Best Footwear Brands in India for Men Women

Top footwear Brands for Men & Women
5 Most Preferred brands for footwear

Footwear brands in India are comprehensive in the market but if you want to choose the right one then you have to take a look on the review of Best Footwear Brands in India. Your footwear must be comfortable “no matter whether you are men or a woman”. Not all brands are offering dynamic stuff and quality for men and women’s footwear brands. Therefore, if you are thinking to consider the best Footwear Brands in India for your daily wear of formal wear, then check the review of these top 5 brands now.

With the evolution of fashion, footwear slowly has been grabbing the limelight itself. Also, regional preferences were depending on the geographical features and demography. But, with the invasion of western culture and outfits, people slowly became more conscious about their work. Well, choosing the ideal pair of shoes is not an easy task. It entails a lot extra than we recognize.

In precise, shoes have the unique strain of being both super comfy and very elegant, so the satisfaction we feel in seeking and purchasing them is unrivaled. To make your task easy, let’s discuss the names of a few top footwear brands that are available for both genders.

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Top Footwear brands for men & women in India

You don’t have to worry about footwear brands being available in the market. Every popular brand offers comfortable and stylish shoes in a budget-friendly range. You might be thinking, which are the best shoe brands for you? Well, here is the list of top shoe brands which have the best reviews from their customers.

From Relaxo Footwear Brands to Puma Footwear Brands, you can explore every single popular brand of the market right now. This blog helps you to determine the best footwear brands in India. Many buyers are looking for the top ladies’ footwear brands in India to buy something elegant and something qualitative.


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1. Metro

Leading the list is the next best shoe brand in Metro which also has a long history. The business was launched in the year of independence, 1947. Metro first had its outlet in Mumbai where it was a nascent brand. In current days, they are one of the gigantic manufacturers of footwear in India.

Their logo is very famous and has a trademark not only in India but also globally. In detail, ladies’ collections have gained more popularity than males. This might be because of the availability of super stylish collections at an affordable price.


● Affordable price range
● Good quality shoes
● Comfy soles
● Suitable for rough use
● Trendy collection for every purpose
● Warranty available

2. Khadim’s

This brand is very popular, especially when talking about men’s collections. You can say this is one-stop for the best branded shoes for men. In terms of organized footwear retailing, Khadim is India’s second-largest footwear store. It has over six hundred elite store outlets throughout the nation. They provide the most affordable shoes in Indian brands. Perhaps the most important footwear business in the eastern zone. Khadim is well-known for its goal as stated in its motto. The goal is to deliver “Affordable fashion to everyone.”


● Excellent quality of leather used
● Budget-friendly price range
● Super stylish collection
● Warranty available
● An affordable collection of men’s formal footwear

3. Nike

Nike is a large corporate sportswear corporation in the world. It is popular for manufacturing and distributing large-scale joggers in the market. The brand sells its products across the globe. Moreover, People tend to be drawn to this brand because of its large selection of shoes. You might choose Nike if you are looking for the best collection of branded shoes.

Nike specializes in designing training shoes for both men and women. Apart from that, athletic shoes, loafers, rugby, or sports training shoes also comprise the production. You may also look for informal sneakers. One of the causes of the brand’s high demand is the top-quality guarantee.


● A vivid collection of sports shoes
● Best quality material used
● Robust performance in athletics
● Amazing longevity
● Attractive colors and designs are available

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4. Bata

Bata is one of the oldest and among the best brands for shoes. It has been catering to Indian customers for a very long time. It was first established in India back in 1932, in Calcutta. The operations unit was very small as Bata Shoe Company Pvt Ltd. It is known as one of the early shoe companies to emerge in India.

However, Bata now is a big brand and is well-known as the leading shoe manufacturer in India. It provides an amazing collection of comfortable shoes at an affordable price range. Bata has got the highest ratings among the other Indian shoe brands.


● For all events, the collection is fantastic.
● The leatherette is of robust standard.
● Suitable for everyday use
● Remarkably cost-effective
● Both ethnic and western categories are available.

5. Puma

Puma is a unique brand whose casual attire appears to be in high demand. Yet, being a newcomer to the athletic sector, the brand should be your first pick for athletic shoes. It is one of the top shoe brands that also sell apparel in the world. Puma sneakers are comfy and sturdy which makes them a popular choice of shoes in Indian brands. You can check their latest collection from their online stores without any trouble.


● Great quality of soles used
● Sturdy and comfortable footwear
● A variety of price ranges are available
● Warranty is given with each product
● Durability is remarkable
● Best collection of sportswear

Brand preference indeed differs from personal choice. It is expected that people might have personal reasons for supporting a brand. But, a common observation of the Indian market is people prefer brands that provide the best quality products in an affordable price range. The brands mentioned above are a few popular brands of people’s choice with good reviews and ratings.

They have a good record of customer satisfaction and all are well-reputed brands. Many people might not find them affordable. However, remember good things have a minimal cost, think smartly! Hopefully, this will help you to get the best footwear for your next purchase.

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