but indeed one of the best gyms near me in Bangalore.

Membership: Rs 30,000 onward

Best Gyms in Bangalore- F45 Training

F45 training is amongst the best gyms in Bangalore which offer high-intensity interval training. Moreover, the gym is ripped with functional training given by the certified trainers. The professional trainers design the workout plans according to the body type of the individuals. Google up best gyms near me, and this will surely show in the list.

Apart from gyming, you can also form a routine for jogging and running, because they help in building your stamina. Check out the best running shoes and start your fitness routine.

Membership: Rs. 40,000

Best Gyms in Bangalore- Hammer Fitness

Hammer Fitness is the worthiest gym near me, which renders all kinds of fitness services. The gym trainers always offer the best-customized solution to the individuals and help them maintain their fitness level. Furthermore, the programs also include Kettlebell training, Bollywood dancing, Zumba training, circuit training. This gym is located in an HSR layout which is too accessible from all locations.

Membership: Rs. 25,000

Best Gyms in Bangalore- Power World Gyms


Power World fitness gyms are one of the best budget-friendly gyms near me with fees under 500. The gym is highly spacious and situated in an excellent locality. Here, you will get various weight gain programs, weight loss programs, cardiovascular workouts, bodybuilding, and fitness exercises. Power World Gyms has multiple locations across the different regions in Bangalore. Go for this best gym near me and start your fitness regime today.

Membership: Rs, 3000

Best Gyms in Bangalore- Kaizen Fitness

Kaizen Fitness gym is situated in JP Nagar. You will get general fitness programs, functional training, weight gain, weight loss, and bodybuilding. Kickboxing, Yoga, Zumba, and Aerobics-Jazzercise are other fitness programs offered by the fitness center. This is an all-in-one perfect gym near me.

Besides that, it offers a great motivational environment, highly efficient and changing rooms. The best thing is you can also book the free trial to ensure that the gym is right for you or not.

Membership: Rs. 35, 400

Best Gyms in Bangalore- Invictus Athletic Club

Are you finding the best gym near me in Bangalore? Invictus Athletic Club is the ideal choice to have. This gym covers three distinct areas and creates tailored training programs that give you a joyful experience. Apart from this, it is laced with modern fitness equipment and has a professional trainer who helps to track your fitness journey at every step. The gym is located at Sarjapur Main Rd, and will indeed be the best gym near me if you are staying in that location.

Membership: Rs, 23000

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Best Gyms in Bangalore- We Fitness

We Fitness offers result-oriented quality fitness programs based on the type of the body and health condition. This is amongst the most reputable gyms in Bangalore. Here, you can choose your fitness plans and activities ranging from Zumba, Cross-functional training, yoga classes, and swimming under one roof. This might not be the best gym near me under 500 but is surely worth all the money you spend.

Membership: Rs, 18,000

Best Gyms in Bangalore- Lotus Sports & Fitness

Lotus Sports & Fitness is the highly spacious and organized gym near me. This fitness centre offers mind-blogging solutions and exciting offers for its prime members. Besides that, this gym also offers functional training, swimming, Zumba, yoga classes, and swimming classes.

Membership: Rs. 40,000 onwards.

Conclusion- Best Gyms Near Me

So, here you go. Now you have the top ten gyms in Bangalore which serve you great fitness programs to achieve the perfect body and health. You can choose any one of the fitness gyms and achieve your body goals easily. If you are still not sure about the quality and fees structure, just google up the ‘best gym near me with fees’ and give the place a visit. You will then be able to find the best gym for you, and will definitely get some of the best gyms in Bangalore.



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