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Top 10 Industrial Safety Shoes Brands In India 2024 | Price List

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Best Industrial Safety Shoes: For those who are looking for safety shoes, today’s discussion is a gift. Most of the industrial workers work with machinery and involve a lot of physical activity for long hours every day. It is important to keep you comfortable during your work period. Our feet are the ones that carry our whole body weight. So choosing the best footwear is a necessity.

Many people’s workplaces are located directly in nature. A sturdy shoe is needed to work in all such conditions. This particular type of shoe is called a safety shoe. Through today’s discussion, we will learn about the Top 10 Industrial Safety Shoes in India.

Best Industrial Safety Shoes Price List:

Safety Shoe Brands Price Range
Allen Cooper 1800-3000
Hillson Safety Shoes 700-2000
Karam Safety Shoes 1600-2500
JCB Safety Shoes 1200-2500
Acme Safety Shoes 700-2500
Liberty Industrial Safety Shoes 800-3800
Bata Safety Shoes 600-2000
Woodland Safety Shoes 2200-4500
Safari Pro Safety Shoes 1400-2000
Jacks Hibo Safety Shoes 1000-3000

Note: Prices are Subjected to Change.

10 Best Industrial Safety Shoes Brands In India 2024:

Currently, many brands in the Indian market are manufacturing many types of industrial safety shoes. Both national and international brands are available in the Indian market that are easy to purchase and comfortable to wear. Certainly, it is not possible to know about all the brands through this brief discussion. But we can discuss the top ten Safety Shoes here.

  1. Allen Cooper
  2. Hillson Safety Shoes
  3. Karam Safety Shoes
  4. JCB Safety Shoes
  5. Acme Safety Shoes
  6. Liberty Industrial Safety Shoes
  7. Bata Safety Shoes
  8. Woodland Safety Shoes
  9. Safari Pro Safety Shoes
  10. Jacks Hibo Safety Shoes

1. Allen Cooper:

allen copper | industrial safety shoes

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Of course, this is one of the Best Industrial Safety shoe brands that has earned respect not only in India but also across the world for manufacturing safety shoes. The reason behind the quality of these shoes is that they use very good quality leather in making them. Not only in terms of quality but also, they have a reputation for making great fashionable shoes at very reasonable prices. You can buy this type of product if you want a durable and comfortable option for staying fit in your workplace.

Key Features:

  • Use of very good quality leather.
  • Durable shoes.
  • Stylish and affordable footwear.
  • A wide variety of shoes to suit everyone’s needs.

2. Hillson Safety Shoes:

hillson safety shoes

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These Branded Safety Shoes are one of the different types of safety shoes available in different countries of the world. This company is well versed in manufacturing various types of footwear such as safety boots, industrial shoes, work safety boots, etc. Made of very good quality leather, these shoes are very durable. Especially for those who work in factories, these shoes are made for them to protect them in many risky works. This brand is indeed a great choice for all types of work person.

Key Features:

  • The shoes are durable for a long time.
  • These shoes are made comfortably for long wearing.
  • Very good at providing security.

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3. Karam Safety Shoes:

karam | industrial safety shoes

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Extremely safe for long-term use, these shoes can be used by almost every workman. These shoes from the Best Industrial Safety Shoes Brand are specially made for those who work in construction or various industrial or mining areas. They are made of very good material so that there is no discomfort to the feet even after long use. Moreover, they provide a good grip for walking in difficult hilly areas. This is an indigenous Safety shoe company that can help you with the most suitable shoes for you.

Key Features:

  • The shoes are made anti-bacterial.
  • A very good grip is provided here so that there is no chance of falling back.
  • Being heat resistant, it can be read in hot weather.


4. JCB Safety Shoes:

jcb safety shoes brand

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Following the highest safety standards, this brand manufactures various types of Safety Shoes Company. Available at a reasonable price, these shoes suit a variety of situations. Additionally, they are heat-resistant, oil-resistant, anti-slip, and anti-bacterial. These shoes are exceptionally sturdy because they are constructed of very high-quality leather. These shoes are created specifically for factory workers to safeguard them in a variety of hazardous tasks.

Key Features

  • They are safe from oil and heat.
  • A trusted brand that produces high-quality products at reasonable prices.

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5. Acme Safety Shoes:

acme safety shoes

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People who have to work in difficult conditions need strong safety shoes. The brand claims that their Best Quality Safety Shoes are made for such situations. These good quality shoes at a very reasonable price can be worn comfortably for a long time. These shoes are made in such a way that there is no damage to the shoes in extreme heat.

Key Features

  • Received maximum protection certificate.
  • Shoes are made of good material to avoid any reaction with the skin.
  • The shoes are made comfortably so that no part of the foot hurts.

6. Liberty Industrial Safety Shoes:

Liberty Industrial Safety Shoes

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It is one of the footwear brands in the Indian market that is famous for good quality at reasonable prices. Apart from manufacturing various types of safety shoes, this company also manufactures school shoes and other types of products. If customers buy this, they will get the highest quality security.

Key Features

  • It does not spoil easily even in hot weather.
  • Even if you fall in a slippery place, your feet will have a good grip so that you don’t fall.
  • Shoes are made to resist oil.
  • Very comfortably made for long stays.


7. Bata Safety Shoes:

bata lightweight industrial safety shoes

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This shoe brand name is sure to be very familiar to Boots Brands in India to every Indian. This company has long been well-known for making good shoes, especially safety shoes. The shoes offer good performance as well as look so attractive that every customer will love them. Moreover, this company is constantly creating more beautiful and durable safety shoes with new ideas and innovations.

Key Features:

  • Shoes made of very good quality material.
  • Waterproof shoes.
  • Shoes resistant to various oils and diluted oils.
  • Comfortable and reasonable.

8. Woodland Safety Shoes:

woodland safety shoes

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If you are ready to invest some more in purchasing a safety shoe then you should go for Woodland Safety Shoes. This is certainly one of the best safety brands in the nation as well as the globe. Despite being expensive this is quite cost-effective because of its excellent material used and the technique of making.

Key Features

  • Obtained a certificate of highest protection.
  • Shoes are composed of high-quality materials to prevent any skin reactions.
  • No portion of the foot hurts because of how comfortably built the shoes are.
  • Despite being inexpensive, they have a longer useful life.

9. Safari Pro Safety Shoes:

safari shoes

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This firm makes a variety of safety shoes while adhering to the strictest safety standards. This shoe brand is currently quite well-known in Indian marketing. These reasonably priced shoes are appropriate for a range of circumstances. Similarly, these shoes are resistant to heat, grease, slide, and bacteria.

Key Features

  • The shoes have a lengthy lifespan, which is one of their notable qualities.
  • These shoes are designed for extended wear and comfort.
  • Excellent at ensuring safety.


10. Jacks Hibo Safety Shoes:

jacks hibo | safety shoes company

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It is unquestionably one of the footwear brands with a solid reputation for offering high quality at affordable costs in the Indian market. Though this brand belongs to the Chinese market it is quite popular in our nation these days. This company not only makes various kinds of safety shoes, but it also makes school shoes and other goods.

Key Features

  • Even in hot temperatures, it does not degrade readily.
  • Your feet will have a solid grip so that you don’t fall even if you slide on a slippery surface.
  • Oil resistance is built into shoes.
  • Manufactured quite comfortably for extended visits.


After the discussion, we can expect that our readers now have some idea best industrial safety shoes in the Indian market. Now they have to decide what features they need in the product. They can choose the brand accordingly by getting the idea from the above discourse.

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