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10+ Best Green Pant Matching Shirt Combinations with Photos

green pant matching shirt

Green Pant Matching Shirt Combinations: Green, one of the most unique and beautiful colors in shirts, is usually preferred by most people during formal occasions. A blue, grey, or brown tie is enough to add charm to your outfit. Whether you are wearing a green pant or a green shirt, there are enough shades available in the market to make this option perfect for everyone. 

However, most people end up getting confused with the shade and combination to make it worth a while. Well, there isn’t a formula that can help you solve the problem, but there are some color options that go well with green pants. If you are in the market and looking for a stylish green pant matching shirt, then here are some simple but reliable suggestions that you can take into consideration. 


Instead of wasting any more time, let’s take a deep dive with our top pick for a light green pant matching shirt:

Best Green Pant Matching Shirt Combinations for Men 2024: 

1. Off-White Shirt and Green Pant Combo: 

off white shirt green pant | green pant matching shirt

If you don’t want to spend money on the purchase of a new shirt, then going off-white with your shirt choice is the easiest option. Most people have off-white shirts in their wardrobe, and off-white shirts are the perfect combination for various outfits. If you don’t have one, this color is worth your money.  You can wear light green pants (faded ones will look extra awesome), add a brown tie, and wear brown loafer shoes. 

Wearing silver accessories like a ring or bracelet is an option but will add extra layers to your outfit. With that said, you can consider a brown belt as well. The reasons behind preferring off-white shirts are softer appearance, eco-conscious, and versatility. 

2. Black Shirt and Green Pants Combo:

Black Shirt and Green Pants Combination

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when combining green pants and a black shirt? Probably, it reflects formal and casual clothing styles. In this green pant matching shirt pair, wear a dark jacket with olive green chinos and a black shirt, which will ultimately create a casual outfit. For a formal look, complete the overall look with brown oxfords, a black button-down, and a jacket.


3. Red Shirt and Green Pants Combo: 

Red Shirt and Green Pants matching

If you love bright colors or want to experiment with bright contrasts, then this combination is for you. A red shirt with green pants will surely make you stand out in the crowd. You can wear cuffed green trousers with a three-quarter sleeve shirt and finally pair it with a braided belt to get a striking look. Bring style and feel by trying this combo this festive season.

4. White Shirt and Green Pants Combination:

white and green | light green pant matching shirt

Grey is a popular color when it comes to pairing green bottoms. The cool tone and light color combine to make a perfect shade for green pants. This look is especially ideal for those looking for the perfect dark green pant matching shirt idea. Try green chinos and a grey T-shirt or look fashionable by pairing colors like green pants with a grey crewneck teak and leather jacket.


5. Denim Jacket and Green Pants Combo:

Denim Jacket and Green Pants Combo

In men’s fashion, denim shirts with green bottoms like chinos are the best combination. And when you wear a white t-shirt with a denim jacket with green pants, you become the essence of a charismatic look. They are the best green pants combination ideas styled with a black, neutral, or yellow undershirt. Combine it with dark footwear, and you are all set to astound.


6. Pink Shirt and Green Pants Combo:

Pink Shirt and Green Pant matching

Pink is probably neither the first nor the last choice of shirt to wear with green pants for men. But wait, you are ignoring the best color combination. Keep in mind the fact that if pink and green are styled together in the right way, it will look great. Choose a checkered print shirt and light green pants for a cool look. If you are looking for light green pant combination shirt ideas, this would be a great choice.


7. Yellow Shirt and Green Pants Combo:

Yellow and Green | green Pant matching shirt

If you buy a yellow shirt and are wondering which green color will look good with it, choose light green or dark green pants. This combination idea will not disappoint you. The warm tone of the yellow shirt will bring out your best features in sharp contrast to make you look apart on any occasion. In our opinion, you should try it with olive green pants.


8. Blue Shirt with Green Pants Combination:

Blue and green | light green pant matching shirt

One of the most popular pants and shirt pairs in the men’s fashion era is a blue shirt and green bottoms, especially olive green pants. These balance out the darker tones of the olive green bottoms, giving you a striking yet subtle look. This pairing can be great for both casual and formal events.

9. Sweatshirt with Green Pants Combo: 

sweat shirt green pant combinations

Planning to go on a date or a club or a concert? Well, wearing a black, off-white, or white turtleneck with green pants will look good. Among all the colors, black is the most preferred as it goes well with every other color, and green bottoms are not unlike. You can also wear light green pants or green chino to exude your green pants men’s outfit. 

10. Black Blazer with Green Pants Combination:

Black Blazer with Green Pant Combination

Do you want to look professional and stylish with your outfit? So wear a stylish pair of black blazer, green pants and a white shirt. You can also wear a necktie for a more official look. This pair is perfect for formal events or business meetings.

11. Blue Blazer with Green Pants Combo:

Blue Blazer with Green Pants matching shirt

Don’t have a blue blazer in your office wardrobe? Still not! Then buy the perfect blazer without thinking. Ideal for both dark shirts and neutral shirts, a blue blazer is the most versatile and unique color combination, especially if worn with olive green pants. You can also wear a white button-down shirt under the blazer to complete the look.

12. Gray Blazer with Green Pants Combo:

Gray Blazer with Green Pants

A classy green pant matching shirt for men, the combination of a grey blazer and green pants gives you an eye-catching look and also helps you stand out among the guests. Styling Tip by our experts: leave the blazer unbuttoned and flaunt your body with a crisp white or off-white undershirt. You can also try light or dark green pants in this combo.


When it comes to choosing shirts for green pants combination, most people think that they will look odd among others. However, if you pair every other accessory right and have confidence in your appearance, then green color pants can offer a lot more than standard color options. It is also about your choice, the way you like to dress and for what type of occasion you prefer green color pants. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What color shirt looks good with green color pants?

Blue goes well with green pants as they are the most wearable color pair. Instead of dark green pants, pair a blue shirt with olive green pants to balance out the dark color underneath. This will create a striking yet subtle look, making it ideal for both casual and formal events.

  1. What color shirt would go well with olive green pants?

White, grey, black, brown, beige, and denim blue and yellow shirts can be worn with olive green pants. These colors will match perfectly with your green pants and are ideal for many occasions.

  1. Which color goes well with army green?

Since army green is a versatile color, it can be paired with white, off-white, and black. Coral and red, which are bright colors, are also a perfect match. Pair army green color with utility-inspired designs and build a tough look.

Image Credits: All image credits go to Pinterest. If you would like to replace any images, kindly contact us at

Disclaimer: All image credits go to Pinterest and other image sources. If you would like to replace any images, kindly contact us at

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