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Celebrate Valentine’s Day differently with these heart-touching ideas

Valentine’s Day celebrates love and affection, but who says you need to restrict the love to your partner, spouse or crush. Why not be engulfed by the tide of love, compassion and adoration you have grown up with and make memories which are unique. This V-day take a break from cheesy cards, extravagant bouquet of red roses and fancy dates. Take time to appreciate others and make this event truly a day to cherish. Pondering what these heart touching ideas are? Scroll down and see for yourself.

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Love thy parents

In our ever busy lives, we seldom forget to appreciate the role of our parents. They created and nurtured us with care and affection,and shaped us to what we are today. They should definitely be the ones who deserve our love the most.So why not spend quality time with them, take them out to a restaurant which serves their favorite cuisine and spend a movie night watching reruns of old classics? The way their faces light up with joy and pride-that’s the best reward ever.

Go to an old age home

At our ages, we often ignore the fact that growing old isn’t as fun. Old age homes speak a sad story, where the old ladies and gentlemen have been deserted by their beloved ones. Visit them, just talk to them, share simple food with them and soak in the experience and knowledge they have to offer. Different but delightful- what say?

 Make friends with kids in shelter

Take colorful balloons, chocolates and some coloring materials and set off on Valentine’s day to your nearest orphanage or kids shelter. What fancy dinners and expensive gifts can’t bring, this simple gesture will satisfy and overwhelm you. The innocent but genuine smiles will speak volumes about how a single act can bring so much happiness to others.

Volunteer for a cause

If you really plan to celebrate V-day ‘hatke’, why not join some local organization for some volunteering? In fact you and your better half can participate together in initiatives like cleaning the city, painting sidewalks or blank walls. The sense of achievement will surely boost your spirits and bring you closer as a couple.

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I am sure, these ideas though offbeat can strike a chord with you. Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be glamorous and showy. Just let your inner self experience love with those around you through these small acts.


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