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Best Border Rangoli Designs in 2024 | Latest Designs With Photos

border rangoli designs

Best Border Rangoli Designs: Be it Diwali, wedding, pooja, or any other occasion, decorating the place is the first thing we do. While there are a lot of decoration items ranging from lights to candles, lamps, and colorful curtains to enhance the excitement and the entire mood, nothing can replace rangoli. Originating from the Indian subcontinent, Rangoli is a beautiful and simple art that instantly elevates the decor.

Nowadays, border rangoli are highly in trend as they look amazingly beautiful and subtle. Also, these are easy to make using different colored powders. People are even using rice, sand, flour, flowers, and other items to make border rangoli on the floor. These rangolis, apart from looking simple, are also beautiful and bright. 

In this article, we have discussed border rangoli designs that will add a touch of grace to every celebration while enhancing the visual appearance of your venues.

Best Bordern Rangoli designs to elevate your decor:

Here is the list of border rangoli designs that are trendy these days. From contemporary patterns to traditional patterns, each rangoli design has been created to blend into every interior decor. Let’s quickly take a look!

  1. Spiral Rangoli Design
  2. Simple Border Rangoli Design
  3. Swastik Border Rangoli Design
  4. Diyas Border Design Rangoli
  5. Kolam Border Rangoli Design
  6. Floral Border Rangoli Design
  7. Freehand Border Rangoli Design
  8. 3D Border Design
  9. Peacock Shape Border Design Rangoli
  10. Ganesha Border Design Rangoli
  11. Dried Flower Border Design Rangoli
  12. Krishna Border Design Rangoli
  13. Floral Vines and Leafy Borderline Design
  14. Colorful Rangoli Design
  15. Elephant Border Rangoli Design

1. Spiral Rangoli design:

spiral border rangoli desings

Image Source: Pinterest

An interesting plane curve called Spiral is one of the excellent border rangoli designs. This is an incredible way to make rangoli and decorate corners or borders of the floor. Also known as Sanskar Bharti, it is one of the most famous rangolis in India. One can make different-sized circles or semicircles and decorate them with spiral, thin lines.

2. Simple border rangoli design:

simple border designs rangoli

Image Source: Pinterest

If you’re looking for rangoli simple border designs, try patterns or shapes like rectangles, squares, triangles, and circles along the border. A simple border rangoli means ornate patterns along the corners of a target area like the entrance, floor, or backyard. These designs, apart from simplicity, are known for their original patterns and shapes. They can build a welcoming and festive surrounding, which makes them a top-notch choice for numerous social and cultural gatherings. 

3. Swastik Border Rangoli Design:

swastik border designs rangoli

Swastikas are drawn on every religious Hindu festival in India, especially Diwali. It symbolizes welcoming guests into the space. In Indian culture, the swastika is a traditional sign of prosperity and good luck. Being one of the most traditional rangoli border designs, it is often made in Indian homes. Making this rangoli with contrasting colors gives a more vibrant and positive touch to your space!

4. Diyas border design rangoli:

diya border rangoli designs

Image Source: Pinterest

To elevate décor and light up space, we often consider candles or diyas. Combining diyas with rangoli onto the floor completely changes the vibe. Diyas’ flare and beam of light will instantly boost the positive energy throughout your space. Feature diya shapes should be kept in a continuous pattern to make it look more attractive.


5. Kolam border rangoli design:

kolam rangoli border design

Image Source: Pinterest

A traditional form of rangoli especially crafted in South India, this is one of the finest border designs rangoli. Kolam borders are noted for their intricate geometric patterns. These designs are used to form an intricate and compelling corner pattern. Decorate your pooja space with this rangoli design, and remember to use light colors.


6. Floral border rangoli design:

floral rangoli

Image Source: Pinterest

If you are a novice rangoli maker, this is the best border rangoli design to start with. Use color combinations to create delicate and intricate patterns. Also, arrange floral vine motifs along the border to create an adorable and beautiful design. This rangoli will catch your attention when your guests enter the house.

7. Freehand border rangoli design:

Freehand border rangoli design

Image Source: Pinterest

This is another easy and simple rangoli. Free hand rangoli border designs are an artistic and quick expression in which designs are drawn directly on the floor without using stencils. Many different colors are required to make this rangoli beautiful. These types of rangoli designs typically comprise complex designs, fluid lines, and customized touches for a vibrant and unique charm.


8. 3D border design:

3d border designs rangoli

Image Source: Pinterest

This rangoli border design is meant to add a shading effect with a contrasting color or a darker or lighter shade of the same color. Selecting the right colors and mixing and matching them will ultimately provide a 3D visual effect to your rangoli, enhancing the intricate look. Tip: you can try a blend of colors, textures, and other tricks to boost the illusion. With the right approach and trick, you can create incredible and complex designs that leave a remarkable impression. 

9. Peacock shape border design rangoli:

peacock border rangoli designs

Image Source: Pinterest

Making peacock design rangoli not only enhances the beauty of your entrance but also shows how talented you are. This way you can surprise your friends and family members, but do not forget to use vibrant colors to make the rangoli more attractive and vibrant.


10. Ganesha border design rangoli: 

Ganesha rangoli border design

Image Source: Pinterest

Ganesha, the elephant-headed god in Hinduism, brings good fortune and is said to be the remover of difficulties or obstacles. In this rangoli design, you can either make a complete rangoli of Lord Ganesha or use his face as an essential part of your design.

11. Dried flower border design rangoli:

Dried flower | border design rangoli

Image Source: Pinterest

Another rangoli design border that is easy to do. All you need to do is keep different colored dried flowers to create a design. Unlike rangoli designs with natural or fresh flowers, making rangoli with dried rangoli is even faster as you do not have to wait for the paint to dry, and is also easier to collect. However, it is not suitable for patios or outdoor spaces as the wind can ruin all efforts at blowing.

12. Krishna border design rangoli: 

Krishna border design rangoli

Janmashtami is one of the most popular Indian festivals and Krishna is the sacred deity in Hinduism. This festival is celebrated with great spirituality and joy throughout the country. From decorating homes to places of worship, people worshiping Krishna do it all during his birth. Today, they are also making Krishna border design rangoli to display their love and faith. This rangoli design border is as stunning and elegant as the others. If you want to celebrate Janmashtami with lights and colors, you can add this type of rangoli design to your indoor space.

13. Floral vines and leafy borderline design:

Floral vines | border design rangoli

Image Source: Pinterest

Creepers, leaves, and flowers are essential parts of rangoli designs. Arrange floral motifs along the border, to create delicate and intricate patterns using this design. The floral and leafy borderline is perfect for many Indian festivals like Diwali. These designs will give an attractive look to your home.

14. Colourful rangoli design: 

Colourful border rangoli

Image Source: Pinterest

Border rangolis using a variety of colors brings joy and an aesthetic touch to your indoor space. Best of all, these designs make life more enjoyable and enthusiastic. Create colorful rangoli simple border designs in the upcoming festive to have a positive and happy ambiance in your space.

15. Elephant border rangoli design:

Elephant rangoli design border

Image Source: Pinterest

In Indian culture, elephants are revered animals that symbolize wisdom, power, and good fortune. If you are looking to create such rangoli designs, try majestic and royal patterns that create a feeling of magnificence. To make it more attractive, you can also try simply to draw decorative aspects such as geometric patterns or other elements like leaves or flowers. 


Rangoli is a day-to-day practice in numerous Hindu households. However, making rangoli is mostly reserved for occasions or festivals and other important spiritual celebrations as it is time-consuming. Thankfully, various border rangoli designs, some of which are mentioned above, are easy to make without spending too much time and effort. Try your favorite design today!

Disclaimer: All image credits go to Pinterest and other image sources. If you would like to replace any images, kindly contact us at

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