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Elvish Yadav Age, Height, Net-Worth, Education, And Affairs

Elvish yadav age and bio

Elvish Yadav history: Elvish Yadav, a Mega Star, was born on 14 September 1997, in Gurugram, India, So, Elvish Yadav Age is 26 Years Old. He is a superstar YouTube Influencer with 14.9 Million Subscribers on his YouTube Channel named after himself “Elvish Yadav”. Very popularly known for his hard work, dedication, passion, and willpower to manage several 3 YouTube Channels of different genres altogether. He is more often than not regarded for the unity of his fans towards him, known as the “Elvish Army”. It is said that because of his entry in BIGG BOSS as a WILD CARD ENTRY, trp of the show got a huge boost. His relation with another popular social media influencer “ABHISHEK MALHAN” famously known as “FUKRA INSAAN” is entitled “BHAICHARA” in the show and outside the show. Their chemistry was later considered as the unbreakable one. As we all know, with fame and name come controversies and conflicts. Elvish till date has fought with those conflicts and controversies with a brave attitude and clean intentions. He is also an entrepreneur, he runs his clothing brand named “SYSTUMM_CLOTHING”. He is also the Co-Founder of a charitable trust “The Elvish Yadav Foundation”. Elvish Yadav’s height in feet “5 Feet 11 inches”. And Elvish Yadav’s father’s Name is Ram Avtar Yadav.

Elvish Yadav Biography:

DOB 14-Sep-97
Elvish Yadav Age 26 Years Old
EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATION Completed his schooling at Amit International School in Gurugram and graduated in Commerce.
AFFAIRS He was in a relationship with another famous YouTuber, “Kirti Mehra”. Recently the relationship broke down. He now claims that he is in another relationship with an unknown female.
NET WORTH 40 Crore
Elvish Yadav Father Name:                                                                               Ram Avtar Yadav
Mother’s Name Sushma Yadav
Sister Komal Yadav
Elvish Yadav wife N/A ( Unmarried)



Elvish Yadav, got his first recognition from the YouTube video he made about a famous controversy “YOUTUBERS VS TIK TOKERS”. , in that video made fun of the TikTokers and said some lines that made his video earn more views but also made YouTube Officials urge him to remove that video from his channel. He was one of the many social media influencers whose video got removed by YouTube, with the famous “CARRY MINATI” being also one of those.

On the other hand, he is also known for his good deeds in his career, he is the Co-Founder of the charitable trust “Elvish Yadav Foundation”. He also organizes free food donation events on an alternative basis. He is also known for his helping nature towards the needles.

Elvish Yadav has got number of YouTube Channels, 3 which are-

  • “Elvish Yadav”, his main and oldest channel created in 2016, has 14.9 Million Subscribers and 1,378,096,107 total views on 187 Videos. He uploads short films on different topics on this channel.
  • “Elvish Yadav Vlogs”, his second channel with different genres created in 2019, has 7.76 Million Subscribers and 1,358,063,031 total views on 822 Videos. He shares his daily work highlights as Vlogs on this channel.
  • “Elvish Yadav Gaming”, is his third channel with a different but very popular genre created in 2023, the motto of this channel is solely based on gaming, he does live streams on it, and uploads short highlights of the live streams. The channel has got 563 Thousand Subscribers and 8,490,843 total views on 21 videos.


After becoming one of the most popular and famous faces in the social media industry, he got the chance to enter BIGG BOSS as a wild card entry. He entered the house in July and came out of the house as a winner of BIGG BOSS OTT Season 2 on 14 August 2023. His cameo in BIGG BOSS House was one of the most adventurous ones, with lots of ups and downs, tears, and joy. His relationship with another popular social media influencer “ABHISHEK MALHAN” famously known as “FUKRA INSAAN” is called “BHAICHARA” in the show and outside the show. He was one of the main reasons for the contestants waking up from their lethargic and very slow condition. There are a few to note when we talk about his famous slang in BIGG BOSS house.  Inside the house, in a fight with “AVINASH SACHDEV”, his dialogue got famous and later became meme material on social media, when asked about what is he doing in the show, he replied “HUM TO SYSTUMM HI SYSTUMM KAR RHE HAI, KAROGE SYSTUMM HUMARE SATH?”. He with Abhishek, Manisha, and Ashika formed a group that was formed on the belief of their strong friendship later considered as an inseparable bunch of people. He also revealed a very emotional reason behind him being named as “Elvish”. After being asked by “Salman Khan”, he stated that his late brother suggested this name before he died for Elvish. His actual name is “Siddharth Yadav”. It was also his sister’s urge to take “Elvish” as his name. He was also assessed with a future in politics by a pandit ji who came in-house to assess all the contestants.



Elvish yadav networth

Elvish Yadav is a top influencer who has many income resources. He also runs a telegram channel on which they provide tips and analysis on trading. He is an influencer who has got 3 YouTube Channels on which he has a total number of 23.2 Million Subscribers. He has his clothing brand “SYSTUMM_CLOTHING”. After all that, he has also got numerous luxury cars which include-

  • Porsche 718 Boxster with a minimum price of 1.52 crores.
  • Mercedes Benz with 1.30 crores.
  • Audi pricing 1 crores
  • Mercedes G Wagon with a price of 2.22 crores.
  • Toyota Fortune costing 42 lakhs.
  • Last but not least, Hyundai Verna.

After all this, he has recently purchased a house in Gurgaon pricing 8 crores at the time of purchase. Now it has been said that the price has taken a boost climbing to 12/15 crores.


The amount of influence Elvish Yadav has in his belt, he is bound to be involved in controversies or rather fake controversies. He was recently involved in the national controversy about being a snake trader. It became national news that he was trading snakes for money. According to Indian Today, he was arrested for arranging a party in which international female artists were invited and were plan plotted to get drunk and after that have snake venom. Later all the accusations were entitled as false and he was released.

He was also involved in a very recent controversy in which he slapped a guy, he was also with commandos and police but no one stopped him from slapping that guy. Later it was revealed that the guy abused Elvish’s family and he paid the price.

He was also involved in a relationship controversy with his fellow YouTuber “Kirti Mehra”. The reason for their relationship breakdown has been the major talking point and both the creator hasn’t opened up about it yet.


Elvish Yadav Relationship and More

Elvish yadav Relationship

Elvish Yadav and Kirti Mehra were both as per their fans, dating each other for years. They both did not accept the rumors about their relationship. “Kirti Mehra” is also a famous social media influencer who featured in many short films and vlogs on Elvish Yadav’s channel. Elvish Yadav has recently claimed that he is in a relationship with an unknown female. He doesn’t want her to come into the spotlight, so he hasn’t revealed anything about her yet.

Elvish Yadav, when made a roast video (saying things to make fun of the other person) on his co-contestant in BB house, another popular social media influencer, “ASHIKA BHATIA”. The artist also revealed that at some point she decided to file a police complaint against Elvish. She had mental breakdowns after that video and also approached psychologists. Meanwhile, when Bigg Boss’s recruitment team decided to let both artists enter the house together, the decision later became a reason for a sweet friendship between both artists. They had fun around each other in the house. They both had each other’s support in times of crisis.

Some fascinating information regarding Elvish Yadav

  • The actual name of Elvish Yadav is “Siddharth Yadav”.
  • Due to him being a YouTuber and a social media influencer, people think that Elvish is not a study freak so, he chose YouTube and social media as his career. I would like to clarify that Elvish has got 94% in his 12 report cards.
  • Also, he has got a degree in commerce, a Bachelor of Commerce.
  • He is not only a social media influencer or a famous YouTube Channel holder, he is also a businessman. He owns his clothing brand “SYSTUMM_CLOTHING”.
  • Apart from all those, he is also a Co-Founder of a charitable trust “The Elvish Yadav Foundation”.


1. Real name of Elvish Yadav?

Siddharth Yadav” is the actual name of Elvish which was suggested by her brother who passed away later.

2. What are the different genres in which Elvish Yadav creates content?

Elvish Yadav, apart from being a famous YouTuber or a social media influencer, is also a brilliant scriptwriter. He can also act. He can also be a very good comedian because of his fantastic comic timing.

3. What was the turning point in Elvish’s career which got him recognition?

His ability to produce content in different genres is one of the rare abilities you can find in general. Now that he is also a scriptwriter and an actor. His short films majorly rather than all written by him have been the reason behind the love he got from the audience.

4. Elvish’s some of the most popular videos?

There have been a couple of them-

5. What is the current relationship status of Elvish Yadav?

Elvish Yadav is currently in a relationship with an unknown girl which he doesn’t want to disclose in media. He and Kirti Mehra were dating each other for some time according to their fans.

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