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Eight Best Online Taxi Booking Apps in India


Evolution of Online Cab Booking in India

India is a land of constant commotion (in the most beautiful way possible).

Since time immemorial, travel has been a huge part of our culture. From walking to chariots to cycles to trains to boats and now even aeroplanes, engine cars and motorcycles, we love to travel. Home is where the heart is. And here in India, we have the heart of a wanderer. We love to see, explore and experience life and travel enables us to get a deeper and realistic sense of that! With the advent of technology, travel has also evolved drastically.

To make travelling safe and easy, the Government of India and renowned businessmen have collaborated to make the world a safer space for people all across the spectrum, by introducing the best car rental apps and cab booking apps in India. Some of the best car apps include Zoomcar, Carzonrent, Ola, Uber and others that have allowed transportation to become more inclusive and safe!

Thus, taxi booking has become a part of everyday life! The entire world functions online and since these apps function via the internet and are at the easy disposal of our smartphones, everyone uses them. Our work-oriented society embraces many social interactions and these apps allow people to travel from one place to another without any hassles.

The taxi booking apps are totally transparent. You have the liberty to choose your pick up and drop location. You can also clearly see the driver details, the car/auto number and even share it with a friend/relative. The price charged for the ride, route adopted as well as driver experience are all mentioned which makes taxi booking a very convenient choice. It is both cost-effective (due to a variety of offers and coupons) as well as safe!

List of the Car Apps in India- Rental and Booking

We have curated this list of the eight best cab booking online apps for your travel.

Uber Cab Booking

Started in 2009, Uber is more than just a taxi booking app. It is also a source of revenue for hundreds of drivers, investors and is home to many. Uber cab booking is very easy and can be done at one tap of the button. You can book an auto or a cab of your choice on any day, in any weather, at any time of the day.

Uber also knows how to lure its customers by giving many Uber offers and Uber coupons. It has something for both new users and existing users. Check out the Uber first ride coupons offered by PaisaWapas and start riding easily. There are also many Uber coupons for existing customers to help people travel without spending much money.

Uber has also come up with Uber share where you can share the taxi with few people, thus reducing the financial burden further. Uber eats, where you can pre-order a meal and eat it while travelling is yet another advantage with Uber. In a world where everyone is constantly busy and moving, this option helps us to grab nutritious meals on the go! During the pandemic, safety and hygiene have further been an issue and Uber ensures utmost safety through protocols such as temperature checking, regular sensitisation of the vehicle and isolating the driver while the client is in the car! Uber Auto is also very helpful for those who are not comfortable with a taxi! All the Uber drivers have received a basic form of education and are thus extremely cordial, well-mannered and respectful.

Ola Cab Booking App

Ola is an Indian Multinational ridesharing company started in 2010 by Bhavish Aggarwal. Ola is well renowned for its cabs and has become extremely famous not only among the youth but also among the elderly. The app is available on iOS as well as android and is extremely user friendly. It allows you to book any kind of cab you want- sedan, Limo, SUV or even Ola Share. The client also has the option of choosing an auto and even scheduling that ride for a specific time. There are many Ola cab offers for customers to help them save money on travelling and cab booking online.

We live in a fast-paced society that does not leave much time for ourselves. Having to search for a vehicle for transportation only stretches that time burden. Thus scheduling the ride helps you get where you want to be, punctually. The Ola drivers are extremely punctual and well mannered. Ola has also played it smart with their marketing and offers discounts on movies and groceries if you do ride with them. They are safe, transparent and a cost-effective option. No doubt, Ola is one of the best cab booking online apps in India.

Meru Cab Booking App

‘Reliable, Safe and Transparent’, Meru cabs truly believe in being customer friendly. With 12 million satisfied customers, experts on wheel, payment of your choice, the cab service is naturally the ‘Largest Airport cab service’. Meru cabs allow you to book a ride (Radio Taxi, Sedan, Hatchback, SUV or Outstation), track your cab, get an e-bill and even give feedback. The cab also provides a fare estimator which makes it easier and more convenient for the customer. Thus, Meru Cabs is one of the best taxi booking apps right now.

Zoom Car Rental App

‘We simplified car rentals, so you can focus on what’s important to you’. Zoom car, an Indian self-drive car rental company, headquartered in Bangalore, India, is one of the largest car rental apps in India today. You can subscribe or individually book the car and drive it around on your own! This helps you save up a lot of money as you pay only one deposit and it is safe (in terms of COVID as well as physical safety). The car service also allows you to go anywhere with 24X7 road assistance. The best part? The car comes with damage insurance and fuel cost included! So there are no extra charges! The added bonus is the combos and offers you can choose to further slack off the money! Thus Zoom Cars are a very convenient and practical option in today’s day and age! Get on with one of the best car apps in India.

Carzonrent Taxi Booking App

Another popular car rental apps in India, Carzonrent believes in ‘Taking You Places’. Having around 8000+ cars and 30,000,000+ customers, the brand provides impeccable service in terms of safety, pricing, and car. One could choose from anywhere between a Tata Indigo to a Mercedes S Class, and drive-by themselves or with a professional chauffeur. Having been honoured with awards like: ‘Best Innovation-Mobility Services Company Category’ the brand truly deserves their support from multi-national companies like Amazon, Toyota and Shell. So, choose this cab booking app online for your next travel.

Zustgo Taxi Booking App

A car leasing service in Kolkata, West Bengal, Zustgo is an app-based solution for intercity cabs. Founded in 2017, the company believes in a ‘Simple, Sasta and Safe’ experience. You can book cab rides, bike rides and avail special discounts. The cab services are safe and completely sanitized. The best part is that you can book there from an app or on your laptop. They are a very cost-effective and practical option for intercity travel.

Mega Cabs Booking Online

Cab booking app started in 2001 in India, Mega Cabs believe in growth and outstanding servicing. They aim at constantly innovating their practices for online cab booking to provide customers with upgraded quality services, and an impressive value for money. Spreading its wings pan- India, the taxi booking service provides- carpools services, outstation facilities and even in city travel. Their motto- ‘Reliability, Responsibility and Convenience’ speaks volumes of their- responsible chauffeurs, pricing, transparency and punctuality. They even provide a ‘Lost and Found’ option for clients to fill in their queries on missing items. They are one of the thriving companies in India right now, and surely not to miss one of the best car apps in India.

Savaari Car Rental Apps in India

Savaari Car Rentals Private Limited is India’s Largest Intercity and Local Cab Services. Backed up by an excellent support team and featured in ET, newsX and THE HINDU, this car rental service is truly a one-stop-shop when it comes to pan India travel. It provides us with flexible payment modes, a one way and two-way travel option, transparency on driver details and the opportunity to choose one’s car. They also are extremely client-focused and ask for a rating and feedback from the client, showing that they are eager to improve. Savaari is thus an excellent choice for anyone who wants to travel anywhere!

Takeaways- Best Cab Booking App

Thus, we understand that travel runs in our blood and modernity have done some good by seamlessly weaving the diverse threads. These taxi/cab booking and car rental services aim to unite people and celebrate love and togetherness via travel. Further, they always provide us with exclusive coupons and offers to make our travelling affordable. If you are looking for affordable travelling, grab your exclusive Uber coupons and ensure a less expensive ride now.





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