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Top 10 Best Bottled Water Brands In India 2024

Best bottled Water Brands

Best Bottled Water Brands: The Best water is the single most essential compound that humans can’t survive long without. Keeping your body hydrated inside-out is very important for a strong and healthy life. It is crucial to ensure that the quality of the mineral water you consume is never compromised. With that said, here is a comprehensive list of the top mineral water companies in India.

List of Top 10 Water Bottle Prices in India:

Mineral Water Brands Price per 1ltr
Kinley Rs.20
Bisleri Rs.18
Kingfisher Bottled Water Rs.20
Aquafina Mineral Water Rs.20
Himalayan Mineral Water Rs.72
Evian Bottled Water Rs.250
Patanjali Mineral Water Rs.20
Qua Bottle Water Rs.100
Tata Water Plus Rs.20
Rail Neer Rs.15

Note: All Prices are Subjected to Change

10 Best Bottled Water Brands In India 2024:

  1. Kinley
  2. Bisleri
  3. Kingfisher Bottled Water
  4. Aquafina Mineral Water
  5. Himalayan Natural Mineral Water
  6. Evian Bottled Water
  7. Patanjali Mineral Water
  8. Qua Bottle Water
  9. Tata Water Plus
  10. Rail Neer

1. Kinley:

kinley | bottled water brands

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First on this list of packaged drinking water companies is Kinley. Undoubtedly, it is one of the leading and widely recognized water bottle companies in India. People mostly prefer to buy water from this brand. This is because Kinley has shown years of quality and good services.


  • Follows a 10-step purification process.
  • Carefully removes all impurities and gives your water a sweet taste.
  • Goes through a series of filtration and UV treatments.
  • Comes in different sizes and prices.

2. Bisleri:

bisleri | best mineral water

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Certainly, there’s a reason why Bisleri has always been one of the top choices among the water brands in India. It is because of the high quality water they provide. By using efficient filters and purifiers they bring to you the healthiest packaged waters.


  • Globally popular.
  • Safe water rich with nutrients.
  • Goes through intense detoxification and filtration processes.
  • Among the best water bottle company names.
  • Final packaging is done only after severe health tests.

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3. Kingfisher Bottled Water:

kingfisher | water bottle company

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Another significant packaged drinking mineral water brands in India is Kingfisher. Certainly, the brand is better known for its production of alcoholic beverages. Nonetheless, since 1998, Kingfisher has also been leaving a mark as one of the bottled water companies in India.


  • Natural mineral water brands with healthy electrolytes.
  • Detoxification abilities present.
  • Free of chemicals and added flavours.
  • Relatively low cost among other mineral water companies in India.
  • One of the best bottled water brands.

4. Aquafina Mineral Water:

aquafina | bottled water brand

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Since 1994, Aquafina has been one of the best drinking water in India. It is also one of the bestselling packaged drinking water brands. Certainly, their fame and popularity are a consequence of the high quality water they serve.


  • Best mineral water in India.
  • Best in maintaining health and hydration.
  • Pure quality with detoxifying abilities.
  • Brand promotes recycling of the containers.
  • Follows a detailed 5-step purification before packaging.

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5. Himalayan Natural Mineral Water:

himalayan water brand in india

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This mineral water brand name itself gives off a pure and heavenly vibe. However, Himalayan has gained popularity for being among the top bottled water brands. Consequently, their water is like drops of purity packaged in plastic bottles.


  • Easy to handle packaging mineral water brands.
  • Neutral to slight basic waters that are good for digestion.
  • Purification is done through natural methods using Himalayan rocks.
  • Has the natural sweetness of pure water.
  • One of the top choices from the bottled water companies list.

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6. Evian Bottled Water:

Evian bottled mineral water

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Known for its high quality and purity. Sourced from the French Alps, it’s considered one of the best mineral water brands in the world. With a unique mineral composition, Evian is prized for its clean, crisp taste and refreshing qualities.


  • Sourced from the French Alps.
  • High quality.
  • Purity.
  • Unique mineral composition.
  • Crisp taste.
  • Refreshing.

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7.  Patanjali Mineral Water:

patanjali divya jal mineral water

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The brand sources its water from natural springs and subjects it to a rigorous purification process to ensure purity and safety. Patanjali stands out among other bottled water companies due to its unique approach to wellness, using ancient Ayurvedic practices to promote healthy living.


  • Emphasis on purity and safety.
  • Unique approach to wellness.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Popular in highly competitive Indian bottled water market.
  • Natural and healthy water option.

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8. Qua Bottle Water:

qua | bottled water company

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The brand’s water is sourced from the Himalayan foothills and undergoes a rigorous filtration and purification process that ensures the water is free from impurities and contaminants. Qua prides itself on being the best drinking water brand in India, with a commitment to providing a refreshing, clean, and crisp taste that sets it apart from other brands in the market.


  • Utilizes a multi-stage purification process for maximum purity
  • Low mineral content ensures a clean and refreshing taste
  • Consistently recognized as the best drinking water brand in India
  • Committed to quality and safety standards
  • Uses eco-friendly and sustainable practices in production and packaging

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9. Tata Water Plus:

mineral water companies in india

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Tata Water is one of the top 10 mineral water brands in India that undergoes a stringent purification process that removes impurities and ensures its purity. With its naturally balanced mineral composition, Tata Water is a healthy choice for consumers looking for a mineral-rich bottled water option.


  • Sourced from pristine Himalayan springs
  • Purification process utilizes state-of-the-art technology
  • Complies with strict quality and safety standards
  • Bottles made with recyclable materials to reduce environmental impact
  • Available in a variety of convenient bottle sizes

10. Rail Neer:

rail neer | best drinking water in india

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The brand is the official packaged drinking water of the Indian Railways, and is widely regarded as one of the best quality water brands in India. The water is treated with a combination of modern filtration techniques and advanced UV technology to maintain its pristine quality and taste. Rail Neer has also won several awards for its quality and safety standards. The brand complies with strict regulations and undergoes regular testing to ensure that its water meets the highest standards of purity and safety.


  • Bottles made with recyclable materials to reduce environmental impact
  • Winner of several awards for quality and safety standards
  • Rich in minerals for a clean, refreshing taste
  • Ideal for health-conscious consumers seeking a high-quality, mineral-rich bottled water option
  • Has a loyal customer base in India due to its focus on quality and purity.


  • Which is the best mineral water brand in India?

Kinley is known as the best mineral water in India.

  • Which bottled water has the natural spring water?

Evian water says that it sources the water from Natural French Alps.

Conclusion – Bottled Water Brands!

India has a plethora of bottled water brands, but some stand out for their quality, purity, and taste. Some of the leading mineral water brands in India include Tata Water Plus, Bisleri, Rail Neer, and Qua. These water bottle companies in India have earned a reputation for their exceptional quality and have won several awards for their standards of purity and safety. They are ideal for health-conscious consumers looking for a high-quality, mineral-rich bottled water option. Overall, these brands have set a high bar for the bottled water industry in India.

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