Top 20 Best Handbag Brands For Women in India 2024

Stick with the style and functional model as we unveil the Top 20 Best Handbag Brands in India. From chic women’s purse brands to the most iconic bag brands, this curated list celebrates the essence of fashion and sophistication. Discover the ultimate in craftsmanship and design with the finest Indian handbags, where each bag speaks of elegance and individuality.  Therefore, pay attention to the top brands of handbags aka bag designers. So, that you invest in them and walk in style with the high-class crowd. Furthermore, we have shortlisted the names of those top handbag brands which are not only durable but also known for the best market value. 


Things That You Must Keep in Mind While Considering best brands for women handbags

1. Price- Some customers think that the high price of the best bag brands means the best quality. Some top brands for Handbags in India with low cost also offer optimum quality to their users.

2. Reviews and ratings matter a lot when choosing a handbag. You must know about the user experience while using the designer bag. E-commerce sites are the best place for customers to read reviews and ratings. 

3. Online shopping is one of the plus factors for buyers when they purchase top handbag brands in India. Off-site purchase never leads to discounts on your purchase and that’s why you should consider online shopping.

4. While shopping for the top brands’ bags, sometimes due to the old stock/ Sometimes they are damaged, so please ensure while shopping about the cuts and threads. 

5. Also, when looking for the best bag brands in India, requirements in color, space, and purpose for designer handbags. 

6. Furthermore, compare the prices at different e-commerce platforms to get luxe branded bags with the value of money. 

7. Apply amazing coupons and blockbuster deals for your fashion handbags from PaisaWapas and get the returns of cashback.  

Table Of Contents: Best Handbag Brands For Women

  1. Hidesign: Ladies’ bag brand
  2. Da Milano
  3. Baggit
  4. Caprese
  5. Lavie
  6. Lino Perros
  7. Satya Paul
  8. Peperone
  9. The House of Tara
  10. Esbeda
  11. Anekaant
  12. Allen Solly Women Hand Bag
  13. Aldo
  14. Baggo Women’s Handbag (Mango)
  15. Global Desi
  16. Exotic
  17. Guess
  18. Diana Korr
  19. Chumbak
  20. Steve Madden

 List of Top 20 best handbag brands in India

1) Hidesign: Ladies’ bag brand

  • Price Range: Rs.2500 to Rs.36,900
  • Variants Available: Belt Bag, Clutch, Cross Body, Duffle Bag, Hobo, Satchel, Tote, Sling Bag, Micro Bag, Mini Bag, and Shoulder Bag.

Best Luxury Handbags

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Established in 1978, Hidesign stands as a beacon of distinctive design and sustainable commitment in India. Hidesign is renowned for women’s purse brands, manufactures luxurious handmade leather products, and offers unique designs and affordable prices. Elevate your style to the next level with Hidesign, the leading name in India in the best handbags. Moreover, this t handbag brand also offers durability and has a unique feature of long-lasting products. Know that this is one of the top brand bags in India.

The Girlish Handbags brand comes in a variety of colors and designs, including wallets, clutches, travel bags, handbags, etc., and is sold in over 2000 stores worldwide. These bags are made with high-quality leather and are stylish, sturdy, and attractive.


2) Da Milano

  • Price Range: Rs.3000 to Rs.28,999
  • Variants Available: Sling, Shoulder Bag, Book Toe, Tote, Hobo, Baguette, and Satchel

Best Luxury handbags in India

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Always known for its unparalleled luxury and contemporary design, Da Milano has produced handbags that symbolize pure luxury since its inception in 1989. Da Milano reigns as the leading luxury brand in women’s purse accessories and the best handbag brand in India. With high-quality leather and meticulous care, Da Milano stands as an enduring symbol of sophistication and elegance in the world of artisanal leather. 

It sells a variety of products and comes in enduring styles and colors.  These Girlish Handbags brands have something for every woman and keep pace with the latest changes in the fashion industry.

3) Baggit

  • Price Range: Rs.150 to Rs.5800
  • Variants Available: Tote, Wallets, Sling Bag, Hobo, Satchel, and Laptop.

Best luxury handbags In India

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Founded in 1985 by Nina Lekhi, Baggit remains a leading name in women’s purse design and bags in India. Known for its unique design and unwavering commitment to quality, Baggit is uniquely positioned in the market by specializing in eco-friendly handbags and accessories for women. With a perfect blend of style and sustainability, Baggit continues to shine as a leading handbag brand in India.

You can choose from its collection of handbag designs, slings, and wallets. An affordable range of Baggit products makes it accessible to common people. And still, counted it into the luxury bags which is the unique feature of this handbag brand. You can pull off these bags with any outfit and look amazing. Being a vegan brand, it is available in a wide range of materials like synthetic, faux leather, canvas, and others. Check out the offers on ladies’ handbag brands and get amazing cashback. 


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4) Caprese

  • Price Range: Rs.700 to Rs.4,999
  • Variants Available: Hobo, Tote Bag, Sling, and Satchel.

Best luxury handbags in India

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Captivate your style with Caprese, a leading women’s purse brand that has been captivating fashion enthusiasts since its inception in 2012. Renowned among handbag brands in India, Caprese seamlessly blends timeless classics and modern elegance, reflecting the essence of Italian fashion. With its upscale allure, Caprese, owned by VIP Industries, has expanded its reach globally, enchanting fashion aficionados in the Middle East, the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, and several Southeast Asian and African nations. 

5) Lavie

  • Price Range: Rs.250 to Rs.3,499
  • Variants Available: Handbags, Slings, Wallets, and Backpacks.

Best Luxury Brands in India

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Lavie, the leading name in women’s purse brands, stands as a beacon of luxury and luxury among the top bag brands in India. Since its inception in 2010, Lavi has been dormant and has emerged as a fashion authority, with its stylish handbags and footwear. Beyond fashion, Lavie champions sustainability and ethical practices, crafting its products with eco-friendly materials and contributing to local communities, making each Lavie bag not just a fashion statement but a conscious choice.

It offers a range of handbags with an aesthetic sense, youthful fabrics, eye-popping colors, sleek cuts, and an impressive voice to suit every occasion. Choose from ladies’ bag brands plethora of styles like clutches, totes, hobos, baguettes, etc. – and redefine your style quotient with Lavie handbags.

6) Lino Perros: top bag brands

  • Price Range: Rs.999 to Rs.5,999
  • Variants Available: Backpacks, Handbags, Clutch, Tote Bag, Sling Bag, and Wallets.


Best Luxury Brand in India

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Launched in 1999, Lino Perros has emerged as the leading women’s purse brand and handbag brand in India, carving its name in the fashion industry known for offering high-quality products at affordable costs. The brand’s commitment to excellence shines through the use of luxurious materials such as leather, suede, and canvas, seamlessly blending quality materials with the latest fashion trends in design, making it professional, especially in the Indian purse brand landscape.

7) Satya Paul

Established in the early 80s, Satya Paul is among the first to introduce the concept of designer and luxury handbags in India. They introduced this idea coupled with some amazing designs and collections and increased the popularity of the best brands for handbags.

Best Luxury Brand in India

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The chic designs, classy looks, and sturdy quality are complete heart-stealers. From elegant to bold, for dresses to sarees – you can find a Satya Paul handbag to complete your outfit for any occasion. Each handbag has its unique style to appeal to women with different fashions and requirements.

8) Peperone:  Leather Handbags for Women

  • Price Range: Rs.650 to Rs.2500
  • Variants Available: Tote Bag, Clutches, Handbag, Crossbody, and Sling Bag.

Top Luxury Brands In India

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Take a walk through the world of luxury and durability with Peperon handbags by Raka International, produced by a distinguished exporter of leather goods. Launched in New Delhi in 2009, Peperon stands out among women’s purse brands, prioritizing unique products, top-notch services, and promoting customer satisfaction. 

9) The House of Tara

  • Price Range: Rs.650 to Rs.2500
  • Variants Available: Tote Bag, Clutches, Handbag, Crossbody, and Sling Bag.

Best luxury Brands In India

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Established in 2012, House of Tara swiftly emerged as a frontrunner among women’s purse brands in India. Sought after by young adults and teenagers, the brand boasts casual designs that resonate with a vibrant and boho spirit. House of Tara’s handbags, adorned with colorful canvas fabrics and playful embellishments like tassels and pompoms, redefine chic in the realm of bag brands in India. 

10) Esbeda

  • Price Range: Rs.1100 to Rs.4,200
  • Variants Available: Handbag, Sling, Clutch, Wallets, and Laptop Bags

esbeda handbags for women

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Launched in 2006, Esbeda has emerged as one of the outstanding handbag brands in India, dedicated to catering to the fashion aspirations of the modern Indian woman. Given Esbeda’s passion for contemporary fashion, it is a handbag and purse that seamlessly blends fashion and practicality, and shows Esbeda’s commitment to style and function. Extend your fashion statement through images with the perfect blend of attractive variety, style, and utility.


11 ) Anekaant

  • Price Range: Rs.250 to Rs.2700
  • Variants Available: Handbags, Sling Bags, Tote Bag, and Satchel


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Anekaant has stood as a landmark of sustainable fashion since its launch in 2012, dedicated to creating vibrant and traditional wardrobes for women. Among the distinguished handbag brands in India, Anekaant’s collection reflects its commitment to incorporating Indian culture, art, and craft into its designs. With an array of products ranging from dresses and tops to jackets and skirts, Anekaant’s diverse offerings extend to exquisite bags, making it a prominent name among purse brands in India. Elevate your style with Anekaant’s handcrafted bags, where every accessory tells a story of conscious fashion.


12) Allen Solly Women’s Bag

  • Price Range: Rs.850 to Rs.4999
  • Variants Available: Handbags, Sling Bags Tote Bags, Clutches, and Wallets

allen solly handbag

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Raise your style quotient with Allen Solly handbags, a cornerstone among the best bag brands in India. With a legacy dating back to 1744, this trusted brand seamlessly blends quality, innovation, and style in its exquisite handbag collection. Embodying both elegance and endurance, Allen Solly handbags stand as essential additions to any fashion enthusiast’s repertoire, symbolizing the epitome of handbag brands in India.


13) Aldo

  • Price Range: Rs.2799 to Rs.12,999
  • Variants Available: Crossbody, Shoulder Bags, Sling Bags, Totes, Satchel, Clutches, and Sleeves.

aldo handbag brand

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Enhance your style with Aldo handbags, a distinguished name among the best bag brands in India. Originating from the global chain of accessory and shoe stores, Aldo, founded in 1972, boasts exquisitely crafted women’s purses designed to complement every personality and fashion preference. With a keen focus on high craftsmanship and meticulous details, Aldo stands as a prominent choice in handbag brands, effortlessly blending trendsetting designs with enduring quality. 


14) Baggo Women’s Handbag (Mango)

  • Price Range: Rs.1500 to Rs.14,400
  • Variants Available: Shoulder Bag, Crossbody, Handbag, Sling Bag, Tote Bag, and Chain Bag

Baggo Women's Handbag (Mango)

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Founded by Isak and Nahman Andic in 1984, Mango stands as one of the best bag brands in India, captivating fashion enthusiasts with its timeless elegance. Mango seamlessly embodies the essence of style and sophistication, it’s among the top handbag brands in the country. Setting the standard for a women’s purse brand that solidifies its position, leaving an indelible mark in the fashion world, up your accessories game with Mango’s finest designs.

15) Global Desi

  • Price Range: Rs.500 to Rs.2000
  • Variants Available: Wallets, Tote Bag, Sling Bag, Shoulder Bag, Handbag, and Clutches

global desi handbag

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Global Desi stands as one of the best handbags in India, seamlessly blending traditional and contemporary styles since its establishment in 2007. Founded by the celebrated fashion designer Anita Dongre, this brand has become synonymous with fashionable clothing, embodying a unique blend of ethnic charm. The unique blend embodies Known for vibrant prints, bold colors, and striking textures, Global Desi – a women’s purse handbag brand stands out as the perfect choice, displaying versatility and cultural richness for women at different times.

16) Exotic

  • Price Range: Rs.200 to Rs.1500
  • Variants Available: Sling Bags, Handbags, Clutches, Wallets, Shoulder Bags, and Crossbody Bags.

Exotic handbag brands

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Keep your style quotient up with Exotic, one of India’s best handbag brands, known for its luxurious collections to cater to all fashion sensibilities. This brand seamlessly blends trendiness with functionality, making it the go-to option for those looking for the epitome of handbag craftsmanship. Dive into a world of sophistication and flair with Exotic, where everything reflects the brand’s commitment to being among the top women’s purse brands in the country.

17) Guess

  • Price Range: Rs.3000 to Rs.15000
  • Variants Available: Shoulder Bags, Sling bags, Crossbodies, Wallets, Tote Bags, Satchels, Mini Bags, Croc Bags, Hobo, and Hand Bags.

guess hand bag

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Increase your style quotient with Guess Handbags, one of the best bag brands in India. Founded in 1982, Guess is a global lifestyle brand known for its strategic fashion advancement and craftsmanship. Offering luxury bags, Guess handbags stand out as a fashion-forward approach and quality craftsmanship. Offering a variety of fashionable bags, Guess handbags stand out as high-end, well-made, and reliable accessories, embodying durability and style. Indulge in the essence of luxury with Guess, a name synonymous with women’s purse brands that redefine sophistication.

18) Diana Korr

  • Price Range: Rs.500 to Rs.4999
  • Variants Available: Handbag, Clutch, and Shoulder Bag

dianna korr handbag

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Diana Korr stands tall among the best bag brands in India, offering a diverse array of high-end shoulder, sling, totes, and crossbody bags. Embraced by millennials, Diana Korr’s handbags captivate with innovative designs, varied forms, and an elegant aesthetic. Elevate your fashion quotient and stay on-trend by investing in Diana Korr handbags, a symbol of style and substance in women’s purse brands.

19) Chumbak

  • Price Range: Rs.500 to Rs.3500
  • Variants Available: Wallets, Tote Bags, Sling Bags, Sleeve Bag, and Handbags.

chumbak handbag

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Established in 2010, Chumbak has emerged as one of the best bag brands in India, founded by Shubhra Chadda. This multi-category lifestyle brand uniquely captures her vibrant way of life, reflecting a happy expression in every creation. Chumbak stands as a testament to its commitment to crafting exceptional women’s purse brands that seamlessly blend style and individuality.

20) Steve Madden

  • Price Range: Rs.1999 to Rs.13499
  • Variants Available: Crossbody, Satchel, Tote, Clutches, and Wallets.

Steve Madden Bsammy

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Elevate your style with Steve Madden handbags, one of the most distinctive women’s purse brands and bags in India. As the leading and publicly traded fashion accessories company, Steve Madden stands out for its iconic designs, exquisite patterns, striking colors, and stylish looks. Embrace the epitome of fashion with these handcrafted accessories, where each Steve Madden handbag encapsulates the essence of sophistication and contemporary allure.

Takeaways: luxury bag brands!

In the vibrant tapestry of fashion, the Top 20 Best Handbag Brands in India weave a story of sophistication and style. Elevating the realm of women’s purse brands, these bag brands stand as the epitome of design excellence, making them the unrivaled leaders in the domain of the best handbag brands in India.

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